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Demon or Angel?

Down below... Which one are you?

Mar 21- Apr 19.  Aries: Demon

Feb 19- Mar 20. Pisces: Demon

Jan 20- Feb 18.  Aquarius: Angel

Apr 20- May 20. Taurus: Angel

May 21- June 20. Gemini: Satan

July 23- Aug 22.  Cancer: Angel

July 23- Aug 22. Leo: Demon

Aug 23- Sep 22. Virgo: God

Sep 23- Oct 22. Libra: Painful

Oct 23- Nov 21. Scorpio: Demon

Nov 22- Dec 21. Sagittarius: Angel

Dec 22- Jan 19.  Capricorn: Demon

Fake or Real

Aries: Fake

Pisces: Fake

Aquarius: Real

Taurus: Real

Gemini: Fake

Cancer: In between

Leo: Fake

Virgo: Real

Libra: Fake

Scorpio: Real

Sagittarious: Real

Capricorn: Fake

In a fight...

Aries: Not my face!! Plz anything but my face -curls in a ball and whimpers-

Pisces: Come on, hit me! R u a pussy? -flares nostrils-

Aquarius: I didn't start it! I promise! -says when the teacher comes-

Taurus: FIRST I NEED FOOD, PEPSI AND A NAP. -before first punch is thrown-

Gemini: Fight me *explict* *explict*

Cancer: Oh god?! Give me a week to learn karate.

Leo: Books, how to fight, ummm idk these things aren't helpful

Virgo: Come on someone back me up!?

Libra: Oh ah, umm, I just pulled a hamstring, I would but I can't. Who wants to fill my place??

Scorpio: Ur gonna loose. If u feel like dying, please, please do...

Sagittarius: I am A NINJA!!

Capricorn: Oh shit, I have to get an ambulance lined up, hospital cover, and some hate letters to people, before I die. -Opponent be like... -____-

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What animal are you?

Aries: Funk yea, I wanna be a dolphin... YIPPEEE

Pisces: Bumble Bee. ---Buzz around, bumps into Libra---


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