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Before you start reading there are a couple things you should know. 

1. This is not a love story.
 2. Lust can control you. 
3. Contains lots of sex. 

Julianne fed up with her man taht always dominate her. She always falls at his feet, after so many nights of tears tired. Any changes to Colin when a men reach their life, the Julianne Morrison that he knew and thought he could take his wish no longer exists, his life may end up being a hell. A story that can free your demons and make you leave your inhibitions, it will control you, you'll go crazy and you'll fall in love. 



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1. First step, acceptance.

It hurts, it hurts the soul have lost. He left my life again, taking with its claws my heart. Stupid, he soon knows I love him, knows that I die for him and he leaves me, so immune and desolate if he's not here, he knows what he does, and does not mind me shit, because he does not love me, I think he did not even want me, but here I am, dying for him.

It's Saturday are 3:48 PM. I'm on the couch, watching one of those stupid Mexican telenovelas in black and white, I hate them, but I'm here watching them. I have on my table a bag of Lays, two cups of coffee, as seven packages of chocolate eaten a can of Pringles and her stupid picture. It's amazing all the hunger that causes me the idiot.

I took the picture and approach my chest, hugged a few seconds and I see carefully. I see his perfects eyes, they have nothing in particular,  are brown like any other, but when you combine the color with the look of it, you will get goose bumps. Has the deepest, passionate and captivating look I've ever met, his eyes can see your soul and make you her slave in two seconds. I heard him say once that you see them like that because they are the eyes of the Devil.

I kept appreciating his face is so perfect. He has a flirtatious smile, I remember when he smiled I could not stop watching it, it is difficult to see this man with a smile of joy or innocent fun, he always passes angry and is a curmudgeon. Her perverted smile, is very different when he smiles like this in bed, I lost all my head, did not know what was going through his mind until dawn sore and relaxed pleasure therefore, have sex with him is like a drunk, never will tired of doing it, you have a lot of fun, you lose track of time and space, sometimes erase parts of the night and waking inadvertently just swear not to do it, but you know you can not escape the temptation.

Having sex with him is more than fantastic, this man knows how to go crazy, he made me his slave, he has me at his feet when he want, and that is what I receive in return, be crying for him on a Saturday to four o'clock as a stupid. I look at the picture carefully, is handsome says my subconscious. His curly black hair, brown eyes, his wicked smile, his skin tone so sensually tan. I have to do this man mine.

I get up and walk to the bathroom, I do not live in a big house, it is a simple apartment, decorated with style, rustic, bohemian, hippie, but modern. I have a large window where I can see the icy streets of Seattle, although it is early in the morning I can still see some stars. I go to the bathroom, turn on the light, looked up at the mirror and wonder.

Julianne look, how this man have you, I tell myself. He is consuming me. My eyelids are swollen from mourn, my brown eyes, no longer visible. My face looks pale, I touch my cheeks, they lack color. I turn the jet, took some water in my hands and wash my face, splattered, deep breath. I close the stream, take the towel is hanging alongside the sink, and dry my face, I let the towel to absorb any moisture and breathe through it. Removing the towel and I already look a little better, take my toothbrush and wash my mouth. I look at my hair, and barely sees color, is something Montagu and so far only looks greasy and dirty. I take my hair, and roll it up into a small bun above my head and tied with a ponytail, smiled in the mirror because I look better. I turn off the bathroom light and head to my room which is across the hall. I walk to the closet, turn on the light, take a Red Hot Chilli Peppers' T-Shirt,  I take off my bra and throw it in the laundry, I wear the shirt, I turn off the light and head to the room, I turn off the television, I take my phone and I head back to my room to sleep in my bed, close my eyes and think that asshole until I fall asleep.

A sound wakes me, is my cell. I take the time and reviewed are 9:17 am. I have not slept almost nothing, unlock cell and reviewed WhatsApp message.

Colin message sent at 9:16 AM: -Jullianne, I hate to leave this way, always fighting. I think both are mature and civilized to approach things, we have to stop acting like children. Today is the feast of Cocktail Thompson, we said that we would go together and would be rude to miss. I send a car at 7:00 PM, I know you will go desirable as always, I'm dying to see you.-

I read again and again the message, his last connection was at that time. Will we fall back into the same game ?, asks my head. No, no more Julianne. We'll go to the cocktail, just to not lose the class, but the Jullianne that Colin can manipulate, no longer exists.

I get up from my bed and walked to the bathroom, took a shower with warm water, wash my hair gently and unwind, water falls nicely into my body. I took the soap and I turn in my hands, I wash every part of my body, I move my hands from my arms to my large round breasts under my waist down to my belly and gently wash my sex, feeling my fingers touch my softness and moisture. I think Colin firmly and gently touches simultaneously introduce a couple of fingers in me and I moan, I love this feeling of pleasure and lust, brushed my sex ever more rapidly, and my moans turn into screams, exclaimed his name and still play, I lean back against the wall and open more legs, introduce again a couple of fingers and move madly inside my, my legs are shaking and my body writhes, moan hard and get to climax.

I breathe very hectic, I'm recuperating from an intense orgasm. They are neither the ten o'clock and already finished, this can only mean that it will be a great day. I took another ten minutes to shower and turn off the water, I leave the bathroom and stand before the mirror, I am so sensual wet, but something does not work, I'm looking a girl, I look too innocent. Urgently need a change of look.

I leave the bathroom, I dry my body well with the towel and walked to the closet. It took a dark blue skinny jeans, a pink shirt, a wool sweater-green moss, my beige sandals and a girdle of the same color. I put the clothes on the bed and I go to the toilet in a drawer I have my panties, took a black lace and pastel pink bra with black lace to match a bit. I put my clothes on and only put a crown on my head. I take my phone, my purse, keys to the apartment, I walk into the kitchen and open the refrigerator, take a Yoghurt and walked to the door. Deep breath and go, somewhere between a large hall, where there are three more apartments to the bottom of the corridor is the elevator, pushed the button and waited. It does not take long before the doors open, this almost always empty. I press the button on the Lobby, takes a while to arrive, I live on the seventh floor. The doors open and head to the main entrance of the building, go out and there is little wind, typical here in Seattle. I decide not to take a taxi, the living room is a few blocks from here, quiet way without drawing attention from people, I just focus on what I should not do tonight, I must not fall into the temptation of Colin.

Two blocks after my building, turn right on to address the Adam's Salon of Beauty, the best stylist I have met here in Seattle. I walk down the avenue when I find myself in front of a store, a dress caught my attention. I go to the store and see it on the mannequin, is a beautiful cocktail dress with neckline heart cut further down my panties in his left leg, I hardly covers the back and has a lovely shade of red fire It is intense and passionate, dismisses sex and lust to see it, you captive. It is a Organdí of $ 420.00. It is too much for a dress, but for what I have planned tonight, I know it's worth. It is a luxury I can afford and I take. Not even me try, I would point to the hostess that I want in my size, and I pay with my card box. Colin will go crazy when he sees me in this dress tonight.

I leave the store and head to the Adam's Salon, I go and sit in the waiting room. Adam is beyond talking to a client, it's a good looking guy. At first glance seems like any heterosexual, no walks or extravagantly has a feigned voice, is an ordinary guy. He does not presume his boyfriend, although it should. It is an elegant and sensual coach gym, rather than Adam. They met on a trip to Europe where both was backpackers and went to Amsterdam.

Adam note that I'm seeing and he smiles at me, he approaches me and says hello.

-Julianne, It is not yet time tweaking what are you doing here - he tells me politely.

-Forgime me for not doing a date.- I quote worried but seriously -I need a makeover right now.- He looks me confused. 

Sure, tell me what you got in mind.- he says.

-I need to take off this facade innocent girl, I want to loose erections for where I look, Adam, I need my hair ringworm some auburn, tou have to fix me for a Cocktail and I'll wear makeup to kill with a glance. -I ordered firmly.

-All Right, do not worry. -he says, call a stylist and he ordered her.- A dye 8.45 with volume 10 and 20 in longs.- He begins to divide my hair into sections and he smiled.- What made you that stupid now? - He asks.

-Nothing out of the unusual Adam.- I answer sadly. 'The same as always, fight for his guilt, let me at midnight crying for, call the other day and treats me like a child, he sleeps at night knowing that if he tells me walk with me anytime, I get and I kissed his feet. Is all, I'm tired. I will not be the Jullianne who is mastered by the great Sir Colin Doyle, this time everything will be different, everything will be my way- I say firmly and looks amazed me through the mirror.

-Wow, I had never seen and this Jullianne, I'm glad that you make this decision. You know I support and I will be with you, neither Colin or any other will be able to resist yourself, I promess you.- tells me politely.

-Thank Adam.- I answer and smiled, and I repeat my last sentence, everything will be my way.


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