The Women In Black


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 It was a grey day in the early hours of on a Friday morning 

Arthur Kipps was on his way to clear eal marsh house 

Which was part of his job 

He said goodbye to his son and nanny

“Goodbye Joseph see you on Friday” 

By “daddy” 

He took the train it normal

Takes about a good hour.

He was sat thinking about his wife

Who died during labour.

Mr daily came to

Sat next him with spider the dog 


“I’m mr daily” 

He shook his hand 


“I’m off to eal marsh house to clear out the letters and house”

Mr daily looked suspicious and worried knowing about the story of the house. 

“What’s wrong” 

“Nothing said mr daily” not wanting to worry him 

“This is my stop” 

They both got of the train and got in his car 

“I’ll drive you to the next village” 

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