Kind Of Heart


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Chapter 1

I thought my kind of heart was meant for you, but your heart was meant for two. I gave up everything through thick and thin. But your dark heart would always seem to win. You broke my heart the moment I had you. My kind of heart wasn't enough, and I knew that. I was just testing the way you would act, I never DID love you. I just liked you a lot. For me to love somebody would be a lot to give, I don't want to consider giving my all to you is LOVE. I consider that giving happiness and attention. Nobody really knows what love is. Especially if you're 14, and you're still trying to figure yourself out. You remind me of nature, green and a little stubborn. You never had jealously, you just never cared. Which threw me off the wagon, your kind of heart wasn't meant for me; neither was mine for yours. My kind of heart is meant for everybody, people that wanted attention that I never got, and the love I needed. Nature to nurture, your heart is yourself. You don't need anybody but yourself. I completely understand, you didn't want to get hurt. As of what you told me, I told you and promised that I would never hurt you. But you hurt me instead, the moment I met you. I regretted you. You're like a wall, plain and pointless. Your heart was never meant for mine. Mine wasn't selfish, my wasn't stubborn. I didn't need you, and you didn't need me. Who wants a liar? Not me, not for my kind of heart. I'm not out here to get hurt. But you hurt me, and you were never healthy for my heart. Because little did you know, we were falling apart. 'Night you told me that you were just along for a ride, I was gone. You broke my heart, and feelings changed. We weren't mutual. I learned to not grab on so quick, because my kind of heart doesn't deserve that. At the end of the day, I will love my family than loving someone that will leave over something so  small. People come and go, and you're one of them. So, you need to go. My heart isn't yours, you belong to someone else. Next one, I hope they treat you well and better than I did. Don't mess with my kind of heart, love your own kind.. if you even know what that is. Selfish and Stubborn, that's your kind of heart. Asshole. 

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I love how sometimes in love you can give someone all of yourself but then sometimes that other person gives you nothing in return no matter what you do and i still wonder why call it love when there's no two in one heart.


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