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Looking for Montessori Nursery Schools  

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of Montessori nursery schools, they are modeled after the Montessori school philosophies which emphasize a child’s self-directed abilities to learn with a teacher acting as something of a director rather than dictator when it comes to lessons and instruction.


Montessori schools are not some free-for-all where children get no instruction or guidance at all, but rather emphasize a more interactive learning environment with hands-on tools and interaction based on the child’s own abilities.


Teachers are meant to observe the child’s actions and tailor lesson plans and instructions based on each individual child. For Montessori nurseries, the emphasis is on a welcoming and warm environment in which a child is meant to feel comfortable while learning, rather than a cold and sterile classroom.


Most Montessori schools typically have a good ratio of teachers to children.


Montessori nurseries emphasize hands-on learning just as other Montessori schools do. They are often fully stocked with rods, beads, and spindles for learning mathematical concepts.

Usually they have live plants, fish, gerbils, or other small animals that make it easier for a child to adapt to nature and the environment around us. To learn letters and words, Montessori nursery schools typically have almost everything in the classroom labeled so that children can be introduced to the connection between the words they hear and the letters needed to make up those words.


They also usually have a wealth of cutout letters and alphabets as well, so that children not only see those letters on the board or wall in front of them but are encouraged to become interactive with speech and language, so that learning is a joy and not a chore.


There are no real legal requirements for Montessori nursery schools to be able to use that particular word or label when advertising themselves, so it’s important that a parent do some research and make sure that any Montessori schools they are considering actually teach according to philosophies and practices that a parent agrees with and understands.


The idea of a self-directed course of learning can be very effective, but this doesn’t mean that your child should never receive direction or fail to recognize authority, or should never have expectations put upon him or her.


In order for the philosophies and teachings of Montessori schools to work effectively, you still need to have your child learning and applying himself or herself.


It’s important for you as the parent to be involved and balanced when it comes to any and all the decisions that affect your child’s education, and choosing Montessori nursery schools is no different best nursery in dubai

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