The “Innocent”


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It happens to all of us no matter how big or small. 

It happens unexpectedly no matter the cause. 

All a prey knows, is it was attacked and left in distress. 

While being unbothered, they were bothered and cried for help. 

Screamed for somebody to notice what happened to them through their actions. 

Drinking uncontrollably or taking pills to keep from relapsing. 

Some even use what hurt them to help them. 

They see it as the only way out. 

In most cases the predator has a specific type or knows their prey. 

But they always attack unexpectedly. 

They don’t care about the traumatic experiences you encounter or even your innocence. 

They blame their misbehaving on drugs, mental health, or even their own past dealings. 

Being preyed on doesn’t make preying on other people right. 

But because this action goes unpunished if you have a Lil change 

Society is severely blind. 

The punishment in the wild for preying on someone is death. 

The price the predator pays for underestimating it’s prey. 

Lucky us, this isn’t the wild. 

But the “innocent” will one day stand trial. 

Everything done in darkness, has light shed upon it. 

Seek help before you destroy another. 

It may not bother you. 

But we live with those memories forever. 

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