Dairy Of A Minecraft Kid


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Chapter 1

Ever had the feeling that the world can't just handle all the requests you have? No? Yes? Not sure? Well, if there's something I am sure of that is precisely the fact that the world just can't handle all the  requests I have. The world can't handle me! I am asking too much, you might think or even say it out loud, but that, my friends, is just not the fact. I am everything but needy. All my requests are decent. I asked from my mom and dad to buy me a game I heard about. I just want to spice up my days and make the world a little less boring. I am awfully bored and expecting the game any day now.  Hopefully, the game will arrive today! I did my part of the bargain and had my grades made all straight A's. Well, not all...my parents agreed that my B in math is not much of a big deal. So, I earned my game fair and square. Also, I had to clean my room and do another round of chores so I could seal the deal with my parents. The game is expected any second now, any second now...  knock! Knock! That must be my mom knocking on the doors of my room. The game is here! I just hope she doesn't take a look at my closet. She won't think my part of the deal is done if she sees my sock drawer. "Feel free to enter my kingdom, mom!" I love being dramatic just for the sake of having fun. Plus it makes me sound super awesome; also making me feel like I am really a king and my room in my castle. "Hello, honey..." my mom entered. She was looking around my room and I knew that she was actually checking if I had everything tidy and arranged in accordance with our house rules. One of the rules was: no food on the floor. I think I at least got that one right if nothing else. She finished with checking my room out. The whole situation looked like I was under some kind of investigation and she was tough de4tective looking to crack the case. It didn't match my kingdom fantasy, but it was kind of fun. Detective mom had nothing on me and I could sense that she had my present somewhere with her. "Alright, honey...", she smiled as she was putting on her I approve face. I liked that face. It meant everything was all right. Things were going in my favour and it felt good.                                                             

Thanks for reading, sorry it's so short, but I just wanted to write a short passage about the book I'm currently writing for publishing. Anyway here are my links:

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