Harry Potter

I've caught a HP bug and I've written a whole mess of shorts. Some have potential and some are just me writing my pent up emotions. I'm 100% not done with any of them. I just want them out where people can give me feedback instead of me re-reading them into oblivion.

You're Mine

*Major Hiatus* Josie hasn't spoken to Isaiah in about ten years. She sees him everyday at school but they never talk. She put the memories of their childhood behind her. She didn't think he would ever care again. She didn't know he never stopped caring.

Magcon Imagines

Hayes, Dillon, Carter, Taylor, Sam, Gilinsky, Shawn, Matt, Johnson, Nate, Nash, Cameron, Aaron, Jacob, Jake Foushee*, Kenny Holland*, Brent Rivera*, Jack Dail*, Wesley Stromberg* *I can't guarantee it'll be top quality because I don't know as much about them as the other boys.


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