The Rebellion


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The Spark

"Heaven , for those who sin does not appeal to. Those who have been God's right hand man for the time they are alive."The angel slammed the book shut with malice in his eyes, turning to face the ensemble amassed in front of him. The crowd was of about 20 angels, some young and some old, they had each been accepted into the ranks of Gods elite. But they were not there for a mothers meeting, they were there to harvest the spark of rebellion. The older angel opened his mouth and in a booming voice said "We are here people united by a common purpose: we are sick of being there for the Lord and not receiving any extra benefits to those who have sinned but are still deemed worthy of heaven" .On the outskirts of the crowd stood a young angel, his hair a dark brown, contrary to legend not all angels have blond hair, the colour ran riot against his bright gold coloured eyes. He was intently listening to the angel in front of him. His heart racing as another angel took the head place. He wore a white robe and his hair was an amazing blue colour , almost like the clearest water upon earth. The colour of his hair symbolised a lot for the other angels: it meant that he was in a high position with the lord. In this case he was the leader of the weapon making for all of heaven. Not many wars had taken place in heaven but occasionally a rogue demon would find it amusing to try and get through the Holy gates , so the angels war division would have to step up and deal with it. 

"My dearest rebellion" he began" it is time to take back what rightfully belongs to those who have worked for it: us!!" He raised his fist and shouted " This is our heaven lets reap the fruit we have grown". The plan was underway, the young angel smiled and stood with the rest of the crowd.

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Finding a way to do it

After the meeting had finished the angels began to put their plan into action. The first step to ensuring that the plan went smoothly was to secure the necessary weaponry to successfully take on the man that had  kept them as slaves to do his bidding. Within the fortress that is heaven is a storehouse, full of the weapons angels used on the occasion a devil entereed the holy land. 

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