The Heat (a Poem)


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I pg.4-5

 Oh Me oh My oh me oh my

I do not know why

it's so darn hot.

I've tried so many things,

hundreds it seems.

But the heats still coming, 

coming in teams.

I try to drink some water 

could've drank in a stream.

But it keeps getting hotter

the room bellows with steam.

So I turn on the fan on,

it's working it seems,

until the fan starts grunting

it sputters and screams.

It starts bursting to flames,

this must be a dream.

The cabinet catches too

flames brighter than beams.

The bed starts burning fast,

the flames so extreme.

So I jumped out the window, 

not the smartest of schemes.

I fell and broke my ankle

and started to scream.

I tried to walk it off,

but the pain was supreme.

So I started to sob,

tears flowing downstream.

Until I saw a bucket, 

filled with water it seems.

So I crawled on over,

holding back the screams.

And there it was, the water was glorious,

it sparkles and gleams.

So I aim the bucket

close enough I seem

and YES YES YES, I cheered,

I shout and I scream.

The flames have been extinguished,

they spitted and steam.

I have beaten the heat, 

The Victor, I reigned supreme!

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