A new life awaits Jordan Matthews, but it isn’t the one she wants. Not by a long shot. When sixteen-year-old Jordan Matthews’s mother is arrested, Jordan has no other choice than to move to a town she’s never been to and live with an aunt she barely remembers. In the small town of Cooper’s Landing the kids have all grown up together,...

The Truth In Lies (Edited)

After her father's unexpected death, Deanna Carpenter returns to Asherville to say her final goodbye. She has no plans to stay in the town she escaped from years before, but her older sister and mother have other plans. Despite their turbulent relationships she agrees to stay; she wants to understand what happened in the past and put...

Letting Go

Mallory Steven’s best friends are getting married just 9 months after graduating from college. Her own life is in ruins after falling victim to a scam artist, and she thinks attending the event would be a big mistake. After numerous failed attempts of refusal, she finds herself driving to New England to spend a week attending...


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Please Don't Remember Me

NaNoWriMo 2017 Project! Work in Progress!!! Rebecca Thomas is your average senior in college, struggling through life's ups and downs. Very suddenly, her twin sister, Kathryn, is killed, causing Rebecca to stumble into a world of depression and anxiety.


One person commits suicide every forty seconds somewhere in the world. The Signwriter told me that. So why am I writing about such a depressing subject? The shrink thought it would help me make some sort of sense out of all that’s happened. I doubt it, but here goes…

The Splendid Past of Men

Finding Mr. Right is practically a full time occupation. Allison Kramer has been there. She's crawled through more mucky ponds kissing frogs to find a prince than a normal woman should. But she's had some entertaining stops along her journey to find "the one" including a brutally hot personal trainer, a geeky-cute law student, the guy...

Always Pick the Left Answer

With only her best-friend's wedding to occupy her Margi is slowly and unwittingly orchestrating her own doom. Sneaking around with a coffee server/sculptor, trying to not strangle her best-friend’s other best friend, and acquiring a taste for shoplifting are just the starters on her plate. Not to mention rodents in her kitchen...

Our Project

"We're supposed to be working on the art project." I told Craig. He's lying down on the grass, his sketch book draped over his face so as to block the sun from his view. "I am." He said and I roll my eyes and sigh. At this rate we'd get no where and I'd suffer the consequences more so than him. "Come on Craig. I'll scream in your ear...

Sticks in Paddocks

It has been ten years since Milla's best friend, Peter, went missing. Now, after reuniting with his older brother Thomas, the two search for answers to long-standing questions, and are deeply disturbed by the answers that they find.