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HP Short 1

I was walking through the courtyard only to see Draco, once again, tourmenting Harry Potter and his friends under a tree. I rolled my eyes when I saw Harry step forward and Draco duck away in complete fear.

“Wow Draco so brave and courageous. Teach me your ways,” I deadpanned as I passed the little group. I heard a few snickers and kept the smirk that was creeping up off my face.

“I'd watch my mouth if I were you, mudblood. My father will hear about this,” Draco shot at me. I whipped around, wand in hand. I walked towards quickly, backing him into the tree.

“NEVER call me that again. Otherwise I'll have you throwing up slugs for the rest of your life,” I poked my wand at him for effect and he flinched. “You are such a fucking crybaby and you literally make me sick. I cannot stand you and I don't understand how anyone else does.” I finished. He was sniviling and I couldn't help but make a face at him. I started to back up, my wand still pointed at him, and he scrambled to stand tall again. I turned and right before I walked out of the shade of the tree I turned again. “By the way, I'm not scared of your father. Are you?” With that I turned and walked away, smiling to myself.

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HP Short 2

“Who is that?”

“I don't know I've never seen her.”

“Is she dead?”

“What's happened?”

People gathered around the courtyard, staring and whispering about the girl laying on the ground. Her blonde hair was splayed out, her leg looked bent in a painfully wrong way, and there was a trickle of blood trailing from her mouth.

McGonagall and Snape pushed their way through the crowd of students, McGonagall kneeling down by the girl. She looked up at Snape with wide eyes.

“We need to take this girl to Madame Pomfrey, now,” McGonagall said and Snape wordlessly picked her up, starting towards the hospital wing. The students started, curiously, after them but McGonagall put a hand up. “Everyone move on about your day, do not follow Professor Snape and if I catch anyone trying to sneak a peek they will have dentition,” she said and the crowd dispersed. She saw a familiar trio of students lingering and shook her head, smiling.

“You should've died”

“Stupid bitch can't even die”

“No one wants you here, next time, do a flip”

“You're so worthless”

She woke up silently and the thoughts came flooding back. She looked around and realized she was still very much alive and the tears rushed out before she could do anything. The sobs racked her body and she frantically wiped at her eyes, trying to stop before Pomfrey came back. She took some deep breaths and looked around, seeing no one. She got up and started towards the door very aware of the limp she was sporting, but ignored it. She peeked around the door, making sure no one was around, and started running in the direction of the Astronomy Tower. She fully intended to jump off the tower to make sure it worked this time. What she didn't expect was to run, quite literally, into Neville Longbottom.

She was knocked down due to the fact that she was already extremely weak, and Neville was quite tall. He stumbled a bit and was about to apologize when he noticed who it was.

“I am so sor- aren't you that girl who fell off a balcony into the courtyard?” he asked. She struggled to get up and as he said that her eyes teared a little at the reminder of her failed attempt. “Wait a second. What are you doing out of the hospital wing?” he asked getting suspicious. Her eyes went wide. She started scrambling to get away and finally got her feet under her and started backing away from him.

“Please don't tell anyone. Please just let me die. I can't go back. I can't stay,” she pleaded and took a step towards her. Tears started flowing and a look dawned on Neville’s face. He started towards her quickly and made to grab her but she started running.

“GET BACK HERE,” he yelled but she kept running. In her frantic get away she ran right into a courtyard full of students. “Somebody stop her!” Neville yelled and everyone looked at him. She turned around to see everyone finding her and looking with confusion. She watched as recognition seemed register on people’s faces and she started sweating. She took off without a word and ignored the searing pain in her leg. She ran all the way to the tower and thought she'd make it but ran into someone else. She started to scramble to her feet when she caught the person's face.

Draco Malfoy.

He was the one reason she ever doubted suicide.

More tears slid down her cheeks and he looked at her with a blank face.

“He'll never love you, let alone like you”

“He hates you”

“You're nothing to him, see? He doesn't even know who you are”

“Just walk right past him and jump, we want a show”

“GRAB HER,” a voice jolted her out of her thoughts. She turned back to see Neville along with Professor McGonagall and a crowd of students behind them coming towards her. She knew Draco didn't care about anyone other than himself so she thought she’d be free.

She vaguely heard someone yell “SHE'S GONNA KILL HERSELF” but she pushed past him and ran up the stairs as fast as her limp let her anyways. As she put her right foot on the landing a hand caught her left ankle. The action pulled her down but she started crawling away. She shook her ankle free and somehow got to her feet.

She thought that was it.

But then as she neared the edge a hand grabbed her arm.

“NO,” she yelled as she got yanked away from the railing. “PLEASE LET ME DIE,” she sobbed. The hand turned into an arm across her chest from behind which turned into two arms pulling her against a chest. She sank to the ground but the person just sat with her. “JUST LET ME GO,” she cried as the person held onto her, making her attempts to crawl away futile. “Please just let me die,” she stopped trying and let the person hold her close to their chest while rocking them back and forth. She sobbed as they shushed her gently, running their hand through her hair countless times.


Neville wasn't the only confused person in the room. McGonagall, Snape, Harry, Ron, and Hermione were also watching the strange scene in front of them. Draco Malfoy showing emotion, especially towards a very distraught Gryffindor, was unfathomable. But there they were, watching him be as gentle as ever and calm the poor girl from hysteria to dull cries. It was quite extraordinary. They realized the girl was no longer making any sound and figured she was asleep.

“Malfoy, that girl needs to go back to the hospital wing,” McGonagall said finally and he looked for the first since they'd sat down. He seemed to realize where they were and almost shoved her away from him. Pomfrey had gotten there by then and she laid her gently on the ground. Draco got up quickly and cast his gaze over everyone before stalking out of the tower.


Next time she woke up, the first thing she saw was Ron Weasley. The memories came rushing back and she groaned, refusing to cry. She'd failed again except this time Draco was there and that only made it worse. He saw her at rock bottom, he saw her at her worst and she hated that.

“She's awake guys,” Ron said and she looked over to see Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Neville Longbottom. She was confused, to say the least. No one at the school had paid her any attention during all her years there leading up to this and now suddenly the golden trio was at her bedside like they knew who she was. She rolled over and tried to fall back asleep, at least then she was conscious about what she did. But then Pomfrey was tending to her, she fixed her leg, and apparently had already fixed broken ribs from when she jumped into courtyard. Once she was deemed physically healthy enough she was being sent to Dumbledore’s office with the golden trio plus Neville following her. She started at her hands on the way there, students stated as she walked past, and she felt even more like an outcast. Once she was in Dumbledore's office Harry and his friends left, reluctantly. She immediately downplayed it to them wanting to see what they were going to do with such a freak. McGonagall and Snape were in the office too and they were discussing her as she sat quietly off to the side.

“I don't trust her to stay safe on her own,” McGonagall said.

“What do we do then?” Dumbledore asked.

“You could have Potter watch over her. Seems fitting with the way he acts,” Snape drawled.

“But Pomfrey said she had self-harm marks, how can Harry watch over her if he's a boy?” McGonagall asked.

“Granger is a girl,” he responded.

“Do they room together?” McGonagall asked Dumbledore. He shook his head.

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HP Short 3

She woke up to an empty room. She looked around for any sign of the time and noticed the other three beds were made. She jumped out of bed, hopping around trying to get dressed as quickly as possible. She figured breakfast was almost over since that was usually when she woke up. She was running out of steam by the time she was brushing her teeth and grabbing her books. She sat down to calm her fast beating heart and the door opened. She stood up as Hermione Granger walked in, to grab her books no doubt.

“Hi Josie, I see you missed breakfast again,” she said with a tinge of concern at the edge of her voice.

“Yeah, you know me; I love my sleep,” Josie said with an awkward laugh. She hurried out of the room before Hermione could say anything else and practically ran down the stairs. She was breathing heavily by the time she reached the bottom and internally groaned.

1 week.

She was a week in and she couldn't cave now. Even though it was taking a physical toll on her, she loved the feeling of an empty stomach. Especially when she was only putting one low-intake day in between week long fasts.

Plus the weight was just dripping off of her.

But of course, it wasn't enough.

She exited the stairwell, slightly woozy. A few people looked at her and her hands started sweating and she couldn't see straight. She hoped and prayed that she got out of the common room looking normal and started towards her class. She realized she was going to be late, considering the fact that even walking slowly was becoming a laborious task. She sagged against the wall, sweat trickling down her back.

Why did she take potions, which is in the dungeons, in the morning?

Once her vision seemed to clear a little she pushed herself off the cool stone wall and kept moving. Once she made it she took a few deep breaths and opened the door, bracing herself for the stares and the detention from Snape.

“You're late, Mackenzie. Detention and five points from Gryffindor,” he said and she gazed back at him with an unimpressed look that almost rivaled his. She looked around and saw the only seat left was next to Seamus Finnigan. She tentatively sat down and focused on her breathing for a moment before it seemed under control. She looked up to see plenty of notes on the board and rolled her eyes.

She stood up to leave once class was over and started seeing black dots. She tried to ignore it but as she went to step away from the desk she almost fell over.

“Hey are you okay?” Seamus asked, although she couldn't tell where he was. The dots were clearing away but she was still dizzy, the room spinning.

“Yeah… I'm fine,” she said but it came out as more of a whisper. She made to grab her books but her arms betrayed her, proving too weak to do much anymore.

“Are you sure?” he asked, looking apprehensive. She nodded and managed to pick up her books, stepping away from where she was leaning against the desk. The black dots were back and she heard a loud voice before the dots took over.



“What happened?”

“I don't know, she just fainted I guess.”

She opened her eyes to Seamus and Snape closest; Hermione, Harry, and Ron along with most of the class were standing behind them.

“Do you remember what happened?” Snape asked her.

She nodded, feeling embarrassed and a little confused on how she attracted the attention of the golden trio.

“Are you alright?” Snape asked, looking her over for any injuries.

She nodded once again and went to get up, focusing hard on not stumbling. She gathered her books and turned to see everyone staring at her.

“I'm okay,” she spoke quietly. Snape narrowed his eyes at her but said nothing. She turned and hurried out of the room, not missing a certain blond standing in the back with his cronies. Once she was out she turned the corner away from the rest of the school, and found herself in what she thought was a secluded hallway. She leaned against the wall and took deep breaths, keeping the tears at bay. Footsteps grew closer and she whipped her head up when she heard them. She wiped at her eyes and started walking out of the corridor.

“I wouldn't fuck her even for a million galleons,” a voice said. She looked up to see Marcus Flint along with two other Slytherins walking down the corridor. She looked at the ground, hoping to be invisible to them.

But of course, the universe was always against her.

“What are you doing down here, Gryffindor?” Marcus asked with a nasty grin on his face. She ignored him, hoping no response would make him continue on. “Hey I'm talking to you,” he said stepping in front of her, forcing her to stop.

“Just leave me alone, please,” she swallowed, her face hot with anxiety.

“Umm, no. I don't want to,” he responded with a snigger. His two friends laughed darkly and they moved around to block her from being able to leave.


“Harry show me the map, Josie hasn't been seen since potions and it's worrying me,” Hermione said. Harry got out the map, opening it up to find “Josie Mackenzie”.

“There… What is she doing still down in the dungeons?” Ron said, pointing out her name.

“Wait, look,” Harry said pointing at three names. Marcus Flint along with two other Slytherins were making their way towards Josie and then they stopped, surrounding Josie.

“That can't be good, come on we have to go help her,” Hermione said and Harry and Ron complied. The three of them got up and started towards the dungeons.


Tears pricked her eyes as they backed her against the wall.

“Aw don't cry, it'll spoil the fun,” Marcus said devilishly. He reached out a hand, placing it on her face. She flinched but he didn't waver. He wiped the tear she hadn't known had fallen away with his thumb. “She's a good one, aye boys,” he said with a smile.

“Yeah, perfect one to add to the list,” the kid on the right said. Her eyes widened at that.

“What list?” her own voice surprised her, it being so small she was confused on how anything came out at all.

“Oh it's nothing really. Just a list of girls I've caught in… unsuspecting positions, who can't really tell me no,” he explained and she couldn't help but swallow with fear. He reached out with his other hand, sliding it around her waist, gripping her ass. She jerked away but he smacked her cheek, then grabbing her ass again.

“Please just leave me alone,” her voice quivered.

“I think you already asked that and I already said no. Try again sweetheart,” he said leaning down. She screwed her eyes shut, hoping he wasn't about to do what she thought he was about to do. When the impact never came she opened her eyes only to find he was hovering over her neck. He latched onto the space between her collarbone and her neck and she whimpered, trying to pull away. His right hand squeezed her ass and his left grabbed her left boob, kneading it in a slow rhythm. Tears welled in her eyes and she hoped something would work in her favor for once and make it stop. Marcus was kissing and sucking and biting at her neck and she was feeling sick.

Sick at the fact that Marcus Flint was currently sexually assaulting her.

Sick that she hadn't eaten in a week and now wanted to throw up.

Sick that he had apparently done that to other girls.

Sick that he had friends that actually helped him with that.

Sick that she was actually feeling aroused.

She tried to push him away but he just pushed back on her boob, holding her against the wall. She cursed his quidditch build but kept trying to push him off.

“Stop, please,” she pleaded. He chuckled against her neck and a small wave of heat rolled through her belly. She remembered her legs and immediately jerked her leg up, hoping it hit somewhere important. Marcus pulled his hands away to cup his groin and groaned. She scrambled to the side but one of the kids was in her way. She must've not kneed him hard enough because Marcus grabbed her arm and pulled her back, slamming her against the wall. Her books fell to the ground and he glared down at her.

“I didn’t appreciate that. Guess I'll have to teach you some manners,” he growled and leaned down, roughly kissing her lips. Tears fell freely as he bit her bottom lip to force access. He let go of her arms but they were pinned down a moment later by his friends. He used his hands to grip her hips, shoving them against the wall also. He moved on from her mouth and Josie was starting to give up he weak attempts to escape when she heard rushed footsteps.

“STUPIFY,” she heard and all three of the Slytherins were blasted away. She looked to the right and saw the golden trio running towards her. She slid down the wall, full sobs racking her body.

“Are you alright?” She heard but couldn't respond. She felt an arm around her, pulling her into a chest and sobbed into it.

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HP Short 10

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HP Short 11

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HP Short 13

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HP Short 12

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