Love hurts, but I love you


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Love hurts, but I love you

I think of you everyday

every time I think of us

I get the chills


tell me

why can't you leave my head?

whatever you say to me

it just goes over my head


Last time I ever listened

was when you confessed

The truth about your

"slip up"


yeah, I love you

but I don't love me

you need me

but you turned your back on me

you lied to me..

you came to me the same night

I still can't believe you said that to me.


tell me

you don't feel my hurt

you cheated and told the strongest words anyone 

ever could say the same night


who are you?

I can't love you the same anymore

why can't I leave you

I fell in love with you

you made me happy

my heart explodes into tons of pieces every time we facetime, or just talk.


My mother once told me

"Don't give it your all unless you know it's the one. Nobody will ever love you more than yourself."

 My mother needed me though

my brother never loved me

there are NO men to love me the right way.

but, I let you in and gave me to you.


I thought you were different

I believed you

I was accused of doing things

you hypocrite.


the words you say slip

you don't make sense

you told me you didn't trust me..


Verbal abuse

but I didn't take it in

I was hurt, I never showed it

till I had enough.


There was no ship

no one was my anchor

I thought I was my own, until I realized how weak i've become.


There were no strangers, but there was danger.

you were.

I hate you

but I love you.


Heart break 


heart ache

I love you no matter what

but will you?

I forgive you.


      P.S I don't want to see your face again, you're nothing without me. You fucked up, but I love you. You tell me everyday you do, but do you really mean it? Are you lying to me?


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Linda Stan

Very soulful poetry, thanks for your art, I'm touched.


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