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From an ancient tale passed down orally in Rean tradition. Compiled by Auramah in her Tome of Antiquities.





          At the beginning, there was nothing. Then, there was an egg. From this egg came Arceus. It saw there was nothing, and then made something.

      Arceus had something, and it was proud. The something was vast, filled with interminable splendor. Wisps of color whirled across expanses; celestial bodies collided with one another. As Arceus wandered among the beauty it created, it felt unease. In an instant, Arceus realized the folly of something without a counterpart. To maintain balance, it inverted its own creation, creating a netherworld that twisted its creation out of proportion.  Of this, too, it was proud.

      After an eternity of wandering, Arceus arrived at a becalmed area. A lonely planet orbited a sun. Arceus, its curiosity piqued, drew closer. It saddened Arceus to see how barren the small thing was. Gray rock stretched in every direction Arceus could see. It tapped a foot on the ground and a mountain burst forth. Arceus then carved out an enormous chamber at the top, immensely tall, astoundingly wide and inexorably deep.


               Then, it had an idea.


        It would not create a mountain, or an ocean, or a river, not even a sun, but something much more complex—something that could reason, experience, feel, something that could live. It concentrated for a thousand years, imbuing immense amount of godly power into this new creation, stitched from the very fabric of the universe. At the end of those thousand years, Arceus willed a small, pink being- Mew.

       “Mew,” said Arceus. “I have created you, and you, in turn, have the power to create other life, as well. I grant you dominion over all life, as dominion have I over all creation.”

           Mew assented as it undertook its task. First, it created Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. Areceus saw them and thought they were good.

         “You, of the adamant diamond and of the splitting roar,” it told Dialga, “are the ruler of time.”

            “You, of the lustrous pearl and of the rending claws,” it told Palkia, “are the steward of space.”

       “You, of the griseous platinum and of the twisted heart,” it told Giratina, “are the guardian of distortion. However, fear not that you are fallen out of my favor, for it is the exact opposite case. For there to be balance, there must be some wickedness to the good. The order of time and space must be countered by untamed chaos.”

        Time passed, as Dialga watched diligently over it. Space expanded, its expansion monitored closely by Palkia. And as creation became, so too did Giratina create.

           Now grass had sprouted, and trees and plants of all kinds had taken root. However, the world was a great plain except for Arceus’s great mountain. Arceus examined this, and thought it was insufficient.

       “Come, Mew, my creature. Come and see, for this planet is bare. Do as you deem appropriate.”

            Mew assented and created two beings: Groudon and Kyogre. And as creation became, so too did Giratina create.

          “Your sapphire waters will be the cradle of life, mighty Kyogre, and your ruby magma, fierce Groudon, will be its grave. You both will mold and sculpt this world, create dips and peaks, and fill the depths with substance.”

They assented, but were bitter from the instant they were created. What one made the other undid, breaking into bitter fighting. A celestial spark fell upon them, and their rage increased tenfold.

For ten days and ten nights afterwards, fierce rainstorms contended with scorching sunlight across the globe. The pair broke the earth into pieces and flooded the globe. Mew saw this and was angered. Arceus saw them and was concerned.

        “Enough!” Mew exclaimed. “Fools! I will make another, for it is clear balance requires three in your case.”

          A majestic green serpent roared into existence. And as it became, so too did Giratina create.

           “O graceful Rayquaza of the emerald winds, you will mediate between these two,” Mew said.

         Arceus went up to the new being and touched its forehead. “These have become enraged by some sky fragment. I grant you power to stop them.” With this, Arceus separated the spark from Kyogre and Groudon, locking each spark away in depths not even the two great ones could reach. Rayquaza, in turn, was imbued with a great energy.

               The world now lay in ruin. It lay broken, softly floating among gray waves.

               “For your insolence, you must rebuild this world.” Arceus sentenced.


Mew knew the task before these three was arduous, so it shaped a servant out of the gray rock and imbued it with life. The bright colors on it foretold the liveliness of the world to come.  And as Regigas became, so too did Giratina create.

          “Regigigas, much work is laid before them. You are their servant, and will do as they say.”

         Before they could begin the work, Arceus called all the existing beings to its great mountain chamber.

Once they were all gathered, Arceus spoke in a booming voice. “Come, members of the Primordial Order of Nature, for it is your duty to fill this planet with life. You are the origin of all.” This was the First Conclave of Nature, called by Arceus in a time of dire need.

Groudon dried the great seas, allowing Regigigas to reassemble the landmass. It put them together as it originally was.

“No, small one,” Arceus said. “Do not make one great landmass, but four separate ones. The folly of Kyogre and Groudon will live on forever on the face of this globe.”

It assented, and so it did, creating the four islands: Mirrim, Cozte, Taineh, and Ayuma.

While Regigigas worked, Mew concentrated the harsh sunlight, imprinting the sheen into the feathers of a great bird. “Ho-oh, scion of the sun, you will gladden all those who see you, for at the end of a great tumult, you will show the Primordials are content once again.” And as Ho-oh became, Giratina created.

Once Groudon’s work was done, Kyogre rained down copious rains upon the planet, filling the basins between the islands. Mew concentrated the torrential downpour, imbuing the galeforce into broad wings. “Lugia, scion of storms, you will guard those crossing through unruly seas. As Ho-oh circles the skies, you will do so in the seas.” And as Lugia became, Giratina created.


As each element of nature was created, Mew created a Pokémon to guard over it- Heatran protected volcanoes, Celebi forests, Tornadus and Thundurus storms, Landorus the great fields and their fruits, among many others.

Some among these were greatly powerful and held great sway over the natural world; these, Arceus called the Greater Order of Nature. Some were not quite as powerful, but still controlled some aspect of the natural world or of the individual; these, Arceus called the Middle Order of Nature. Yet others merely held sway over other living beings themselves and thus a diminutive part of the natural world; these, Arceus called the Lower Order of Nature. 


And thus, the creation was over. The world was now populated with many different species, and Arceus was proud






               Now it had been a long time, and many others had flourished on the globe and populated its many corners. Arceus saw this, and it was proud. And as the world was slowly populated, so, too, did Giratina slowly create.

               Now it had been a long time, and Arceus rested on its mountaintop. While it rested, a great roar rang through the sky. It left the chamber, and saw Rayquaza fighting high in the firmament.

               “What is the matter? Why do you fight?” Arceus said.

               “This intruder, it wishes to enter the world, but I will not let it,” Rayquaza answered.

               “Stay your power, my creature, and allow me to talk to it.” Arceus approached it. “Hail, traveler. Who are you?”

               “I am Deoxys, wanderer of the stars. I was born in the heart of a dying star, far away. I have come bearing a warning, if you would hear it.”

               Arceus nodded. “I have felt disturbances, yet I do not know what it may be. My vision has been obscured by some unknown force, and I have not been able to see what disturbs the peace.” And Arceus was afraid. “Tell me, Deoxys, what have you seen?”

               “Great beasts, and strange, of a power I had never seen before. It is of great importance that you establish a defense.”

               Arceus nodded. In an instant, Dialga and Palkia warped time and space around the boundaries of the world. The great creations of Arceus set about herding the different populations of each continent into a sacred spot. Each placed a field of protection around it. This is why each legend resides where it does today.

Arceus then called Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, and Tapu Fini to his presence. It said to them, “You shall split, two to each big island. Tapu Koko and Tapu Lele to Cozte, and Tapu Fini and Tapu Bulu to Mirim.”


“But, O great one,” they said, “what of the other two islands?”


“Worry not, for my creatures will protect them. I myself will protect the island of Ayuma.” And this is why Ayuma is sacred beyond all the other islands.

And so it was. Whole islands took refuge around lakes, inside mountains, and among forests.

Then, Arceus spoke. “Come, my great creations. Come to the great mountain’s chamber, so I may speak to you.”

So the great legends did. Once inside, Arceus addressed the formidable congregation.

“The invaders approach- I feel some ignominious presence drawing closer. Be wary, my children.”

Suddenly, bright light flooded the chamber, stunning those present. Palkia attempted to warp space so that the light would not reach them, and Dialga attempted to warp time to slow it, but they failed miserably. 

Helpless fools, submit and this will be quick,” a voice boomed.

“You who cravenly come forward with light, and is still unseen, reveal yourself. Are you aware of who you address, insolent one?” Arceus replied in an equally loud voice.


               Two figures bounded into the chamber, each clad with strange black protrusions. One, quadruped, the other flying on enormous round wings.

               Arceus yelled at the congregated. “Go! Leave, and protect your wards! I will take care of them.”

               They did so. Arceus was left alone with the two beings. As they left, the light intensified, and when the last of them left, a being composed almost entirely of light flew into the chamber. The light was tainted, it seemed to Arceus. It noticed that the light was what prevented any sighting of the invading army- its purpose was not to illuminate, but to blind.

               “It is you. Only a coward will pit the strength of three against one alone,” Arceus proclaimed, unfazed by the intensity of the light in the chamber.

               The being laughed, its laughter deep and gurgling.

               “I do indeed know who I fight. It was very wise to bid your forces return. It is fortunate, for they will spend their last waking moments protecting all they hold dear.”

               At that moment, Arceus had a vision. On top of a plateau, Raikou, Suicune, and Entei were fighting some tentacled beasts that had seemingly consumed some of their charges, their slackjawed bodies floating in their gelatinous domes. The three were holding their ground, but for each one they took down, five more took its place. They held their ground, but their bodies evinced the toll the assault was taking on them.

               At that moment, Arceus had a second vision. In the depths of a forest, Regigigas grappled with an enormous dragon. Claws protruded from its mouth, its tongue taunting Regigigas. The golem held its ground steadfastly, but it was slowly being pushed back. Under Regigigas’s massive legs, the ground cracked and trees gave way. The lights on its chest flashed wildly. A mass of refugees behind it yelled desperately. A few brave ones flew up to it or threw rocks at it, to no avail. The gargantuan beast shrugged off the attacks.

               At that moment, Arceus had a third vision. In the rumblings of a stormy sea, a swarm of small flying blades lay an onslaught on Latios and Latias, the cuts now slowing their flight. A little ways over, Lugia held off an enormous metallic being, its green body launching itself at the mighty Pokémon. It dodged over and over, but its exhaustion was evident. The three were providing cover for an escaping flock. Meanwhile, Kyogre circled a reef where many Pokémon sought refuge. A few stragglers attempted to assault it, but were no match for Kyogre. Now, however, their numbers swelled. Soon they would overpower even the progenitor of the seas.

               Arceus came back into itself.

               “It is clear you came to eradicate life. Your destructive ways are truly evil, for although all that is created must one day fall into oblivion, it is so that it may be replaced with new life.”

               “We are that new life,” the luminous being answered. Its body flared up, and the two smaller beings winced, as the black protrusions tightened around them.

               “You are not. You merely invade, you merely conquer, you merely assimilate. That is not renewal- that is decay!”

               “One thing is now clear- that you are an obstacle in the way of the new life.” The being opened its mouth, an orb of even harsher light intensifying in it.

               “This is the light that burns the sky! May its fire cleanse this land for its new people!”

               The orb fired into the atmosphere, piercing through the mountaintop. It came down thundering onto Arceus, engulfing it.


               An orb of light formed above Arceus, its rough shaped constantly smoothed over as if by an infinitude of arms. Arceus’s own light, a light clear and pure, absorbed the tainted light. The sphere exploded, striking the opposing three and further breaking the mountain.

               Arceus’s voice rang true throughout the land.

               The refugees muttered amongst themselves. “What is this in our hearts, that we are reinvigorated? What is this, that our protectors, almost on the brink of defeat, now push back with redoubled spirits and a force tenfold? It can only be the might of Arceus that did such a thing.”

               In the mountain, Arceus stared down its foe. Its resplendent body was now a twisted and deformed thing, unable to produce any more light.

               “Leave. And take all of your invaders with you, except these two you have clearly forcibly put under your control. Your evils will no longer plague this land.”

               “Beware, O Arceus. The all-consuming power cannot be restrained.”


               And so the invaders did. They returned to the place from whence they came.

               “Thank you, great one. We are Solgaleo and Lunala,” the two said.

               “You, each full of radiance, are familiar with these invaders. I am unable to pierce through the veil of the nefarious one’s cloaking light- you will alert us if they ever strike again.”

               The two assented.

               Arceus now stood amongst the ruins of the great chamber. The judgement it passed among the invaders rendered it feeble, almost unable to stand.

               Then, it had an idea.

               “I must slumber. I do not know when I will be needed again to protect my own.”

               Thus, among the ruins of the Great Mountain in Ayuma, stands Arceus turned stone, watching and resting, until its time comes again.

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Chapter 1- Pama

               The three shadows sneaked about the marketplace, their path lit only by the moonlight that streamed between the clouds. Up ahead, two winged figures engaged in a furtive transaction, swapping plain cloth pouches. They exchanged a few whispers, and flapped off into the night. With those two gone, they approached their mark: a nondescript tent.

               “I think this is the place,” the Pancham said. The other two assented. The Shuppet phased into the tent, her incorporeal form slipping into the structure. Shortly after, she slipped back out.

               “No one’s in there. Let’s go. Shea, you stand guard. Stu, with me.”

               The gang entered the tent. The hay mat in the corner had not been slept on for some time, while the customary food and water pots were empty and filled with cobwebs. The duo inspected every nook and cranny.

               “Guys, I think I found something,” the Stufful said as he probed around the straw bed. He pulled out a small bag and handed it to the Pancham. She opened it and took out a handful of small amber orbs, admiring the little moonlight that reflected off them. She stuffed the little pouch into her bag.

               “All right, let’s bounce,” she said.

               The Shuppet phased back into the tent. “Pama, we’ve got company. It’s them again by the looks of it, but I only see two of them.”

               A cocky grin plastered itself on her face. “Come on, Stu, we’re gonna beat the crap out of them.”

               The two marched out proudly, the ghost floating equally proud above them. Soon, they confronted the gray Meowth and the Salandit that accompanied him.

               “Well, well, well, how the turns have tabled, Ryo. Looks like I got to your treasure first.”

               “Pama, imbecilic as always,” replied the cat, rolling his eyes at her. 

               “Pimi, imbicilic is ilwiys. Arceus take your guts, smug prick,” she shot back. “Where’s Coco, your other goon?”

               The Meowth licked his paw, not once dropping his affected demeanor. “That is for me to know and for you to find out.”

               A rock whipped out from the darkness, smacking Shea square between the eyes. As her body dropped to the ground, a rocky beast lumbered out from behind the tent. Stu and Pama paled as the Graveler loomed over them.

               “Coco evolved?! Come on, that’s against the rules!” Pama pleaded.

               “I do not see any rules written anywhere, do you? Now, are we going to fight or are you too much of a craven?”

               She looked at Stu, who was trying desperately to hold his dinner down. She knew what she had to do.

               “Take Shea. Run, this won’t be pretty.”

               “But Pama-“

               “No buts, Stu! Get out of here!”

               He nodded, placed their unconscious friend on his back, and rushed off into the night.

               So Pama stood alone, facing three. She raised her arms, palms open, miming the thrusts that she had relied upon for so long. Her eyes, though, never lingered away from the Graveler for long. Just how was she supposed to deal with him? That was usually Shea’s job, with her spooky tricks, and Stu would take care of that stupid Salandit, leaving her Ryo. But now she was alone.

               She yelled at the top of her lungs, stamping and thrusting her arms, pushing aside the fear that filled her mind. A faint red aura glowed around her.

               “My, what a little show you are putting on for us. It will make the beating that much sweeter. Isn’t that right, Deen?” Ryo chuckled.

               The Salandit hissed in agreement.

               “Hey, what the hell’s goin’ on here?” A blast of water drenched the pavement separating the two parties, cracking the rock a little.

               “Agh, the police meddling again. Come, it seems our playtime is over, no thanks to Officer Ruth.” The Meowth bounded off with his two companions in tow, one skittering and one rolling. Pama was left alone, heaving. The Poliwrath suddenly came up behind her.

               “And you! It’s the third time this week I’ve seen you up to no good. Come with me to the station, you little punk.” She grabbed the little Pokémon by her wrist and stared into her eyes. Pama, not one to go down without a fight, hit her enormous hand with her palm repeatedly.

               Ruth’s expression softened. “Look, it’s not easy seein’ an orphan havin’ a hard time. I just- I just want to see you safe, okay? Ryo’s always gettin’ in all sorts a’ trouble, but the kid’s parents are loaded, so I can’t straighten up the kid jack. Your little friends have families that care for them very much, and they’ll grow outta this hooligan stuff soon enough. On the other hand, you…” Pama took this chance to try to wrench herself from the Poliwrath’s grip. The officer predicted the move, grabbing the Pancham with her other hand. “Nice try, kid. After I’d like to think I know you a little bit.” She had a look around. “Say, where’re those friends’a yours?”

               Pama sighed. “Coco showed up and knocked out Shea almost instantly. I told Stu to get out with her.”

               “And you’d take on all three o’ those guys alone? Seriously?” Ruth’s eyes widened.

               Pama nodded.

               “Damn, kid. You got guts, I’ll tell ya that.” She paused for a second. “Look. I got an offer for ya. I won’t drag ya down to the station and make a big ol’ show, on a couple’a conditions.”

               “I’m listening.”

               “One, ya drop all this gang crap.”

               “Wait, what? How am I supposed to hold my own-”

               “Let me finish, kid! Two, ya go down to the Nine-Tailed Guild tomorrow with me. I’ll sign ya up and you’ll work for them. I’m not lettin’ all that gumption go to waste filchin’ marbles or playin’ cops ‘n’ robbers or whatever.”

               “Are you serious? You’re really trying to convince me by offering me work? I thought you knew me, Ruth.”

               “It’s a roof over your head, food in your belly, and steady money. Much better than whatever racket you’re runnin’ down here.”

               Pama thought for a few moments and held out a paw. “Deal. I’ll see you tomorrow morning, bright and early.”

               “I’m glad, kid.”





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