Very explosive jelly


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About Molly. And exploding jelly.

Molly woke up completely covered in jelly.

The explosive kind.

Wait, you've never seen or heard of explosive jelly? Well then you certainly haven't seen it before, or woken up completely covered in the stuff. So let me explain that bit first. Before you get lost in the most confusing story you've ever read.

Explosive jelly isn't at all what you might imagine it to be. What explosive jelly certainly isn't, is lovely and wobbly. It's not tasty and it's not even edible. Why? Because this kind of jelly is super magic. It actually forms only when children get super angry, or are super naughty. You've got to the love the word super haven't you. And explosive. Two great words.

Anyway, back to the explosive jelly. And how super magic it is. Let me try and explain more, by telling you a little bit about Molly. Once you know more about Molly, you'll TOTALLY get what explosive jelly is. So here goes.

Molly was 6 last weekend. And oh boy, did she have the coolest party in the world. Yes, you know what that looks like don't you. We're talking bouncy castle in the garden, actual real fairy turning up (actually, she might have flown in), the coolest games, the bestest friends, a sunny day, lots of food, lots of being cheeky to adults watching from the sidelines.

And a slide. With a hose. And lost of shiny plastic sheets at the bottom. 

And Molly? What did she think of all this? Rubbish. 


Answer: Quality of presents too low

Example: A jigsaw. Molly didn't care how cool the picture was, it was still a jigsaw.

Now most children at this point would be very happy. We might even use the super word again. Yes, lets: Super happy. But Molly was a little spoilt. Actually, a lot. But oh boy, was she about to learn how to be just that little bit more greatful. In most certainly, the unlikeliest, and most memorable of ways. 

That's right, jelly. Of the exploding kind. You see, Molly was one of a few thousand children around the world who were so spoilt that exploding jelly had come about through sheer need. Yes, this jelly is created by the sheer feeling of being annoyed about not getting what you want.


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And it feels like this

Kind of wet. And slimey, but then you guessed that. The bit you probably haven't guessed yet, is that it actually grows on you, spreading across your skin and clothes, and into your hair. So it feels yucky, and it feels more and mor yucky. Until you calm down.

It works like this. Let's use Molly and her story as an example: After her friends had all left the party, Molly hastily ripped open the presents they had kindly left in a pile in the hallway. Paper flew everywhere and it was almost impossible to tell where the presents started, and the ripped paper ended.

We've all done it, haven't we? So not too naughty. But 12 presents later Molly stood up suddenly, walked through the lumpy and colourful sea of torn paper, and stormed up to her room. With a door slam. And a very, very loud set of heavy stamps up the stairs.

Naturally, Molly's parents stopped clearing up in the garden and started making their way upstairs. Except they only made it half way, before ending up at the bottom again. Hiding. 

Molly had come out of her room and was throwing her cuddly toys down the stairs. Then her pillows, and duvet, and...


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