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Not Buying Instagram Followers Will Help You On The Long Term

Imagine advertising for a certain product on Instagram having only a few Instagram followers. The product will seem much better if you have 50000 people that follow your page than if you have 500 followers. Whether you are trying to be an influencer, a social media star, or simply spreading awareness, it may seem very tempting to Buy Instagram Followers to boost your account by a few thousand followers at the beginning of your journey on Instagram. Buying Instagram followers is one of the easiest and quickest ways to boost your Instagram account and increase sales, especially if your account is a business account.

Plenty of services are available online to buy one thousand followers for a very cheap price. But the downside of buying Instagram followers is that most of these followers are fake or inactive accounts, therefore they will never interact with your posts. Let’s say you have 10000 followers but each post you upload can get as much as 10 Instagram likes only, this will not take your real followers long to recognize something is up with the number of your Instagram followers. 

Another disadvantage is that if you get caught with a huge number of fake accounts, you will lose your credibility with your audience and your authentic Instagram followers. Accounts who buy Instagram followers and get caught will seem deceitful, and people could think that these accounts are not worthy because they could not get loyal followers through decent content alone.

On the other hand, some of the services that provide Instagram followers might also offer you Instagram likes, comments, and views early into purchasing them as followers, but these will stop engaging with your account after a while and soon enough your account metrics will start performing badly. Also, a real measure of your Instagram metrics is practically impossible, thus making it hard to know how well your target followers are connecting with your account, and whether they like your content or not. Not knowing what your real audience thinks or wants will inhibit you from converting your fake Instagram followers into loyal followers. Therefore, next time you want to buy Instagram followers, think again of the consequences. It might seem as the easy way to boost your account with a few more Instagram likes, but the effects are only temporary, not long lasting, and may be detrimental to your credibility.

If you want a long term solution, real engagement with real Instagram followers is the answer. Gathering Instagram likes from fake followers can mess up with Instagram’s algorithm. It is important to take the energy and time to focus on building genuine and good relationships with real people that can help you boost your account on the long term. This will motivate your loyal Instagram followers to spread the word about your account and the brand that you are selling. In addition, Instagram can identify and remove fake Instagram followers, as it is working to maintain genuine relationships and interactions on its platform to protect real accounts. Their newest term of services depicts that fake or bought Instagram followers might result in consequences, thus it is better to build an authentic Instagram experience.

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