The One That Got Away


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The Intro

"Ladies and Gentlemen today we gather here for the beautiful union of Alexi Alejandro Alvarez and Elizabeth Daphne Williams now, before I begin does anyone object to this marriage if so please speak now." The priest spoke and I starred at Elizabeth and thought "How did we end up on different paths?" 


I stood up from my seat and everyone looked at me. "Look, I've known Elizabeth since I had moved to California and as much I would love to watch her marry you man, I can't because I'm in love with her and I can't have her because she loves you and not me." I confessed to everyone there even her. "I'm not asking her to runaway with me because  I know she won't and I don't blame for not wanting to for all of the things I had put her through. I just wanted to let the one who got away know that I love her and that I will never stop loving her." I stepped out of the aisle and left the church, going who knows where to forget Charlotte, to forget everything because I am in love with a girl that I can't have. 


~~~  How was that for an intro? I hope you all like. I really. To start you all are confused as what this all is right? Of course you are. Allow me to introduce myself to you all. 


My name is Calvin Anthony Kearse. I am 5'8 {I know, I know I'm tall} and I weigh about 165 {muscle}, I currently have a faded blonde-afro haircut {my hair color was originally black}, and my eye color is chocolate-brown. I went to the University with my two best friends, Elijah White and Blake Everett. I've known Elijah since we were both kids while we {me and Eli} met Blake in college and to this day we wonder as to why we are friends with him. 


I wanna say after a year after both Blake and Elijah had left for California to pursue their careers I joined them in California and I met Elizabeth in an airport which I know it sounds cheesy, but that's the moment I fell in love with her but she never felt that way about me or she did and never had the courage to tell her just like me.




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