Sex With My Ex 3


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 He picks her up and pushes her against the wall and runs a hand up her skirt pushing her panties aside feeling how wet her pussy is. He smiles and kisses her then kisses her neck and slowly licks up her neck making her arch her back and let out a little moan. He drops his pants and starts stroking his dick then rubs the tip against her pussy, lightly pushing in a little, teasing her and making her bite her lip. He bites her neck hard making her moan a bit. 

 He pulls her down a little forcing the tip of his dick into her making her legs shake a little and spread apart a little more than they already were. He starts screwing her with the tip and she moans practically begging for more, wanting him to just thrust into her and make her cum, make her orgasm multiple times. She tries to push herself down to make more of his dick go into her but he holds her up steady against the wall. 

 He bites her neck and pulls her hair making her moan, suddenly he pushes into her making her gasp and moan at the same time. He moves her up and down screwing her as she makes out with him with such turned on pleasure. She moves her focus to his neck, kissing it then she bites his neck and pulls his hair at the same time making him almost drop her. 

 He carefully holds on to her and gets on the floor with his dick still inside her. He lays down and she smiles and raises up far enough so his dick slides out of her dripping wet with her juices. She moves down and glances up at him with almost an innocent face as she puts his dick into her mouth, sucking the tip first then sliding it in her mouth trying to fit it all in, gaging herself from how massive his dick is. She breathes out forcing his dick further into her mouth until finally she's deepthroating it. She glances up at him while sucking him off and sees him close his eyes and throw his head back in pleasure. He grabs her head and pushes it down so his dick is completely in her mouth all the way then she pulls back sliding to the tip of his dick when he forces her head down and raises his hips up a bit then down slowly fucking her mouth at first then he starts going faster making her glance up at him and see the pleasure on his face as he goes a little faster making her choke a bit. 

 He slows down when he's close to cumming and she pulls away making him want to cum so bad but she tells him "Not yet". She gets back on top of him and pushes his dick into her pussy and starts riding him fast and hard until he moans that he's going to cum. She rides him faster and pushes him deeper into her making his body shake a little before he cums. She gets off of his dick and puts his dick between her ( 38 D ) breasts and titty fucks him until his dick practically explodes with cum all over her breasts making him moan loudly from his intense orgasm and cum explosion. 

 She licks his cum covered dick clean and he pulls his dick from between her breasts when she finishes. He kisses her and looks down at her chest and licks his own cum off her chest and sucks her breasts giving her hickeys. When he's done he lays her down on her back and he rubs one of her breasts and squeezes it a little making her moan a little then his other hand slowly runs down her body and between her legs rubbing her clit watching her spread her legs wider as he pushes a finger into her and she lets out a moan. He smiles and kisses her lips while pulling his finger out if her pussy and rubbing her cum all over her clit. He rubs her clit faster and starts making out with her and with his other hand he stops rubbing her breast and holds her neck and face while making out with her while rubbing her clit faster. She moans in his mouth as she approaches her orgasm feeling that amazing tingling feeling. 

 "I'm so close to an orgasm" she moans and he rubs faster then stops and moves down to her pussy and starts eating her out as she starts to orgasm and she cries out his name as he sucks her clit and fingers her during her orgasm. When she finishes he kisses her again then rolls over onto his back and grabs a cigarette and lights it up looking proud of himself. 

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