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A Fish and A King Fisher

--- Noah's POV ---

"Uhm, what are you doing here?" I asked the guy in front of me who just suddenly appeared out of nowhere and put my room in disarray. All the books are wet and some flew on the aquariums that I have on the room. And my room is stinking wet!

I was so surprised when he landed on me. Making me furius and I really wanted to jump and punch this man on his nose. But the problem is, I think he is sleeping above me. And he is really heavy!

After shoving him of with much effort, I stood up and looked at my room. Everything is a mess!

"Mataku, I was enjoying a moment ago and now I am with an unknown man and he made quiet a ruckus!" I said to myself with much disdain. And I was practically cleaning my room now. It's all wet! If the landlady knows what happened to the room I am renting, she would definitely kill me! or worse, she'll make the rent double!

I looked at the man laying face down.

I wonder where did this man came? I mean, he just popped out of nowhere! Just like the anime series that I am watching.

I heard some small splashes and looked where it is coming from. Oh my poor fishies, they need new home since most of the tanks shattered from the wind. Damn, I am gonna kill this man and chop him into pieces and feed him to the flesh eating fish when I buy ten of them.

I looked at him though and he got this long jet black hair, pretty much like of a girl, and a lean fit body that could mistakenly as a girl too. What's the deal with this man anyway? He wears a rather greyish black cargo pants and his shoes' cut is like a boots but the upper part of the boot looks heavy and has some sort of gun barrels? This guy is dangerous. And on his torso, a bluish grey fitted shirt is being covered by a black pads of armor with silver linings to protect his arms.

Oh wait, please don't tell me that I have to help him in his unwordly mission or something? I shouted at the back of my mind while staring at him. What am I gonna do? I don't have time for that, I have to take care of my fishies!

But I am really curious as to where this man came from. I wonder if he'll wake up if I put a mudfish on his shirt and drop a bucket full of ice? Looking around, I found where I keep the mudfishes and I picked up one from the nearest tank and went to the fridge to get some ice and I'm ready.

First, put the mudfish inside his shirt. And then drop the bucket with water and ice to his face.

I waited for a while, and there was no reaction. Boring. So I just decided to clean up the room and place my pets in a different new tanks.

After putting them all up in their new tanks, and dried up all the place, after that. I decided to take a nap.

My senses came back to me when I heard someone calling me. "Oi!" I can also feel someone poking my cheeks and I tried to open my eyes, but they are too heavy. "Oi!" There it goes again, I think someone with a deep voice is trying to wake me up by poking my cheeks. Talk about annoying.

"I'm awake now, don't try to poke me again." I said threatingly to the man poking my cheeks like he is enjoying and shove his hands off me. And then I was surprised and I opened my eyes wide to see that the man that suddenly appeared out of nowhere in my room was awake and is staring right in front of me!

"Hey, do you know where I am?" He asked me like everything was nothing. Is this man crazy? I mean, oh what's the point? So I dropped my arms and just put a sigh out.

"Ok, first of you are in Earth, in the country of the Philippines." I explained to him while getting up.

"Earth? Philippines? I don't even know those places." He said to me and he seated himself on the floor. He crossed his arms and went to a deep thought like pose. Very much like those old men in anime.

"Hey, where did you came from?" I asked the man in front of me. But he was still in that deep thought pose. So I just looked away from him and returned into fixing the broken tanks of my dear little fishies.

"Now that you asked that, I haven't introduced myself yet right? How rude of me." He stood up and bowed a little after putting his right arm in his chest very much like how a knight or a butler gives respect to their master. "My name is Reon and I came from a world called Raneagard." And he stood straight again. "And you are?"

Oh right I haven't said my name yet. "My name is Noah, and I came. . . . . That is just wrong. I live here." I said to him and he returned to his sitting position.

"Noah? Is it just like from the legends?"

I looked at him curious. "What legend?"

"I guess there are different legends per world huh?" He looked at me straight. "Ok, let me tell you a story."

"There is a legend back at our world that Light Spirits told us. That there were a man of the sea. That man was weak on constitution but he was smart and kind. He was outcasted by sailors because of that, but he remained strong."

I listened on how the story went on. The story progressed as the boy became a great architech of the simple town. He came to build magical devices that could make the sailors traverse the seas with much ease. He built buildings that could stay underwater so that man and mermans could live together. But there was a discored over the land. The town's neighbor's duke got envious of the flourishing trade and sent an assassin to kill every man on the town to take it on his own. And he was successful. A year past and the man returned from the Sea and brought huge waves to destroy the town as well as the duke's family and was underwater eversince as a relic of the past.

"I see." I said to him as I put the last fish into a new aquarium. I stood up and I looked around the room to see that the room was cleaned dry, and every fish has been put back into a specific tank. But there was something that is not in the place. This boy.

"What? You have the looks of killing a. . . . . . Are you angry?" It's good that he isn't insensitive.

"Well, yeah, but I can't do anything about that. I mean, you just appeared out of nowhere and brok almost half of my tanks." I walked towards the kitchen to wash my hands and dry it off.

"Well, sorry for that, but you could have just asked for my help you know." He told me in a almost convincing manner.

"Have you handled a delicate fish before?"

He just shook head.

"Have you perform setting up an aquarium before?"

He then again shook his head.

"So what can you do to help?" I said to him in a rather cold tone and he just lowered his head knowing what i mean.


"Are you really going to leave me here?" He asked me after I went out of the bathroom. I didn't feel like talking to him for what he did last night. I nearly died of suffocation when he put his arm full of gun barrel in my chest! "Hey, I told you I am sorry for that."

I walked to my room to get change and I was surprise that he followed me there right after I took of the towel on my body! "Don't you know privacy Reon!" I shouted at him and he did get what I mean. Thank goodness he isn't as dumb as he looked. Geesh what is wrong with him?

"Hey, at least speak to me Noah. I am sorry. I just need some help going back home." I slid my pants on and I just kept him yapping all this nonesence stuff for me like he was teleported somewhere as a punishment or whatnot. Not that I care. "Hey you listening Noah? I'm going to enter if not.

"It's ok, I already put pants on." I said to him and I was not mistaken, he did popped out his head.

"You are no fun." He pouted at me. What is he? A child?

"If you have time for jokes, then surely you can live here in our world. As you already know, when I told you about our world last night. There is no magic in here, nor there are any machines or devices that can travesers dimensions."

"Then let me go to where you are going!"

"You'll get a lot of attention and I don't want my visibility be seen! I want to live a secluded life." I told him but he insisted on coming with school to me. Where should I find clothing his size? I mean, he is lean, but he is too tall for an average person in the area.

"No, you stay here. And that is final."

--- Reon's POV ---

"What am I suppose to do here?" Damn that Gate, he threw me here and I am stuck! How should I be able to go back to Raneagard? And Noah's going somewhere that is important in this world. And well, I am alone at his room which is full of fish and a transparent like box that is filled with water and well, fish. What is the deal with Noah and Fish anyways?

Now that I am into thinking, I wonder if I can still use magic in this world. I breathed deeply and tried to feel everything on my body and the air around the house. And I was correct, it is weak but there are some energy particles for magic to work. So I closed my fists and concentrated, and I did not fail to embalm my arm with fire. Once satisfied, I cancelled it.

Now that I have magic, I can change my clothes into something appropriate since this gloves and boots becames too heavy because of the load and I can't sense any danger in this. . . . . World.

But what am I suppose to wear when i don't even know what kind of clothes people use here? Ah, If I remebered correctly, he changed his clothing with in his room.

--- Noah's POV ---

"Hey I heard that there as a really good loocking guy outside the school!" One girl shouted at her friend that made me irritated. The teachers are out and was on a meeting at one of the branches or site of the school for something, that is why most studentsare just lazily hanging out on the campus.

"Hey Noah! Are you interested to look into this guy the campus are talking about?" What? this is a big school, how can almost all of the people here knows that boy? Now I am interested.

"Nah, Not interested, I'll just go home now." I said to my friend and he just followed me.

"Let's ride together?" I nodded since he was just on the neighbor almost eh same location as to where I live. But honestly, I heard that the guy they are talking about is at the gate. this might be a chance to look how that person looks.

I am now at the gate and my friend just kept talking on how he hits on girls last Saturday and I just smiled at him and listen to him when I heard a familliar voice. Calling my name and my body reacted to face the one calling me. Hey, I can't help it. I know you too!

And I really think the situation is like in Anime right now. Almost all the girls and some boys are looking at me like they are going to kill me. And my friend is just looking at me like he was shocked. Well, he is shocked.

"Hey, do you know that good looking man Noah?"

"Please Ly, don't look like that. I mean, yeah, I know him but a lot of things happened."

"But man, I am sure that is your clothes he is wearing. It looks much better on his body than yours." And then he snickered to my annoyance. But truth to tell, he trimmed his hair to match the hairstyle around his surrounding and the clothes he picked really suites him well.

"Well, sorry for being glum." And I walked away and he just followed me still snickering.

"Hey Noah! Do you know that guy!" A girl approached me. I don't know this girl. Who is she?

"And you are?" I asked coldly. The girl looked annoyed.

"Gee Noah, I'm your classmate at Psychology class! It's Red!" Oh, Red the one who usually messes up the questions on the class and a friendly lot too. I didn't know that he knows me.

"Ah, the one who always gets the questions wrong? I think I remember you know."

"That was just plain rude you know." She said to me. Not that I am interested and why is that jerk still waiving his hands and calling my name which is actually causing some scene already. Good thing he is still outside of the gate. "So, do you know the man who is calling your name?"

"Long story and not interested." I walked away and left Red in there. Well, I am really not interested now that I know who is this good looking boy. Much to my dissappointment. Ly apologized to Red since I know that what I did was Rude. Ly was really a good friend.

"Noah! Noah! Come here! Show me around!" Reon shouted at me while walking towards the gate.

I approached him hastily as like I was skipping some steps and took his hands and pulled him away from the girls that are trying to hit on him. He was complaining that my grip hurts, but the feeling of his skin and muscles says otherwise. I can already tell that this man is strong.

And we ended up grabbing a taxi on which Ly at the passenger seat and Reaon and I at the back.

"So, will you introduce me to this man Noah?" I rolled my eyes, and introduced them both to each other and they greeted each other. After that, the car was silent again. I told the driver to take us to the park.

And we arrived at the said park and as expected, there are less people here than at the main park. "So, How are you able to get from my room into outside the campus?" I asked Reon.

"Wait, he was on your room? Noah? I didn't know that you are into that kind of thing!" He misunderstood so I just glared at him on which he shuts his mouth again knowing what I meant.

"I used magic!" He brightly said to me. A right, he can use magic. And Ly was surprised.

"We-wait, what is happening Noah?" And I told him what happened. "So are you trapped here in our world?" Reon just simply nodded. "And you don't know how to go back?" And again, Reon just nodded at him. I think Ly is still in a state of shock.

"And I was wondering if Gate, which was a cause of this, ever passed in this dimension." Reon just shrugged his arms and looked sideward down. Very cliche if you ask me. But who is this Gate? A person who has the ability to cross dimensions?

"Wait, so you are saying that there are multiple dimensions? Just like what science theorize?" Reon was shocked but smiled innocently.

"Well, yeah, our science back at my world is advanced than this one. And so far we only discovered about ten or twenty dimensions with the use of science and, or magic." Reon looked at Ly on which my friend was listening intently, and I bet Reon was able to read the next question in Ly's eyes. "And I don't know how it works since my specialty is not about teleporting or time magic." This is unbelievable, I think I am getting caught in something big.

"So are you satisfied now Ly?" I asked Ly on which he still had the eyes that and there is no point asking him that again. I know he heard me, it's just that he can't still take up all what is happening around him. As I do, all this things made me surprised, but hey, I know it's the truth since I saw how this guys just appeared out of nowhere inside my room. But man, all this dimension and specially magic on which in my reality doesn't have?

Finally, Ly came back to his senes and fixed his composure about this matter, but I'm sure that he'll bug Reon now. But, Reon probably deserves that since, he's too honest. That bugs me, I know that only newborns are honest, but at his age?

"Hey, Reon, why are you opening this to us?" I asked him to which I caught his attention. But I was surprised by the answer he gave.

"Because it's the truth." With his poker face and his eyes telling me that it's the truth. I know how to distinguish lies for some reason so I'll know if he is lying or not. But in his case, he is not really lying.

"Then, what are you? Are you a human?"

" No, I am not. Not anymore." He said it again with the same expression. I was really shocked to know that he isn't lying.

"Wait, not anymore? What happened?" Ly asked.

"There was this game from where I came from, it was like a game between life and death. A lot happened to the point where I need to make a choice to live. To cast away my humanity and live with a curse and a blessing, or to die a very painful and slow death." Reon told us. Ly and me knows that we shouldn't ask for the details since, we can see in Reon's eyes that the past is still fresh.

What was this blessing and this curse that you chose then?" Ly asked which made me feel concern about how will Reon feel.

"Well, I'll be free for the rest of my life as well as to use different elements for my disposal. The curse will be death if ever I lie." Reon said flatly.

"That sounds cool, but hard and rough." Ly said to him. That's correct, it's cool that you're free to go wherever you want and do things, but you can't lie and if ever you lied subconsciously, you'll just collapse here and die.

"Enough of this, let's go home, it's getting late." I said to them on which I started walking to the exit of the park.


"Hey, I've been wondering Noah. You said that there is no magic here on you're world, but ever since I woke up, I can feel something inside you." Reon said to me out of nowhere. This is getting cliche, who is writin this anyways? I've seen this in different movies and read different books.

"Really? How so?" I asked him while writing my essay assignment on one of my major subjects.

"Well, you must be from another dimension which was the same as us. I don't feel anyone around that has the same aura as you." He said to me while looking at the cieling, but I made no comment about that.

What does he mean came from the same dimension anyways? Is it related on how I don't know my childhood part?


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--- Noah's POV ---

It's been bugging me since the night that he told me, that I might be from another dimension and how he can sense a magic in me. But I wonder how should I react over that?

"Hey, Noah, how was Reon now? It's been almost a month now and I can see that you're the same as ever." Ly asked me even though our professor is discussing at the front. Well not really a discussion, he was just reading the book and not explaining it. Some professor he is.

And yes, It's been almost a month now since Reon appeared out of nowhere on my room. He acts normal and how I expect him to be. He doesn't show his magic around and I don't even know what kind of magic he has or what he can do. He has been a great help with all the chores I have on my apartment and he goes along well with my landlady. Well, he just used some seduction on my perspective and negotiation for him.

Reon tries to earn money by imitating a barbeque stand he saw once when I showed him around the town. And I must say that he cooks good despite being new to the world. And his barbeque is a hit around the neighborhood. Excpet all the customers he had are all girls and girls-at-heart.

"So, did he packed you a lunch again?" Ly asked me again about Reon.

Ever since Reon introduced himself to Ly, this guys has been bugging me about Reon everytime he sees an opportunity. And now while looking at him, he looks like a puppy begging for a treat for a job well done. Of course, Ly has some contributions too for making Reon act normal. Ly always brings Reon around the city for him to understand how we human of Earth lives and the culture is. And I don't have to do that trouble now.

"Well, his barbeques are still a hit and I can say that he is good with business and money." I explained that to Ly which made him delighted over the news.

"I wonder how thier world looks like?" He asked while unboxing his lunch box. It was filled with some greens and some fish, and no rice. Ly, ever the health concious guy. "Enough with the Reon stuff, let's see what your food looks like." And without asking, he grabbed my packed lunch and opened it. It was filled with greens too, a meat strips on which I think a bacon and some fruit slices. And no rice too. "When did you become eat your lunch that has no rice on it?"

"Reon doesn't eat rice and tells that too much rice can make your tummy fat." I said to him while grabbing the box out of his hands and started eating. I took some of the greens and smelled that it was still fresh. I took a bite and it was crunchy. It was good. "I guess he really does have a talent on making food huh?" I said to myself. Ly looked at me curious while chewing his food slowly with his eyes of questions. "Nothing, just continue eating."


"Noah! Ly!" This voice, I know where it belongs, but I rather want to go home now and watch my small and big fishies swim. So I just walked out of the room like I heard nothing.

"Hey Noah, Red is calling us." Ly said to me. Thank you so much Ly, you really are my best friend and I can't help it to look at you annoyed. "Hey, stop that look, and do something about your rudeness for a change you know." I just rolled my eyes.

"Fine." I said to him and returned inside the classroom. Red was just looking at us, like he was shy or something. "What? If you want to say something, then spill it."

"Well, I want to get to know Reon too." She said shyly and she did get red. Too cliche. Ah, this is troublesome, and how did this girl knew Reon's name? Was she spying on me and Ly? Is she a stalker? This is troublesome.

"Why?" I asked her coldly.

She just looked at me like she saw a ghost. Her redness became dull and then she looked away. And walked out of the room. What is her deal anyways?

"What a wierd girl." Ly said to himself while looking at the door.

"Did you spill the milk Ly?" I asked my friend and he just simply said no, still looking at the empty door. Well, I guess he is saying the truth, his mind is presently occupied right now that is why he just answered honestly. I bet Ly was thinking why would Red ask us if she could know Reon more? Not my problem though.


"Hey how was school, wait a moment, I'll gonna cook you dinner now." Reon said to me while washing all the things that he used for his mini barbeque stand. He has really been a great help. At least, this is a win-win relationship. I let him stay at the room I am renting, he do the chores while I am gone, do some kitchen work and the rest is up to him.

"Please, give me some rice!" I said to him lazily. Which made me think, since when I am this comfortable with a person. Even with Ly on which has been my best buddy ever since High School, I am still the cold and poker face person. But I was surprised to know that I could really act lazily around a person, and I don't know him to boot!

"Ok, since you haven't eaten your breakfast and no rice for lunch, I'll be making you something I recently discovered." He said to me in confidence. I wonder what it is.

After for like, thirty minutes, he finished cooking and presented me a rice omelet. But he has this grin on his face, so I am pretty sure that this is either bad or too good? Well, here goes, I gulped silently as the spoon with the food came closer to my mouth and there we finally have it! I put the food in the food was. . . . . . It's good. It's flavourful. It has a unique mint on it unlike the typical egg -rice omelet. I looked at him and he just smiled at me.

I felt shy for doubting his skills in the kitchen when I already know for a month how good he was. "So where did you learn to cook Reon?"

He stood up and went to the kitchen and started washing all the things he used for cooking. This was his routine before eating. "The person who saved me and took me in into his house taught me how to cook." He said to me still smiling as if he was remembering this distant past.

"So how was he doing?" I asked while still enjoying the omelet.

"He. . . . was also sent to another world." He said to me in a rather sad tone and I already knew what kind of story it was. They were sent to different dimensions from an accident and then they are trapped in the world they are in. Man, their world is pretty messed up.

"Oh, sorry." I said to him

"Don't be, knowing that person, I know he can make it out and return to our world." He said to me.

"Was he strong?"

"Of course he is!" And the atmosphere returned into it's lightness. Thank goodness! "He is a guardian after all!" Now I am curious about their world. Might as well ask him while he is happy.

"So, how does your world look like?"

He just finished washing the sink and returned to the table and seated himself comfortably. "Oh, you won't believe it, there are this floating islands and some are filled with oceans!" He said to me. Pretty much a very fantasy like setting on which some islands are floating. So I was not really surprised to know one, but still, I think I want to see one!

He went on telling me how science and magic coexist on their world and how it helps different races like dragons and elves. But thier world is forever at conflict since there are actual real life deamons who would use evil for them to reign the world.

"Reon?" He looked at me while chweing his food. "Before you are what you are right now, what kind of human are you?"

"I can't remember, it has been like a century since then." He said to me. So he is really older than he looks? Why am I not surprised? He looked at me curious. "You are not shocked to know I am a century old?" I shook my head.

"No, I mean, with the way you act, speak and even your experiences, I know that you might be older or what. Plus with what you have said about your world there being elves, then I deduced that you might be on the same league as them."

"Well, you are right about that, but I higher than the elves. In this world, you call us ghosts. In our world, we call ourselves, essence or spirits."

"Are there any great significance on being a spirit?"

"Well," he stopped midways and he was searching for the right words to explain it to me. "Spirits are what powers Guardians."

So, Reon was like a battery for the guardians to do their jobs. I guess, I expected much about being a spirit. "So how do you become a spirit or essence?"

He thinks again. After a minute he answered, "I really don't know the whole process, but my master said that if a Guardian selects you to be one, then you are. It take up a contract of sorts or the like?" He was not even sure about his answer for it. Well, I'll leave it at that.


I think I overslept too much. While I appreciate Reon waking me up, I think his method was a little scary saying that he'll put some fish on the other tank! What if the fish die! What will happen to my precious little fish!

So, now I ended running to get to the nearest bus stop to go to school, and lucky me, a bus just came over and I was able to get a comfortable seat a little farther at the back. I forgot, there may be a surprise quiz and I wasn't able to read the lesson since I was hooked up with Reon's story last night.

While reading, a man came to my seat. At first, I didn't gave him much attention. "Kid, where you able to see young man with a very long black hair and a glove and boots with a barrel?" That looks like Reon? I looked at the man and I already knew that there was something different with this one. He had this black hair and a little color white near the ears and his eye color are a little brown than normal ones.

"Uhm, sorry, I am not sure if I saw that kind of person around." I said to him and returned reading my book and throughout the ride, he didn't pestered me with question or even looked at me which I am glad for.


"Hey Noah, did someone asked you about Reon?" Ly asked me while we are eating.

"Someone did at the bus."

"Then someone knows Reon here, that person might be trouble! You should get rid of that man." Ly said to me that made me wonder what really is the opinion of this boy to Reon. "Don't get me wrong bro. If you want to have your and your fish's normal life, then I think it is better if you would stop housing Reon."

"How should I make him go away? You know how clingy that person gets." He stopped chewing and look right at my back. So, I looked at the back and was surprised that the motion of the people, or rather the time of everyone stopped. I saw girl with this frilly pink dress walking towards us and she is holding a student, pulling her over.

She was not alone though, the girl had a companion. I already knew who was the person. He was the one who asked me about Reon on the bus. "Hey, is that girl the one who asked you about Reon?" I asked Ly on which he nodded nervously. We just waited and I continued eating while the group walks towards us.

"Hey boy, you said that you don't know Reon, but this girl says otherwise?" The man said to me. Now looking at him, he was a really tall guy. Much taller than Reon is and is wearing the almost the same clothing that Reon had before.

"Well, if you could have just asked if I know Reon or not, then I would have answered you simply. But you asked if I saw a man with a long black hair right?" I saw how the girl, which I think was Red and Ly shocked from what I said to the man.

The girl with the pink dress smiled like he was amused on what I said. Was that really amusing? "I like this guy Gate, he really does have some wit with him." So this guy is Gate? Now Reon can go home.

"If you are looking for Reon, he's at home selling the food he makes." I told him. I literally saw Ly's mouth dropped from what I said. "What?"

"Dude! You just dropped Reon! Why'd you do that!?" He shouted at me and I just rolled my eyes.

"Look, you said if I wanted to continue my normal life with my fish then I should just get rid of Reon right?"

"You are too amusing kid, what your name?" The Gate guy asked me. Am I really that amusing? So I told him what he knows.

"So I answered all your questions, just let me eat." And I faced my food not minding about the eyes of shock from my two classmates and amusement from this two strangers. But as soon as I grabbed my food, this Gate guy grabbed my arm and I felt like he was going to take me somewhere and out of reflex, I was able to grab Ly's hand.

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Our Book of Life

-- Noah's POV ---

"So you are the three that Gate brought here huh?" The woman said to us while flipping her hands on the air and in response, the books just flip their pages and some are flying back into the shelves. How does her mind do all that?

"Uh, obviously?" I said to her. And I saw her look at me monotonously. I feel someone hitting my sides and I looked to saw Ly wanted to say something.

"Hey, she is dangerous, I can feel it. Better not make her angry." He said to me on which I just nodded. I mean, what Ly is saying is that we might not get over something her magic in case she wants our butts kicked.

"I like this attitude of this boy." The woman said and she waved her hands towards the what-seemed-to-be-scouts and they went out of the room and closed the door. She walked towards us. "What's your name?" She asked me while looking straight at my eyes. She's taller than I expected. But not taller than Reon.

"My name is Noel." I said to her and tapped the hands of my companions with my fingers to let them know. I hope they get the message. And the woman in front of us looked to my friends.

"G-good evening madam, my name is Sky." Red said to Zeth after a quick glimpse up and then she bowered her head again. Good, they got my message. And it's Ly's turn now.

"Leon." Ly said in a reserved manner but the fear and anxiousness can be felt. I guess, we all are human.

And the Zeth girl just smiled at us. "Well, nice to meet you Noel, Sky and Leon." And she walked back to her previous place. "Now, I wanted to know the real names of the people in fron of me." She said to us while smiling at us. This is bad. I guess we have no choice.

"My name is Noah and this girl here is Red and this guy is Ly" After that I sighed on which I saw a genuine smile from this girl. Man, she is scary. "So, what do you want from us?"

"I only want you boy, your friends wasn't supposed to be here in the first place. They were just caught up in this." She simply said to us.

"Hey, what do you mean caught up in this!?" Ly asked her in a mannered tone but you can see in his face that he was angry and will blow up any minute. An emotion you don't often see on this boy.

"Your names weren't on this boy's life journal when he came into this world." And she snapped her fingers on the air again and a book flew out on the shelves and came into us. It opened and showed a page on which new words are appearing. Honestly, I am weirding out right now, I know this is a different world, but to think and see that the words that are here are the same exact alphabet that we are using.

And is says here that I should be reading the book alone and no records of Red and Ly was here. "So what is the meaning of this?" Ly asked her.

"Basically, you weren't suppose to live in this world. So, when Gate returns, I'll send you guys over to your original world." Zeth said and with a snap again, the book closed gently and slowly returned to its repsective shelve. 

"That book is Noah's life."

"Wait, why do Noah have something like that?" Ly asked her.

"That is because, ever since he was born, he was suppose to have an impact on this world. And everyone that should, could and would have a connection on this world has their own record." She explained to us slowly. "Basically, every living being here on this world, has their own story. The insects, the animals and even the tree has their own record." She stopped and waved her hands and all the books flew to the shelves. "I hold the record of every being here on this world. Elves, dragon kinds and even the deamons on the far plane, I hold their life's record."

"So basically you are like a librarian of life?" I said to her. She just giggled.

"You call me that." She said.

"But what a lousy librarian you are if you can't even find the book of this two." And her face turned sour.

"What do you mean?"

"what I mean is that, if you hold the record of all the person that has a connection in this world, then this two should have at least one book. They are connected to me and that makes them connected in this world too." I raised my eyebrow, "Isn't that suppose to be right?"

"You. . . . Are actually witty for someone your age Noah." She said to me. But I don't know if it is a praise or what. "And you have a point. But I don't make the rules. The one who makes that decision is the essence of Life and Death." She said to us and while on it, her face turned sad. I wonder how quickly she can change her emotion? Strange. "But we are not in good terms with the holder of the essence.

"So we have to leave Noah here?" Red finally spoke, but it was a question that skipped my mind.

"What? You crazy woman? How can I leave my best friend here with all this magic and stuff?" Ly reacted with that. But it made me glad to know that someone really does care for me. Even though I usually act cold towards him.

"Now, now kids, let us all calm down and we can sort this one out ok?" She said to us but I am not sure that she'll just let me go.

"Fine. So, can we take a seat or something?" Ly said to her and on which she just remembered that we are standing this whole time. She apologized to us and with a wave of her hand again, the books were stacked to be a chair. This is not comfortable you know. What hospitality.

"So, what do you plan now Noah?" She asked me.

"I just want the three of us to go back home."

"But we can't do that to you. Your life is in danger."

"Then you can expect no help from me."

"But we don't need your help." Well, that made me burn. What am I thinking? "We need to protect you."

"Protect from what?" Ly asked the question that was bugging me when she said that they don't need my help. This is a rather cliche line or a little of at that. But I guess this is something new for me.

"Protection against my father." She said a little embarrased and sad.

"We don't want to be inlvove on your father-daugther affairs." I said to her with a little irritation. I mean, why would I be dragged on this situation? I don't have anything to do with this one.

"But you are already involve the moment you were born."


"I don't know, it's just, that is how your life is suppose to be."

"I don't f*cking care about how my life is supposed to be. I want to create my own life and not how your books say so.." I said to her. I don't know how it came out. I am angry or, what, I just know that I am calm at that time.

"And if Noah is going to stay here, so do we." Ly said which made me and Red shocked.

"We are?" The girl on my side said.

"We are and that is final. As Noah's friend, isn't it right to join him and face his hardship together?" Ly said to her.

"What are you crazy? First of all, we don't belong here, second, we just got dragged here. Third, we are not invlove here, fourth, Noah said that he doesn't want this and fifth, how about our parents?"

Noah's expression dropped. This is trouble. "Noah and I doesn't have one. Long story short, we don't have someone to return to. Well, except for Ly's anime and my fish sanctuary."

"But, I do." Red then burst into tears on which I know she was holding on for some time now.

"So you don't want to go to your home." Zeth asked Ly on which he just nodded without energy and she sighed. "And Red wants to go home is that right?" And while still sobbing, she just nodded too. "Good thing, Gate will be here any moment and we just have to wait ok?" And she approached Red and hugged her. "I am sorry dear to put you through so much. Now follow me and I'll make the preparation for you to go home."

And they left without saying a word to me or to Ly. I looked at Ly who is still on a daze remembering his parents. As Ly confessed to me before, he was actually been abused so much by his father that he actually wanted to kill him but he couldn't. "Hey bro, don't mind it." I smiled at him on which I rarely do for other people except for my best friend Ly. He smiled at me on return but in a little sad tone.

"Hey, you know, living with you on this new world might be a good decision." What is Ly saying out of the blue?

"What do you mean?"

"What I mean is that, with all these magic and stuff can be a good experience for the both of us."

"I see. this is kind of cliche though. Meeting a stranger from another world, then being sucked into this world with all the fantasy stuff and all. This is so getting old." I said to him finally.

"Is that so?" And he just made then poker face which made me irritated a little. Sometimes, I can't understand Ly sometimes. Well, not complaining, he oftern says that he doesn't understand mine either. "So, how about you take her offer to lend a help and I will help you the best I can?" He offered me a suggestion on which I didn't like. "Hey come on, it'll be fun." And he showed his smile again.

"The risks are too great for me."

"Think of this as a business."

"But this is reality, life and death."

"So was our old world." And he accepted things pretty fast. But it was true, our world was dangerous as it stands now. Corrupted priests, politicians and people fight over a small thing. Specially taxes. "So what do you say Noah?"

Before I could speak, I felth a tingling sensation at the back of my neck. It was cold and it crept down my spine. Is this what they call fear? True fear? It was like an Ice slowly but surely coursing through the very bones of my spines and I can feel the very strands of my hair in my body went up as the fear gets into my brain.

"Hey bro, what's wrong? You look pale."

And then, I looked at Ly and I saw my own reflection on his eye. I was turning really pale and was like a frozen man from the fear that I am feeling at the very moment.

A moment later, a blast of white came out of nowhere and All I can hear was deafing silent.


I woke up and everything was a little white, but I can definitely see flames everywhere, it was like a ruined place and fires everywhere. Some of those came from the book. As my eye moved around, slowly, I can feel pain throbbing in my head. And as the pain continues, it appeared on each side of my body. My arms, my feet, my chest. It was all hurting. I looked at my hands and it was all intact but some are caught on the fire and the pain was searing through.

I felt waters swelling up on my eyes as the pain gets worse and my heart beats irregularly fast. I looked around I saw Ly lying on the ground. Some of the rubbles on his body. He was just lying down there. Not moving.

I tried to say his name, but the dryness on my throat and the pain in my heads overpowers my speech and I can't hear anything coming out of my mouth. And then, I saw blood creeping towards me slowly from his head.

As I saw the red liquid slowly marching on towards me, all the pain suddenly vanished. But my heart fast beating turned real fast. And I slowly loose conciosness again.


I can hear people speaking but I can't comprehend what they are saying.

"He. . . . . . . Coming. . . . . . . . up." I tried opening my eyes, but I can't seem to open them correctly. But I know I am not blind, I can still see the light through the skin of my eyes and some irregular shadow like things moving.

"Hey. . . . . . . Ok?" I can't hear them correctly, but are they asking me that I am ok? I tried to move my head like I was nodding. And while doing that, I tried opening my eyes.

I finally opened my eyes and the first light I saw wasn't white like I see on shows and movies, but rather a dull orange and red coloring. Like it was wood and fire at the same time. And I am not wrong. It was a wooden cieling and the smell is like what I thought. Burning mahogany wood. What a waste.

"Hey, Kid? Are you ok?" A man asked me. I looked towards the voice and I saw the older guard from before. "Call Mistress Zeth and Sir Saleh now." The guard looked towards the other direction and when I turned my eyes on there, I saw a different man now.

"Where am I?" I asked him after trying to fight the dryness on my mouth.

"First, drink this to make you better." He handed me this vial with white colored liquid on it. Surely it wasn't water but. "Don't worry, it's not poison. It's a potion of potent ingredients. It'll make you feel better and heal your wound quickly." And without second thoughts, I grabbed the vial and make huge gulps of the wierd tea and berry like taste white liquid.

It was only seconds when my parched throat becomes wet again and parts of my body is itching. "Don't scratch the itch if you wanted to make your skin pear white as it is." The guard said to me. I was tempted to but if I didn't want to.

And then, I remembered something important. "Where are my friends!"

The guard was silent for a little and then he said, "Someone will say that to you as I have no knowledge of their condition." After saying that, the guard went outside but as soon as he gets out, Zeth and another man in robes came in the room.

"My name is Saleh." He introduced himself right away. He doesn't seem the type of person you mess with either. And from the looks of it, he must also be a wizard or a warlock.

"this boy catches on pretty quickly." Another man came in the room, but unlike the Zeth girl and the Saleh guy, this one had only a slightly fitted clothing almost like how Reon'c clothing when I first saw him. "And he already met with my student!" What? Great, a mind reader.

The Saleh dude just looked at the mind reader guy and took a chair beside me. "I'll cast a spell on you to make you feel even more better ok?" He said to me and he lifted his arms on my forehead and a very warm sensation entered my body and slowly, all my stregnth has been returned to me.

"Thanks." I said to him and he smiled at me. Funny, I thought this was a type of person who won't smile too oftern? "By the way, where are my friends?" I looked straight at this dude's eyes and from my peripheral vision, I saw Zeth made a quick sad face. I see. And my tears fell quickly than I thought.

"They are in a comma right now. There are few ways to save them, but since they are not a life from this world, I fear that most of the cures or way to save them won't work." Saleh explained to me.

I looked at the mind reader and hopefully he gets what I mean or at least be able to know what I am thinking. He also looked at me amazed. He walked towards Saleh, "Saleh, can you teleport me at Port Decol? I have a mission there that needs to be attended." And without question, Saleh raised his arm a book flew out of his robe and from the book, a paper came out and when it landed on the floor, the area where the mind reader was standing on glowed white and he vanished. Good.

"In percentage, how many is the chances will fail?" I asked Saleh

"Why you ask?" He said to me.

"I'll save them."

"Can you?" Zeth then asked me like she was curious on how so I nodded firmly.

"Ninety eight percent of the ways will fail." The numbers are high. So there is only two percent at most that I can save them. Not bad, at least I can still save them.

"So what are those two percent that can save them?" The looked at each other. Zeth's face turned dark the moment those came out of my mouth.

"Boy, do you know what you want to do." She said to me on this cold tone.

"Sacrifices are needed to do something like waking them up right?" That was easy to read.

"The ways are you can be a necromancer and wake their body to the undead; acquire a deamon sword and bindit to your contract to be able to make the souls of your friends into it's doll; turn them into a summon beings but they won't have a particular power; turn them into a vampire; or worse Froze them in crystals while you wait for them to be a part of this world."

All them needed huge sacrifices. Turn them into a summon being can be good, but is that how they like it? Specially Red? Wait, turn them into a summon while not turning them into a monster or binding them to my will. I guess there is a way.

"I want to be a an essence or Guardian." The two of them looked shocked.

"How do you know that one?" Zeth asked me and she made a book appeared on thin air and started flipping the book, she was still looking when Saleh asked me.

"Are you crazy? That is scuicide!"

"Sacrifices are made to save lives." I simple said to him. "Now how do I become one? or at least be a spirit?" I asked them one more time.

"I see, so you intend to save your friends by sacrificing a great deal of  chunk of your life?" Saleh said to me. I nodded, he sighed. 

"There was a few being in this world that also doesn't have a book of life of their own, but upon turning into a spirit, they became a part of the world at that moment. I want to use that."

"That is true. but. can you make it to the challenge? To be a vessel, you needed to remove your own soul or emotion and be an empty shell so that an element can enter your body and form a contract with them." Zeth explained to me.

"I am ready to make sacrifices, I just want my friends back and make out own book of life."


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Reversing Sands

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