“In the Nick of Time”


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 It was only just a little while ago that we said our hello's. We've had so many precious moments that we wanted to stop in time. As we were enjoying our precious moments the clock kept ticking neither of us knowing the day nor hour the last tick would tock. No one likes to say goodbye but it's often one of our greatest hello's. No one likes to leave but I understand it was your time to go. 

So on today as we celebrate your life, when I wave to the sky I'm just simply saying hello and until next time. I'll make it my business to go above and beyond for you because I know you'll be there for me whenever I call on you. Just in the nick of time you were called to glory and you left me as your legend as you returned home to your destiny.

 As i shed a tear or two it's not because of your going home but it's because this is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. See you soon mom. I love you. 

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