Unborn Child 💜


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 It’s like a trans when you look at me..

Every time we make eye contact my heart skips a beat...

Every time we touch it’s like you filled that missing piece..

And when you tell me you love me , it lifts me off my feet..

No matter how hard the day has been , I can always count on you to make it disappear.. 

it’s like this weird vibe / connection we have that makes everything crystal clear..

I’d carry you on my back before I let you down

You’re the crystal in every shinning star..

The sunshine after every rain drop... 

To hear my name called by you rushes my adrenaline..

Too see you fall crushes my spirits ..

But your smile re raises it... 

To not know you , but to imagine how big and creative you’re going to be .. 

To create memories in my imagination of how proud you’re going to make me ..

To be able to run to your every call whenever you need me..

To teach you how to embrace and face the world no matter the scenery..

To be so blessed to receive a gift such as you .. 

To my unborn child .. I hope you’ll love me as much as I love you..

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