Your Way


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to that girl in Wisconsin.

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I'm not her.

  Don’t you ever just sit there in your room under your cloudy thoughts?  Do you ever wonder if there’s someone doing the same exact thing as you? 7 billion people in the world, and you’re different from the rest?


    Your heart is at ease, and your mind is at stake. Your life is at the edge. The ledge of the steepest cliff you’ve ever been to. Your life is low, but your problems are high. You blame yourself just for being shy. This girl who is bubbly, but upset in so many ways. On her own, she cries on her worst days. 


  You have your way, but I have mine. These thoughts in my head intertwine. Everything I ever wanted could have came true, but the worst way may have came to you. 


Karma, karma comes true. Back-stab me, but I won’t back-stab you. Have it your way, but i’ll have mine. Me and you live two different lives. You have everything, and I don't. Your attitude explains who you are, the way you interact with your peers puts it very clear.


     Did your parents teach you to respect people even if you despise them? You never fell on hard times did you? My lectures were different from yours. 7 PM after dinner, I get lectured for not finishing my chores. They want me to be to do things before night.  Even if we don’t have everything, they teach me right. 


    Have it your way when you throw tantrums when you didn’t want you want. I’ve gone through more than you did, you have it easy. I don’t. You get anything you want, I don’t. I was raised to not ask for much just because I knew we didn’t have the money. We were tight on everything, we were all a funambulist all in one. You didn’t, you weren’t. I was raised to wear and tear, till everything falls off me. Like the people I loved, they betray you for something so small. 


    Have it your way, you were raised with gold. As if you act something so bold. You are pompous, with your nasty attitude and demanding lines towards your parents. Do you know how stupid you look when you act towards your parents in front of that crowd of yours?


     I never grew up snapping at my parents, it’s just something disrespect. Care for your peers, even if they don’t for you. It’s something you would have good deed for. Never let your parents down with something they don’t want you to do. 

    Would you have parents that care about you in relationships, or would you have parents that don’t care what you do and they are supportive in no matter? Might sound the same, but if you really think about this. 


    The parents who care about you in relationships that you're in actually don't want you getting hurt. They want you to wait for that person. The parents that don't care what you do in a relationship, but support your choices. They don't care. 

    I'm not parent-shaming anybody's parents, but it's the truth. Your parenting skills need to be more aware of what your child is doing, you don't know if your child is being inappropriate towards his/her peers. 

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