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 It’s so many males out here that play step dad,

When they were blessed to have their own but just wanted something to give back.

The responsibilities of a child is something they can’t handle. 

So I kinda understand when you here I’m pregnant and you’re steps tremble. 

But that’s no excuse to leave a child fatherless.

Just because you weren’t ready to raise one 

But you knew the results of having sex without s condom. 

And now you leave the mother to embark on this journey alone. 

How dare you betray ya future baby mother.

How dare you not step to the plate and take credit for what you did.

What’s that mom gone tell they child when they ask where dad? 

What’s gonna happen when he/she grows up to be something real big.

And then you wanna walk round the corner like hey you got big. 

It’s too late now for you to take care of your responsibilities. 

That mom did it on her own , and that child doesn’t have a clue who you are.

So don’t expect open arms , and bright smiles at all.

Expect a nasty attitude , or a hi and bye.

And don’t be looking all sad if you get ignored and walked by.

Just remember YOU never made you’re presence in his or her life. 

Now you regret being absent and that’s on your own hands. 

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