“Leaving You”


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 I’ve always looked for love in you always felt like you were my drug. 

Overly addicted to something no good for me. 

But I kept feening like an addict thinking if I just wished my habit will go away I would heal. 

I get the cold shakes when I’m away from you. 

My mind only thinks of you. 

You’re like my first high 

No other hit ever feels the same. 

I’ve made very bad choices because of you. 

Put you before I put nyself first. 

For you to walk all over me like I was a doormat. 

Encaged in your world forgetting my own. 

Tryna be that one and only girl while you were out looking for more. 

Over and over again I told myself you’d change or I’d leave. 

I gave you the option thinking you’d choose me. 

You never did an as bad as I wanted you too you left me scarred. 

I’m completely damaged and starting over is so hard. 

You want my forgiveness for things you’re never really sorry for. 

You were my Bestfriend and you left me hanging like Judas betrayed Jesus. 

I believed in you so much that I overlooked what I needed to better me. 

I kept telling myself over and over again girl just leave. 

But it’s hard because my love runs so deep. 

So I let you drag me through the mud. 

I let you disrespect and mistreat me because I wanted you so bad I do anything so you wouldn’t leave. 

Dumb of me I know. 

Insane is what most people believe.

But I always saw the good in you and always wanted you to succeed. 

The best way to handle you is get like the wind and leave. 

Once I’m gone, you’ll finally understand what I’ve always tried to get you to see. 

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