X Marks the Spot

Ted Baker, Private Investigator. His latest case is a simple skip trace. He's got to find missing geologist Cluff Papas and find him fast. It's a bread and butter job and Ted needs the cash. What could go wrong? How about murder.

The Invisible City

Sixteen year old Mikey knows a bit about life. Well, a bit about Sartre's philosophy, and he had some solid opinions about life. But then Ani arrives and Mikey discovers that life's not so sure anymore. Ani's beautiful, intelligent, confident and charming and moreover, she's interested in learning what Mikey thinks about things. It's...

The Great Disintegration

It's 3am in the early 21st century and Maria drives into a lake. It's midnight in the 23rd century and Luna sinks into a bath. It's 4am in the late 20th century and TT lies bleeding on the curb. They are all connected unconnected, in this tale of time travel unravelled. There are mysteries to solve and axes to grind. Where to begin?...


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The Shakespeare Murders

Thomas Brown is a high school English/History teacher who lives in Western Sydney. He interrupted his studies in Forensic Science at university when his mother was disabled in an accident, leaving him responsible for his elderly parent's care. An old friend, now a police detective, calls him in to help solve a series of baffling...


Ellie is fourteen, and has a secret crush on a sixteen-year-old boy at school. And then there’s Simon, her little brother, who wants to make her life miserable by revealing her secret to everyone because she tattled on him again. But before the secret can get out, Ellie is hit by a car, and falls into a coma. Thrown into a corner of...

How to succeed as an independent author: An interview with Row Murray

Wrangling shelf space in a bookstore is hard and competitive, even if you’ve been "traditionally" published. But that’s not to say it’s totally impossible as an independent author! I interviewed Row Murray – successful bookstore shelf wrangler – about how she found distributors and readers for her book, For Foxes' Sake.

The Power of Ten

Jack finds a mysterious book that reveals an exciting possibility. All kids are born special … but they only have until their tenth birthday to find their Special Power or it is lost forever. Jack is desperate to discover his power but he only has one week till his birthday! His best friends, Chloe and Liam, are skeptical at first but...

Happily Never After

Not every story has a happy ending. Not every story ends up with the line "and they lived happily ever after", even if that story is, or used to be", a fairytale. A collection of short stories, with familiar elements, characters and plot, yet a little bit twisted. So, get ready to have your childhood ruined! *Winner of the Halloween...

Same Day

June 7th. 7AM - Midnight. For Laura (or Becky, or Jana, or half a dozen other names, depending on her mood), that's been the day for as long as she can remember. She should be old and feeble, or dead, but instead she's stuck in her twenties, with no consequences and only the rules the world has given her, until they're shattered to...


Everyone needs a sex fairy godmother. That person who you can talk to about sex, drugs, rock n roll and how to find the perfect shade of red lipstick. She's loved, she's lived, she may not always be popular with parents, but she's always there for her girls. With practical advice on topics as diverse as BDSM, anal sex, consent, body...

Nathan Farrugia on digital publishing and the importance of near-death experiences

I recently sat down with Nathan Farrugia, Australian author of the Fifth Column series. His first novel, The Chimera Vector, is a number one bestseller on the Amazon and iBooks stores, and also claimed the title of Apple iBooks Thriller of the Year. We chatted about the trials and tribulations of publishing digitally, as well as his...

We Can Never Go Back

Follow me on a vain quest to undo the damage done in the secrets trade of the 32nd Century. It’s a maze of romantic relationships with quirky characters, close calls with transdimensional thieves, and a constant effort to keep ratings up so my life doesn’t get cancelled by CoDex Corp. Do a sister a solid and watch my swagger.

for June

Why should Chad Gilligan care whether the world likes Zachary Eve? After all, he has nothing in common with the world famous best-selling author of romantic novels. Nor can he get women to swoon at his name. Instead, Chad is awkward, drinks coffee like the end is neigh, and can't write a tale worthy of a book deal. What's the catch?...