The Strong 💪🏾


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 Sometimes you get tired of the disappointments

And pointless excuses. 

The people that always claim they got you

But can never get to it. 

The ones who claim they always have your back but never come through. 

The ones who always need help and you always come through with it. 

Who’s there to lift the strong when they’re done being misused.

Who’s there to be their therapist when their advice becomes useless.

We often times forget that they are too still human.

They have feelings and are sometimes overly emotional. 

They overthink and make ways out of circumstances to make other people chuckle. 

They give their all and give their best no matter the problem.

All they want in return is a genuine and sincere “yeah I got you.”

And everybody gets tired and needs to be recharged. 

But it’s like the strongest of us all could’ve been born from Asgard. 

We don’t get the rest or advice we need when times get tough. 

We get the oh you’ll get through it, you’re a diamond in the rough. 

Although that maybe true we have our own struggles.

Not saying we don’t want to help, but we also need a comforting shoulder.

We’re  not all picture perfect and got it all together

We make mistakes , get heart broken , and even go in debt.

We pray for all, because we’re no where near selfish.

Just remember when you have a strong person in your circle, 

They need what they’re giving. 

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