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Chapter 2 mums ex bf

 So u think my mum would stay single forever well nope she didn’t when I was about 10 she got a bf he was not kind at all. 

He smoked he was on drugs he was just so violent. And with him being all mean it effected my mum so whenever my mums ex would yell at me and my siblings my mum would yell and get angry at us… That was the main bit where my depression started happening and I never told anyone I hid it like a mask and still have.

When my mum and her ex finally broke up it didn’t end there he stalked me and my family we ended up calling the cops about it thy did nothing for over 2 months but now luckily we never see him. 

To let u know a lot more things happened but I didn’t feel comfortable sharing so for all of these chapters about my life won’t have all the details 

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Chapter 1 dad

 Hey guys it’s Jayme I know this is weird and all but I’m going through a lot of tough times and I was told it helps if u talk to someone or tell people about it so… here I go

I’m a 12 year old girl names Jayme but u can call me shadow. Why u ask because all my life I have been a shadow to people no one notices me well only if they want me to draw them something😞 

About 7 or 8 years ago my mum and da got a divorce it was tough being only 5 or 4 without a farther figure there. Ur probably thinking why couldn’t u just go visit well my dad was apparently abusive my mum told me everything about him I don’t really wanna share what she said. But for all my life so far I lied to my family I actually wanted to see what my dad was like for my self… it hurts me thinking I will be judged by my mum siblings friends and my mums friends if I tell I wanna see dad.

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