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Heart way to big for this little body of mine. 

Thoughts way to cluttered for this clear head of mine.

Feelings way to attached for the careless attitude of mine. 

iCare about the little things that make big differences. 

iCare about the pointless conversations that seem to always make a big difference. 

iCare about staying when everything else tells me to walk away. 

So what is it?

You told me you cared to but steady walking away.

And you made me feel like a fool every time I asked you to stay. 

How much did you really care if you could see the hurt in my face?

And how often did you sit down, and really analyze if you could finish this race?

But iCare about the times you tried to erase.

I even cared so much to push you when you felt like giving up 

I stayed close when you thought you had enough. 

I prayed harder when things got shaken up 

But that drew you further and I felt like giving up

So what now?

You left and iCared so much to look at all these broken pieces and try to stitch em up

But you kept on moving because you never really cared as much

So in the end , here I am caring a Lil too tough.

Never wanted things to get this rough.

But I made a choice, to try my luck 

And that only left me with tears , with liq in my cup.

iCared to be a friend, but you know what?

I refuse to care again. 

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