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Chapter 1 : Summer at last.

There is a thin veil between our world and others, portals across the globe connect these different dimensions, some open briefly through time their inhabitants causing events that leave echos in our history, others stay open indefinitely. In the historical region of central Romania, Transylvania is home to such a portal, the country is famous for it spooky history little did the outside world realise there was more to these folktales, not till now.   It had been three years since Gloria, Vampura and Dot the bands members of the world famous all girls rocks group 'Bite Me' came out as real vampires.  Popular across the globe, their creepy cute aesthetic blended so well with their music no one questioned it and every one knew that vampires weren't real.. right?  At first no one took them seriously mass media coverage painted it as  publicity stunt for their next album, then suddenly more and more monsters came out of the wood works, other singers, actors, teachers, next door neighbours, with how well the world embraced 'Bite Me' some felt they didn't need to hide any more  and with that everything changed.  'Bite Me' disbanded with Gloria and Dot becoming good will embassy members spreading the good will of the monster world throughout earth. Of course with acceptance there was also prejudice, many didn't want things to change, on both sides, and some monsters wanted to keep to the old ways to keep their side of the portal to keep being myths, other's wanted to jump head first into this bright new world. Fizzy Samson wanted just that, the young cyclops lived in the small town of Deadwood, closest to doorway to the Transylvania. Fizzy and her friends Catelyn, Marina, and Pandora had made a band, they had got together in their first year of secondary school at first they had been bad, Pandora lead the group with some talent and with practice every night in each families basements they got better and now finishing school they wanted out they wanted across the border they wanted the human world. Fizzy and Pandora probably wanted it the most Catelyn was intrigued and Marina seemed to follow her friends not wanting everyone split up.  But with human world now aware of their crossing over had become more stricter and most families feared for their childrens safety the grip on the ability to freely leave was becoming tighter that even at halloween only certain monster with level three clearance could cross for Halloween.  

When she was fourteen and before the big reveal Fizzy had been lucky enough to go over with her older brother, they had left through Transylvania and jumped over to New York via another portal. It had been the best the night of her life, they walked the evening streets as people celebrated, had complimented them on their costume, they ate candy floss and toffee apples while watching fireworks till dawn. On the big screen in central square she had watched 'Bite me' play on the big screen and wanted it so badly, to stay in the human world, but when you have one giant eye in the middle of your head it's a lot harder to blend in than you average monster.

The reveal had happened the gates were opened the opunnity was theirs for the taking if they could just take it. Fizzy wondered to herself if it would be better to just tell her parents instead of disappearing into the night with the rest of the gang, hitching a ride on the steamer might be slow but they would get across during the night unnoticed.

A sharp pain in her noise drew her back to reality as Pandora who moments ago had been calling her name unnoticed had become tired of her friends space case ways and had flicked her square on the tip of her nose.

Fizzy let out a yelp, standing up to ask quite loudly what the hell Pandora thought she was doing when she suddenly realised she was in the great hall and all the other students and teach where now turning around  and staring at her. Pandora stared straight forward playing innocent, Catelyn covered her mouth looking to the floor she shook slightly as she tried to hold back her laugh, whilst Marina looked up at her friend with pity and also embarrassment.

Headmaster Creek cleared his throat, echoing in the akward silence of the room "Please sit down Miss Samson and curb that enthusiasm" he wheezed as dry dust escaped his old mummified lung with every word.  Fizzy sat, there was muffled laughters around the room, how glad she was this was the final day of school.

"As I was saying" the headmaster repeated eyeballing Fizzy once more.

"Today students is the last of the term, for some of you the last day of school in full" he stopped, clearing his throat once more to stress the small cheers from the six formers die down.

"A lot has changed over these last three years our world has become under the view of the humans, we are visable and we are not always welcome. Gone are the days of pitch forks and torches, and although there is a treaty between our two worlds do not forget the unpredictable nature of humans and the advancement of their weapons" 

Some of the first year were starting to look uncomfortable now shifting in their seats, of course every one loved halloween when you hit thirteen you could venture over the border and help with the harvest collecting screams, it was all good fun no one got hurt you where to just frighten people, but there were more reports now of monsters being hunted and humans being murdered, it was a delicate time.

"what I am is saying is I am proud of you all, you are fine set of monster from the fledglings to you that graduate from us today, do us proud serve montrious realm and now if Year Thirteen would rise in an orderly fashion and follow your tutors to the stage" Creek finished.

The three rows at the hall stood slowly pushing their chairs back slightly giving them enough space to fix their gowns and cap and slowly made their way to stage in a single line. There forty eight students across year thirteen, Fizzy and her friends stood turned and followed their classmates. 

"That wasn't funny" Fizzy turned slightly whispering sharply to young vampire behind her, who at the moment was grinning her fangs shining brightly.

"Oh, I don't know about that, if you stayed in this orbit I wouldn't need to wake bring you back down to the planet" Pandora chuckled.

"hey guys, could you stop were almost at the stairs" Marina squeaked barely audible. She didn't want to see her friends fighting especially on their last day at school and maybe even in Deadwood. Catalynn hissed her furr on end her ears drawn back and tail flicking about " come on it was funny a minute ago , but stop teasing her Pandora your upsetting Marina" Catalyn hissed. Fizzy and Pandora  stopped arguing catalyn could get scary when she went full were cat on you, they apologised and all walked together up the stairs of the stage.  

Marina approached the stand first , just as another student was walking off the far end of the stage. The headmaster leaned down and grasped another scroll, passing it to the young Mer-girl he wished her luck in her future hauntings. Marina feeling uncomfortable being on stage in front of the rest of the school took the scroll , keeping her eyes to the floor she thanked him almost silently and gripping the scroll made her way to the end of the stage when the hall started to laugh.

"Miss Seaton, errm could I please have that back" the headmaster called to her making Marina stop in her tracks she looked up and back at him and confused "my certificate Sir?" she questioned confused.

"not quite Miss Seaton, I was referring to my arm which is attached to said document, if you would please" He said as the lower years burst into laughter.  Marina looked down at her hand gripped tightly around the cross and then just inches from her own hand Mr Creeks own hand gripped a section his arm dangling down. Marinas face went a bright red, her friends tried to give her smiles of encouragement, but she was too embarrassed, it took all her might not to run off the stage and hide in the toilets till school finished. She turned around swiftly and robotically walked back Mr Creek, apologising profusely she handed it back to the headmaster, the loose had patted her on the head telling her it was fine, accidents will happen when your bodys is over a thousand years old. As he reattached it into the right socket, Marina quickly left the stage and joined her fellow classmates, the younger years cheered and clapped, her face was still an interesting shade of pink under the blue hue of her skin by the time she had reached the back of the hall.

As her friend had descended the steps Fizzy made her way over to the old headmaster. They had not always seen eye to eye in her time at the school but Fizzy had tried her best to keep on the straight and narrow and get by under the raider , not without Pandora trying to push her off sometimes.  As she reached Mr Creek she smiled and took the scroll from his outstretched hands.

"Ah Miss Samson, do try to put that enthusiasm to a good cause.." lowering his voice he added ".. and maybe not lead to far astray by certain individuals" She knew he meant Pandora but she just smiled and nodded as he told her was looking forwards to the Glittering Ghouls performance.  She thanked him and made her way to end of the stage before she had even reached the stairs she could see Pandora striding over to the headmaster, she just oozed coolness and the claps for fizzy were overthrown for the star of the show. Pandora loved it lapped up the attention it was in her nature to be adored , vampire over all the where the high society of the monster world monsters and humans adored their dark nature viewing the romance almost ignoring the monster behind the curtain.  



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