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 It’s been over a year since we talked. I’ve tried every possible way I could think of to try and talk to you. But you don’t wanna talk, which sucks but I won’t try and message you anymore. I just wish we could have ended things differently. Without you ghosting me, you’re my 1st love Joseph. I’ll never forget the first day we meet, my freshman year. But under different circumstances then I would have liked. Out of all the girls, you chose me, you loved me. I loved you, well I love you. You’re my everything and you’re also nothing. I’ve given you all the love I could have and you did too, at least for a little while. And that little while was hell. You never called me, I had to be the one to call you. And I was lucky if you answered but you answered drunk of course. The only time you were sober were the first 5 days we met. And you didn’t even have a choice. I loved you then and I’ll love you now. I love you

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