The Devils Worshipers


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Mr Craze

My heart is in my mouth as I sprint, literally, for my life. They are closing on me I can see their torches and their hand crafted spears close behind forcing me to run faster over the rugged forest floor, logs, moss and fallen trees make the terrain harder to traverse.

I run oblivious into a trap hanging from a tree and I am pulled into the air hoisted up by my leg. They approach me laughing and joking about their latest catch. I struggle but the knot just gets tighter so I give up and wait for my fate to find me. The masters of my fate draw level with me and the lead man steps into the lamp light and I see his features for the first time: scars, cuts, and intricate carvings of symbols upon his brow. He laughs and I give him the dirtiest look I’ve ever given to anyone in my life, it doesn’t faze him it just causes him to laugh harder and longer.

“And what do we have here?” I the felt fear bubble in the pit of my stomach. He got in my face and sneered, “Jack Larsen, I believe, the infamous devils worshiper assassin we have been waiting for this moment for an awfully long time and we are going to make your death slow and painful”. The other devils worshipers nodded in agreement and chuckled I then heard something being shot and then I felt a prick on the neck and I fell unconscious.

The devils worshipers were a bunch of religious extremists who claim that they have been spoken to by the devil and that they had been told to cleanse the world of the infection called Christianity they are often compared to the destructive KKK in America 300 years ago but the difference was that the KKK were Christian and hated all the other races. The government had employed a team of fifty ex-navy soldier like me who had extensive experience in the field and who could combat the people who had decided to turn the world upside down. Most of the other vigilantes had not gotten caught but I had been discovered after killing a worshiper in the act of trying to summon a demon into this reality.

I come to on a table with chains attached to my wrists and ankles I look at my  surroundings and see bodies in various states of dissection and decomposition. I feel my heart pump faster, my mind races and I try to figure a way out of this prison. But before I can do anything the door opens and a frail old man walks in, he is dressed in a dirty lab coat covered in blood spatters and missing his nose and there is thread attached to his eyelids like they had once been sewed together many years ago. He smiles and opens his mouth" Hello jack , I've been waiting for this moment for many years and its not going to be over quickly" .He leans over to a table and pulls a fortune cookie off of it and snaps it in half and pulls out the fortune and reads it out "you will lose something important tonight" he chuckles" this should actually be yours but oh well lets have some fun". He pulls out a scalpel and presses it to my chest and I scream until I pass out.  

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What do I do ?

I wake up with my chest split open and unable to feel what should be agonizing,excruciating pain I should be able to feel . Mr craze is asleep next to me snoring gently. I look down and see that half of my innards are lying in a steaming, wriggling mess on a table that obviously had not been washed in many years.My heads swivels to my bindings but then I see that I do not have any, I am free. my mind races and I sit up quietly, as not to disturb my captor and I swing my legs over the side of the operating table and try to stand. I cant stand, my legs just wont support the weight of my body , I feel dead, my brain begins to slip away from my but I concentrate and I begin to move toward the door, slowly stumbling, I begin to fall and hit a table making a loud clatter, Mr craze  wakes with a start" where are you going I have not finished with you yet" he lunges and smashes into me, I fall to the grubby floor and Mr craze leans over me and  kicks me in the head I don't feel it.

I wake a few more times in the operation and every time Mr craze smiles and gets back to work, finally, I wake for the last time. Mr craze is stood to the side of the room on some type of electronic device he smiles and says" Do you know what I have in this device?" without waiting for me to reply he says" of course you don't because you cant talk, its your soul"


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No soul

My mind races is it even possible to live without a soul? Is he telling the truth and my being is stuck inside an electronic device? "He smiles you don't believe me do you?" he chuckles," I can tell you every , deep, dark secret you have not even told your dead mummy" I stare at him: my mum I hadnt spoke to her in over a year after we had an argument.I lurch up and swing for Mr craze but my movements are slow and sluggish and he easily ducks it and rugby tackles me to the floor. He smiles and says " don't leave here until I get back".

I wait until he is gone and walk, slowly around the room and look for anything to unlock the door with, I spot a paper clip, presumably from the sheets of paper the doctor had been holding earlier, I bend down and bend it into a makeshift hook. I walk the door and insert the bent paper clip into the lock on the door and slowly twist trying to find the mechanism inside that controls the lock,I find it and it clicks, the door swings open and I shuffle into the corridor. There are three guards dressed in robes at the end of the corridor with their backs to me. I curl the paper clip around my hand and charge towards them.

The first of the three turn with a laugh on his lips as if one of the others had said a funny joke, he looks toward the panic button on the wall but I shove the makeshift weapon into his jugular. I am sprayed with blood and so are the other guards which is a benefit as they cant see , I repeat the process twice more and soon there are three bodies on the floor drenched in blood. I charge on with my insides hanging out towards an escape I have yet to find.

Trying to keep my vital organs in place is possibly the hardest  thing I have ever done in my life, my heart threatens to fall out of my open torso and I keep having to push it back in.I scan the walls as I walk continuously around the room I have been kept prisoner in and my hard work pays off as I see a crack in the wooden wall that I slide my fingers into and pull, the door opens and I smile. I barely have taken two steps when five armed guards run at me.    

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