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A childhood dream in the middle of the night leads one girl on a life quest and career to bringing that dream to life. Will she be able to do it, can she? Of wings, fire breath and a voice that has haunted her her whole life. Will the day come that she creates her very own Dragon, the very one who visited her childhood dream so long ago?



This is a late night short story from a writing prompt I found online. Got bored and couldn't get creative juices flowing.

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Late Night Thoughts

    3:34 am' "come on Meritha it's after 3 am in the morning" said Armas impatiently, "you've go to rest at some point." Meritha, so engrossed in her work, didn't notice her friend and co-worker was even there.


"Hmm?! What?" startled she dropped her notebook. "Oh, Armas it's just you." Looking down at her he brushed his hand through his brown hair , the exhaustion showing under his eyes. "It's late and you need rest, the tests can wait til daybreak." She gave him a long pause then sighed heavily. Picking up her disheveled notebook and arranging her notes back in the correct order she set it on the table.

"Meritha, I know your work is important to you; but you are killing yourself just to bring a imaginary creature to life because you had a dream as a kid." 

    Huffing under her breath she looked away from him. In her heart and mind she knew her dream was real no matter what her peers believed. She was used to their laughter and mocking glances. "My dream was real and one day I will prove it, then everyone can eat my dust." Sighing Armas stood up and left the lab shaking his head "Whatever you say Mer." Meritha listened as the door closed and locked behind him. Running her hand over her notes and scrying over the multitudes of tests and genetic sampes, she closed her eyes and recalled her dream once more.

a large silvery white beast with glistening scales stood before her, it's large wingspan encompassing her in a dark shadow.

"You made me Meritha."

Opening her eyes, now more determined then ever, she got back to work. "It is not just a dream." her hazle eyes softened, "and one day I will create my Dragon."

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