Sex With My Ex 2


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They walked behind a storage unit craving each other, once out of sight he pushes her against the wall and kisses her roughly running his hands down her body to her jeans. He unbuttons her jeans and slides his hand down her panties and she spreads her legs a little. He pushes a finger into her making her moan a little, he fingers her tight pussy a bit then kisses her as he slides his finger to her clit rubbing it which makes her legs shake. 

 His teasing of her dripping wet pussy makes her wetter and hornier, she pulls out his massive dick and starts rubbing the tip teasing him as much as he's teasing her. He pulls her pants and panties down to the ground and as he's down on the ground he spreads her legs a bit wider and he pushes his finger in her pussy again as he sucks her clit, she moans in response wishing he would just screw her already, the teasing was getting too much she wanted his massive dick thrusting into her now but he kept teasing. He stands up and kisses her again, as he kisses her she pulls his hair. He digs his fingers into her sides and bites her lip while his body pushes against her so his dick is in between her pussy lips rubbing against her clit and pussy making her want him inside her more. 

 She pulls his hair again watching his face this time, he closes his eyes and bites his lips and pulls her closer digging his fingers into her harder letting out a little moan. She pulls his hair again and gets the same reaction except this time he grabs her and practically throws her on the ground and gets on top of her and starts fucking her like he's angry at her, harder and harder he thrusts into her saying "Have you learned your lesson? Hmm" her moans almost turn to screams. "You see what happens when you tease me like that?" He moans thrusting harder and harder as she digs her nails into his back. "Have you learned your lesson?? Hmm have you?" He moans into her ear. "Yes" she moans back "Hmm?" He moans. "YESS!!" She screams as he goes faster. 

 Like a broken record she keeps screaming yes the harder and faster he goes. "You want me to cum?" He asks slowing down a bit. "Yess" and she crushes her lips against his and he thrusts into her as deep as he can and she pulls his hair again and he lets out a little moan as he bites his lip and squirts out all of his cum inside her making her moan a little as she feels some of it dripping out of her pussy and down to her ass. He pulls out of her which makes her gasp a little and he stands up and helps her up. As she tries to walk he says "Damn, I didn't think I went that hard, you can barely walk... Have fun explaining that to your mother".

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