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To my parents for raising two boys to survive this hell called life and to my sisters for protecting me and my best friends for all of those years. I love you guys so much.

~With love and care to all,

Calvin Anthony Kearse


“So what are we doing out here again? We need to be at the high school for graduation soon.” Elijah reminds him as he climbs the playground set, following behind Calvin. “Just revisiting some old memories before crossing that stage today.” Calvin tells him. “I can’t believe that we’re graduating today.” Calvin spoke disbelief as he stood in front of the slide. Elijah placed his hand on his shoulder as he stood beside him. “I don’t think our parents thought we would make across that stage today.” Elijah whispered before he took out his phone and he saw that Charlotte was calling him, but he quickly denied the call.

“Do you think we’re going to be able to make our dreams come true Elijah” Calvin asks him. Elijah stared at his best friend as he scoffed and shook his head. “If I’ve learned anything from your parents is that as long as we have the drive to work for it, it’ll pay off in the end,” He gives him a hug and sits down on the slide. “That’s true, and I fear that we’re going to be hearing ‘I told you so’ in the near future because of that.” Calvin sighs and he sits down next to him and they both just stare out at the elementary school. “Could I stay with you and your family again tonight?” Elijah asks him and Calvin looks at him concerned. “You’re parents aren’t going to be doing anything for you and Xavier? I mean, you both are graduating.” Calvin asks him. Elijah lets out a nervous chuckle and he fiddles with his fingers. “Ah well, um they’re going to be doing something with Xavier tonight and not with me since they had kicked me out at the beginning of the school year for coming out as bisexual.” Elijah clears his throat and he scratches the back of his head. He opened his mouth to respond to speak, but no words come out of his mouth. “So where have you been living then since they kicked you out?” Calvin asks him because he assumed that everything was fine at his home. “I’ve been living in a homeless shelter and no I don’t eat everyday since I’ve been finding internships for photography, but I’ve been fine Cal so there’s no need to worry.” Elijah gives him a long-fake smile which made him worry even more. “Elijah that’s not okay. If you keep doing that to yourself you’re going to die.” Calvin’s voice raised out of concern for his friend. “I’ve been okay for the last nine and a half months without anyone worrying, so what would change about it now? Nothing now, we need to get to the school before your sisters find us.” Elijah slides down the slide, and Calvin follows behind him.

As the boys were talking with one another, Charlotte and Abigail arrived at the elementary school park in Charlotte’s car. “Of course they’re here.” Charlotte muttered as she got out of her car and walked towards them with Abigail behind her. “Care to tell me why both of my brothers aren’t answering their phone on the day of their graduation?” Charlotte asks them as they get onto the playground. “Well first, you have one brother not two, and we wanted some time to ourselves before crossing that stage.” Calvin tells her and Charlotte shakes her head smiling. She hooks her arm around Calvin’s neck while Elijah gave Abigail a gentle hug. “Well now it’s time to get you back to the school so you can cross that damn stage.” Charlotte grins at both of the boys and Abigail as she unlocked her car. Everyone piles in and she presses on the gas, speeding off to the school. “Charlotte we don’t want to die on the day we’re supposed to graduate!!” Calvin shouts and he hears his sister laughing. “Relax will you? I wouldn’t do anything stupid to put my brother in harm’s way.” She defends himself from his comment, but all three of them knew that there is a very high chance that she would even if it wouldn’t be intentional. They arrive at the school, and the boys run into the auditorium. Elijah pushes the door open and he jogs to his seat next to his brother, Xavier while Calvin went to his seat which was next to a person he wouldn’t dare to remember.

Xavier leaned over to his brother and he opened his mouth to speak to him as their principal rambled on. “Mom and Dad wanted me to tell you that you’re allowed to come back into the house if you admit that you aren’t gay.” Xavier speaks softly, but those words were hard on Elijah’s heart, and he knew it. “I’m not gay, I’m bisexual Xavier.” He whispered his response back to him as everyone had gotten seated in their seats. “Then why does mom keep on calling that then Elijah? Mom has never been wrong about anything, so why would she be wrong about saying that you’re gay?” Xavier questions his twin brother to the point that he couldn’t see that he was fighting himself to keep it together until the ceremony was over. “Please just stop talking Xavier.” Elijah pleaded as he whipped the tears out from the corner of his eyes then his nose. Calvin looked back at Elijah to see how he was holding up. “Only one more hour left of this.” He mumbled underneath his breath as he walked over to the stage. “This is really happening. We’re really graduating.” A grin appeared on his face as he got on the steps. “Calvin Anthony Kearse, suma culadie.” He gets on the stage and took short strides to receive his diploma. ’Thank you sir.” He shakes the hand of the principal, they take a picture and he walks off of the stage. A few minutes later he arrived back to his seat. Another hour past, and it had gotten to the last row. Elijah and Xavier both walked out of their row and over to the stage. “Elijah Augustin White.” Elijah stepped onto the stage and sauntered over to the principal to receive his diploma. “Thank you sir.” He gives the man a soft smile before they take the picture then he walks off of the stage. “Xavier Alonso White.” Xavier crossed the stage and he took the picture with their principal then he followed after Elijah to his seat. The rest of the graduation became a blur in the boys memories. Now, they have to get ready for the next chapter in their lives which is college, and neither one of them can wait for it.

“Thank you class of 2016, may you all have success in the future,” Everyone toss’s their caps up in the air, and they walk out. “Xavier come here!” Elijah’s mother shouted for both of the boys to hear. Elijah stood there frozen in place as he watched his brother get his picture taken by their parents. Calvin saw Elijah slowly breaking down at the sigh of his family celebrating without him. He walks over to Elijah and he places a hand on Elijah’s shoulder and he saw him jump a little bit. “Why don’t we go and celebrate with people who are proud of you Elijah and love you unconditionally, and if you didn’t notice I was talking about my family.” Calvin tells him and before he knew it he was pulled into a tight hug. Before either of them could get out of the hug Charlotte squealed before joining them. “Ahh I’m so proud of you both for getting out of that hell hole in one piece.” Charlotte says to them and all of them laugh. “Language Charlotte!” Calvin’s father, Alexander said and she rolls her eyes. “Dad, I’m in my twenties I’m sure both Elijah and Calvin swear as well.” She defends herself before kissing both of the boys on their foreheads. “Anyway, let’s get a picture of you two boys with your diplomas.” Alexander says as he gets his camera out. Elijah and Calvin put an arm around one another and they both put a huge smile on their faces. Alexander takes several pictures of the boys before having someone do one with Calvin’s family and Elijah. “We’re so proud of you boys, and we know that you’re going to do some great things in your lives.” Alexander’s voice echoed throughout the boys mind. “Thank you Mr. Kearse that really means a lot especially coming from you too.” Elijah smiles happily at all of them while tears fell down his face. Calvin wiped the tears off of Elijah’s face and he gave him a hug before they all walked to the car.

“What’s going on with you and your family?” Charlotte asks Elijah. He looks at her with a soft expression. “They kicked me for coming out as bisexual, and Xavier told me during the ceremony that they don’t want me home unless I basically deny who I am. I’ve also been living in a homeless shelter for the nine and a half months.” He tells her and he saw the sympathy come across her face. “Please don’t feel sympathy or anything like that Char, since I’ve been there I met a girl name Skylar and she’s into photography like I am and I’ve applied to several different internships across America.” He nearly grins, but he stops when he saw the parental look on her face. “Have you been eating or at least having fluids everyday?” She asks him. “You and Calvin really have that parental stuff down, and to answer your question no I don’t eat everyday because of my work schedule not lining up with the time they serve food and I can’t reserve a spot but I have been drinking a lot water Charlotte that is something I have been doing a lot more.” He pulls into a hug but he knew she was worried about him, and that was the last thing he needed; someone to tell him what’s wrong with him even though he knows.

“So what are you planning on majoring in little bro?” Abigail asks him. “I’m going to be majoring in History and English.” He tells her. “Why am I even surprised? Both you and Charlotte are the biggest nerds in our family.” She looks at Charlotte then at Calvin and she sighed. “I’m going to be moving to New York in a few months and Charlotte is going to med school in Seattle, Washington which means we need you to be there for each other no matter what in college and in life.” She tells him and she watched him roll his eyes. “You don’t have to worry about that I promise.” Calvin kisses the top of his sisters head as they reached the cars. Both Elijah and Calvin stopped walking and they looked at each other. “Who would’ve thought that we would make to be this age, let alone be apart of something that’s bigger than ourselves.” Calvin says and Elijah rolls his eyes. “Are you about to give some stupid speech, Cal?” Elijah asks him and he doesn’t a word to him. “No I was thinking of all of the great things that are to come that’s all,” The boys get in the car with Charlotte and Abigail while the adults get in their own car and drive off to a restaurant.

Elijah and Calvin were sitting in the back of the car while the girls sat in the front. Elijah took off his cap and gown and he fixed up his hair the best way he could. He took his phone out of his pants pocket and saw that he had a text from Skylar and a voicemail from an unknown number.

“Good evening Elijah. We have your test results back, and we’re going to need to come in so we can get you on the liver transplant li-” He ended the voicemail and he just stared out into space before the arrived at Olive Garden. Calvin looks at Elijah and he saw the difference in his mood. “Is everything alright Eli?” Calvin asks him. Elijah looks at his best friend with tears coming down his face, “I think I;m dying.” He puts his phone down on his thigh. "My doctor said that I am going into liver failure Cal." 

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Freshman Orientation

"So what part of orientation are you taking apart of?" Blake whispers into Elijah's ear before kissing him on his lips then his chin all the way down to his chest. Elijah moans softly as he felt goosebumps from the couch touch of Blake's lips. He grips his hand tightly only for Blake to grab his hand and guide it down his pants and on his cock. Before either of them could go any further Blake's dorm room door swings open and he sighs as he took his hand off of Elijah's cock and out of his pants. "Heard of knocking?" Blake snaps while wiping his hands off on his sheets. "Yes, but seeming it's one of your little toys I thought you wouldn't mind." Isabella said as she set her bag on her bed. Elijah sits up on the bed, and he looks at her. "Isabella, Elijah isn't a toy. He's my boyfriend." Blake tells her and Isabella rolls her eyes. "If he's your boyfriend then why haven't you introduced to me yet, and our first meeting is him almost cumming in his pants?" She asks him as Elijah moved from being on his bed to  the floor. "I think I'll go now..., and I am taking the pictures for everyone." Elijah says quickly 

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