How to understand essay structure


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If you’ve been assigned an essay, the first step is to understand essay structure. Not sure where to start? No problem! I will give you some tips. 

When you’ve decided on a topic, and done the research, it’s time to tackle the essay structure. Here some tips:

  • Know the type of essay assigned
  • Generate a clear, accurate title
  • Develop a sentence outline
  • Place the thesis at the end of the introduction
  • Determine the best paragraphs for research content
  • Ensure that each paragraph offers a single idea
  • Remember: new idea, new paragraph
  • Cite research as you go along
  • Answer the “how”, “what”, “why” questions to develop a strong argument
  • Avoid introducing new information in the conclusion
  • Review the essay to ensure it meets state guidelines

Ask for help when you need it: your fellow classmates, professor, Or just get professional help from specialized paper writing service Handmadewriting.

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