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Editing Your Resume To Get Your Dream Job


If you really want to get your dream job, the first step in doing this is editing your resume and making sure you get resume help the way you need it. You probably haven’t edited your resume in a while, and even if you have, the most people usually add to or edit their resume with is their job history. You might edit the dates of your most recent employment or add a new job to your list of work history, but besides that, you haven’t done much. Here’s how you can edit your resume the right way in order to land your dream job.

#1 - Look at your resume from their point of view.

You want to put yourself in the employer’s shoes and think about the point of view of the HR director, the HR employee, the manager, the trainer, and the CEO. Any one of these people and sometimes all of them will be viewing your resume. You want to think about what they will be thinking when they see your resume. What have you included in your resume that will make them want to hire you? What have you done that makes them say, “This is they guy or girl we NEED to hire”?

When you put yourself in the shoes of the person hiring you, a lot on your resume might then stand out to you. What makes you special? Think about what you can edit and what you can add to your resume (and sometimes what you can get rid of entirely) that will make your resume not just another resume. You want them to believe in you before they even meet you. You want to give them those reasons to bring you in and interview you and take you through the next steps of the application process.

#2 - Add extras that other applicants won’t have.

What have you done that every other applicant hasn’t? If you can’t think of anything, you are going to have a very hard time landing your dream job, let alone finding a job at all. You want to have extra additional skills, job experience, training, certifications - ANYTHING that puts you a step above the rest.

If you don’t have anything that makes you extra special, go out and do it or get it before you apply. Spend the time to get that certification. Go above and beyond to go through extra training. Take the lower paying job that gives you a more relevant and enticing title. Get more skills that you can list to make you seem like the right choice. You want to be able to add things to your resume that make it seem like you are better than your fellow applicants. Just make sure when they bring you in for an interview and eventually hire you that you can deliver on what you’ve said you can deliver on.

#3 - Highlight what makes you better than the rest.

Most of all, what this all sums up to is highlighting what makes you better than the rest. When you’ve gone out of your way to do what it takes to do your dream job more successfully, make sure you include it, because it goes a long way with potential employers and gives them a reason to hire you. You want the employer to look at a pile of twenty resumes and put yours in their short-list. When they are making that decision of who to bring on to the next step of the process, you want to do whatever you can to make sure you are a part of that list.

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