The Darkness


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New house

 It all started when we moved to a new house I was about sixteen and we moved to a small town it's was very quiet town nothing bad really happened there that would be a big difference from new York we moved because it was just to much to deal with to much from a so that's why we moved this house was Hyde I pay coed the attic bedroom because it was huge cool and a secret hot tub that night we got settled in and went to sleep but felt odd I herd footsteps cumming I shot up terned on the light nothing was there so I went back to sleep. But was awaken by talking it was mom and dad here is the confession that had.                     Mom.we have to tell her            We have to.        Dad.No we can'tdont ok                        Mom.but we live on a grave yard          Dad.SHUT UP   'Slaps mom" no go to sleep and shut your mouth I herd everything I could not sleep at all that night        

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The room

 That morning that told me to unpack that my stuff was in the big closet in the basement and so i went down I walk over to the closet the a hand sticks out of the ground and gets abs my leg i scream the conversation AHHHHHHHHH mom what's wrong runs down and tried to help but I was getting pulled under ground soon only my hand up out of the ground I was now all the way pulled down I looked around nothing to be seen but darkness and blood bones and something aproched me I screamed bloody murder it sed stop you will get in trouble in trouble I'm under ground so there's a dad of this place his name is satin I Fanted.                                                   Hope you enjoyed reading don't regret to read part 2 

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