Heart Break


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You were my ideal of perfect.

you took my heart then it was time to play find the key and open away door after door knocking down every wall till eventually the last where the worst had come out you took the piece of my heart and ran away leaving it slowly cracking and it hasn't even been a day you told me lies to make me feel okay but the truth is I love you anyway. Cracking and cracking the first breakdown starts my heart is in shock and that's how it starts finally the day is over so I go to rest my head but the pictures of you remind me of death I bite my tongue to hold it back the flood that was about to turn my life black I struggle for breath as each tear brings the water high where I will take my final breathe. 

I agree I am strong and I shall not drown but the pain you have caused I thought could not be found I try to stay calm but I sit in the dark, blank as each tear rolls down leaving a scar that I shall hide with makeup and a smile. 

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