Sudden Goodbyes


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 What happened to the unbroken promises and locked away secrets?

What happened to the unbreakable bonds and unhurt feelings?

What happened to a lifetime friendship no matter the reason? 

What happened to unconditional love outside of family members?

What happened to friendships that lasted years? 

What happened to the world I once knew as comfort and peace?

It’s now become destruction and lonely.

Where does the time go when life’s flying by and you’re missing the signs of a quick landing approaching?

You were floating at the highest level of altitude but turbulence made the ride a little rocky. 

And the rockier the turbulence became the lower the altitude range. 

Now everybody I wanted to be forever with suddenly stop flying.

The only voice I hear is mine and it’s lonely without them. 

So what I do now In a world full of broken promises?

When you have no one to call on and start to become depressed about it?

It’s always been said there’s no ship like friendship

But I guess mine sunk like the Titanic.

It took one measly but deadly ice berg to destroy what’s suppose to been strong enough to handle. 

Now look I’m floating alone. 

So I guess I have to be strong enough to walk on my own. 

One thing I know is people are torn away for better things to be set in place.

But I just miss the good ole days. 

When things made sense and life didn’t stand in our way.

I miss the people I once couldn’t stop laughing with. 

But life took its course and it’s time to forget the distant memories.

But these people. I speak of 

Will forever mean the world to me. 💜


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