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Β Just imagine me slowly licking my lips and walking closer to you as u sitting down on the couch I'll get to you nd start to slide my tounge down your neck leaving trails of kisses nd hickeys as you start to get turned on ill lay u down on the couch nd get on top of you nd start to grind on you while I'm still kissing ur neck as I'm grinding I'll press my dick on ur pussy so u can feel it as i start to get hard I'll stop grinding nd just sit on top of u as i begin to lift your shirt nd start to kiss on your body nd lick my way up to your boobies ill start licking your boobies nd kissing them then I'll start to suck on your nipple as i do that your start to moan a little so ill reach back nd slide my hands n your pants nd begin to rub ur clit as im still licking/sucking on your boobies ill start to rub your clit even faster as u start to get wet af then ill reach down farther nd start to finger you sliding one finger in real slow then slide another one in right after as i begin to finger u fast af you'll begin to moan louder nd you'll grip the pillows that's on the couch as i go even faster making you cum all over my fingers but I'll keep going a little longer as i start to feel you getting even more wetter I'll stop nd just rub your pussy then ill slowly slide my fingers out its all wet so I'll give you one last kiss nd get off of you nd nd say just wait for later but as i begin to walk away you you'll grab me nd sit me on the couch as u get between my legs as u begin to pull my shorts down you'll grab my dick nd begin to give me head you'll start off slow then you would kiss the tip nd then slowly lick the rest you'll begin to jack me off as you suck the tip of my dick you would start to pick up speed nd jack me off faster you'll then slow down nd spit all over my dick making it wet af as u continue to jack me of slowly you'll remove your hands nd spit on my dick again then you would wrap your lips around my dick nd start to give me head then you'll start deepthroating it slowly as i hold your hair for you as your begin to deepthroat slowly i begin to moan "fuck" as u continue ill push your head down one more time before u come up so you'll go down one more time as u come up you'll spit on my dick one more time nd begin to jack me off again for a little bit making my dick wet af then you'll begin to suck it fast af as i start to moan "fuck" again you'll then look into my eyes while your sucking it then you'll slow down nd come off as you kiss the tip one last time as you stand up nd pull down your pants nd panties nd you'll spit on my dick making it wet af as you get on top nd sick my dick inside you slowly as you moan quietly you slowly begin to ride as i just lay there on the couch you'll put ur hands on my chest as you start to pick up speed riding faster your moan with get loud as I moan "fuck" as u start to bounce your ass on my dick I'll grab on to your ass making you go even faster nd deeper as you begin cum on my dick your moan will get louder every time you go down on my dick then I'll let go as you start to slow down you'll start to grind real slow while my dick is n you as you lean down to kiss me then you'll slowly get up nd ill lay u down on the couch as i spread your legs open wide i begin to eat your pussy for alittle sticking my tounge n your pussy tasting your juices you'll push my head down to make me stick my tounge n deeper as you do that I'll take my hand nd start to rub you clit fast af making u moan loud as u let go of my head ill take my tounge out nd lick you pussy one last time as i pull u to the edge of the couch while I standing up ill rub my dick all over your wet pussyΒ  ill stick it in nd out slowly before finally ill just leave it in their as I begin to fuck u fast nd deep af while ur legs is still wide open as I take my hand nd start to rub ur clit fast af while I'm still fucking you I'll get even faster as you try to close your legs ill put them on my shoulder nd continue to fuck u fast nd deep af making u moan loud af nd calling me "daddy" ill slow down after awhile nd spread your legs back open nd I'll lean down nd start kissing you as i start giving you some deep slow strokes making you grab on to my back nd start digging your nails in it as i go deeper you'll wrap ur legs around me as ur dig deeper n my back as I go deeper then you'll unwrap your legs me I'll get up nd I'll start fucking u alittle bit more then ill stop nd pull my dick out as u sit up you'll grab my dick nd begin giving me some more head as i start to moan "fuck" louder ill grab your head nd make u go faster then ill let go as u slowly take my dick out your mouth ill then turn you over nd bend you over as im still standing up ill slap your ass nd push your back down so that your ass is the only thing in the air so I'll stick my dick in slowly then take it out then put it back in as I begin to fuck you slow at first then I'll begin to pick up speed as we both moan you'll start to lift up nd ill quickly push u back down nd grab your hair nd start pulling it as i start to go faster n deeper your moans will get louder so I'll let go of your hair nd slow down as you begin to take over nd start throwing your ass back you'll start off real slow making me moan as i slap your ass you'll start to throw it back faster nd harder as u begin to moan ill take both of your hands nd put them behind ur back as I start to take back over I'll start fucking you fast af as you moan louder nd louder I'll go faster nd faster nd get deeper with every stoke you'll cum all over my dick again as i slow down ill get that feeling that I'm bout to cum so I'll pull out..... just imagine if I really did that to you.....Β 


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