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The Best Gifts

 With a 7-year-old, a 5-year-old, and now a  one week old, the Park house was hardly ever quiet. To Adam that was just fine, his kids were his life aside from their mother. His loving husband Tommy, born with a rare condition allowing him to carry and birth their children. A Shock and blessing they discovered just after graduation nearly eight years ago.

"Di. . . Did you know you could?" Adam had asked trying to come to grips with his boyfriend's news.

"It wasn’t supposed to work." Tommy had answered as he felt tears sting his eyes. . . Damn hormones

"Hey come on, You think I wouldn't care for both of you?" Adam suggested pulling Tommy into his arms, it hurt to see Tommy this scared so Adam offered a few words of comfort. "I love you," he said his hand resting on Tommy's stomach, as he added, "I will love you too." 

One morning while living in Boston, Tommy woke up in labor, possibly started sometime in the early morning hours. Later that afternoon, their eldest Emily Rose Park had been born. It was one of Adam's favorite memories. The two of them laying in Tommy's hospital bed, little Emily asleep against Tommy's chest.

"Well, this wasn't how I planned to spend your birthday." Tommy had admitted later that evening. Adam only chuckled and cuddled him closer pressing a kiss to his temple as he stared "Someone just wanted to join us." the little girl gave a yawn in agreement Tommy only chuckled gently adding "And what could be more perfect than this?" Adam's response lingered in his mind as he and Tommy lay in a comfortable silence for several minutes. Today he was 19 years old, and the step he wanted to take . . . was he too young for this? Many would argue he was too young for fatherhood but Adam knew really there was no right age for either children or marriage.

"You asked What could be perfect than our daughter?" Adam was nervous as Tommy looked at him to finish "You becoming my husband. Thomas Arthur Oliver, Will you marry me?" He asked  "Yes" was all Tommy could say. Adam pulling him in for a kiss and wiping away a few stray tears. He gave Tommy the ring the next day when they took Emily home.

While many would have taken a few years to allow Tommy finish school the two knew exactly, what they wanted and where they wanted it. The park they spent years at together, surrounded by just family and friends, little Emily was their flower girl. The two and a half year old often adding in her own comments, with little words making everyone laugh. It would be later that evening, while Emily would spend a few days with her grandparents and Uncle David, Tommy and Adam had a small honeymoon at Big Bear Lake, Tommy would give Adam some news.

"You know I've been thinking about cutting my hair," Tommy commented as they settled into their cabin they had chosen right before Tommy went on summer break. The statement struck Adam as odd when he finally took the bait asking "Why? It's beautiful long."

Feeling his cheeks turn red Tommy admitted "Because Emily drove me crazy pulling at it all the time when she was a baby. . . And I kind of want to avoid that with the new baby." Tommy couldn't help but laugh at the awestruck look on Adam's face as the pieces fell into place of what he'd just been told. "You're pregnant? When did you find out." Adam said wrapping his arms around his new husband pressing a kiss to his shoulder.

"A few days ago, I wanted to wait until the time was right, we can tell everyone else after we get back," Tommy said smiling as Adam's hand rested on the low of his belly, where their future addition nested. Adam moved from behind him as he took his hand guiding him over to the bed for their stay. A few kisses and he had Tommy exactly where he wanted him lying on the bed, he slowly began to unbutton Tommy's shirt from the wedding, pressing kisses to his skin in between the buttons.

Down to the pants, he unbuttoned them opening them slightly pressing a kiss to where their baby was and said softly. " you are more loved that you will ever know."

Three weeks early, their son Cody Samuel Park proved to be the perfect Christmas present. Once Cody was born the two had said enough, they had a son and a daughter, one each. For the next few years, the idea seemed to work. Adam opened a Dojo while Tommy worked for one his professors at MIT Anton Mercer. Adam had no problem keeping the kids during the week while Tommy worked offshore on an island only a few miles out from their new home in Reedside.

It was only four months in when an experiment went awry, causing an explosion, the brush with death gave Tommy a chance to reflect and wonder if maybe he had said 'no more' too soon. He and Adam were only 26 years old. The request for more children took Adam by surprise.

"I thought you only wanted two, what changed your mind?" he asked the evenings the two were in their bedroom preparing to turn in one evening. Adam walking up behind Tommy, a light touch to his arm was a warning so he wouldn't be startled when he wrapped his arms around Tommy's bare waist and pressed a kiss to his bare shoulder.  "It had been on my mind off and on, the accident on the island made me take a different look at life. It made me cherish you and the kids, and then I thought about another one or two to cherish."

Adam only smiled at the memory as tiny whines came from the bassinet down the hall. Walking into the hallway he heard the whines soften and the sound of soft hushings. Stopping at the doorway Adam found Tommy sitting on the edge of their shared bed with their son in his arms. His whines almost instantly silenced, Adam watched on as Tommy lay back down on his side, moving to Adam’s side of the bed and laying the baby in the middle, between two pillows, even though there was no risk to him falling.

“Ian,” Tommy said softly as he stroked his cheek then tenderly pressed a kiss to his head. Ian Thomas Park born June 7th, 6 pounds 4 ounces, and born with the same chromosomal mutation as Tommy.

Instead of being born with the normal XY chromosomes like Cody and Adam, both Tommy and Ian were born with an X inverted into the Y. A newly discovered form of Hermaphroditism, It hadn't yet been given a name due to the testing and studies still being done.

Slipping his arm underneath one of the pillows, he felt sleep drawing him back in as he watches Ian do the same with a yawn. Almost gone, Tommy woke to feel a shift to the bed. Looking next to him He smiled to find Adam lying with them.

“We probably shouldn't be doing this” Adam said often loving the soft laugh from his spouse. “And how many times did we do this with Cody and Em?” Tommy remarked Adam only smiling  answering “especially when they were sick!” Tommy giving an audible laugh that made Ian jump. Tommy and Adam froze watching him for few moments only to realize that he was back to sleep.

Tommy again reached out stroking the newborn's cheek as he softly spoke. “He’s so beautiful”

“So are you” Adam countered leaning over his son to press a kiss to Tommy’s forehead.  Looked up only smiling as he was met for a kiss. A content sigh escaped Tommy as he settled back against his pillow, and fought to stay awake.

"We've had a lot of things happen on special days haven't we?" Adam asked enjoying the sleep smile and the groggy voice "You started it, by asking me out on 18th Birthday. To tell you the truth that had to be the best present I had ever gotten."

"And look the amazing gifts you've given me in return," Adam said watching his eyes close as he went back to sleep.

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