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 I duck my head, avoiding your blue eyes. We haven't talked to eachother in months. We may never talk again. I can't even bring myself to look at you... Your stunning blonde hair, your cheeky grin, your mischievous eyes... No. Your not mine. Truth be told I miss you. But why would you miss me.

Dad dropped me and my sister off early because it was my sisters club. I said my farewell to her and started walking to my school. I pull my headphones and my phone out of my blue backpack and started listening to a playlist. As I came around a corner, my head looking at my feet, two strong hands grab my shoulders, bringing me to my knees. One hand blocks my mouth, the other holds me down. I struggle to get free, but it's no use. He's too strong. Another man appears holding a cloth. I wriggle and squirm but the first man's hands are pinning me to the ground. He moves his hand. The second guy quickly pulls the cloth over my mouth. I hold my breath. Not long enough. I gasp for air. The last thing I see is the first man falling to the ground, then everything goes black.

I wake up. My head is pounding. My legs ache. My stomach is in knots. What happened? Where am I? I'm too weak to get to my feet. Then I hear it. Footsteps. The door opens a fraction. I expect one of the men who pinned me to the concrete to peek his head through, checking if I'm awake. But this guy has a black eye and seems to be making as little noise as possible. I scan his face. He looks worried. Suddenly, my energy disappears and I'm back where I started, unconscious.

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 "Is she awake yet?" 

"No boss"

"Who's the boy?"

"He interfered sir"

"Put them in the same room, it will be easier to keep an eye on them"

"Yes boss"

Feet shuffle. Doors groan. I'm awake, but my eyes are closed. I heard their whole conversation. I am to be moved into her room? When I punched the man that was holding her down, I didn't think to look at who she was. But I didn't have time when the second man punched me and knocked me out. All I remember is, I knew her. She was special. But now, I can't remember why... 

The door to my room opens, I jump to my feet. A tall man with beady eyes grabs my arm. I brush my blonde hair out of my eyes. He pulls me out into a narrow corridor. I had already been down here before,  to see if she was alright. She had looked at me with confusion, and the fell back unconscious onto the mattress that the men here called 'a bed'. 

I'm led through a set of doors into a dark room. No windows. I see they put another mattress in here for me, right next to hers. I look at her in curiosity. I know her! But how? I notice she has cuts down her arms and legs, a cut on her lip and a black eye. I guess she put up quite a fight. The man grasping my arm knocks me down on my mattress. The room goes black as they close the door and leave us. 

I drift to sleep.

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 I hear noises, I just don't see them. I can't move. Something touches my arm, brushing my jawline. I can hear whatever's in my room, but I can't see it. Most of the time I'm just unconscious. I think I have a fever. My head is boiling. Who was the boy I had seen? I guess I'll find out when I wake up. If I wake up... I miss my sister, my mum and dad, and of course I miss you. I think my memory has been busted around. I forgot what you looked like. 

I hear shouting, loud shouting.

"Where is she?!"

"I don't know what your talking about."

"We know you have her!" 

"Search the place then"

It was the police. They wouldn't find me here. I'm hidden in a room in the wall, crazy right? If I could I would scream and shout so they could hear me, but I haven't the strength to give such a commotion. I hear a moan beside me. I open my weary eyes and let off a painful groan. I hear shuffling and springs of a mattress. I turn my head. It was the boy I had seen earlier. He looked what I felt. I mumble two single words... "Help me" I'm terribly weak. The lack of water is not helping my recovery. I need his help.

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