The Investigation


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The Investigation

When one body is found dead chopped up in the middle of the field it starts to create drama with in the little town of Glenwood Spring, Colorado. Here there isn't many people, maybe ten thousand people at most. For some that may be a lot of people but compared to other places it's not. Glenwood Spring is between the mountains in the center of Colorado and the desert area to the west. Its peaceful here, not many people to disturb you. We get visitors occasionally during the summer but other than that, its just us.

When a murder happens it spreads quickly, but when a serial killer is on the loose and leaves four bodies behind, you call and contact everyone in the United States. That's how my story started just one evening everything decided to changed..

Everything is calm and peaceful, the birds are chirping happily out in my backyard. One thing about having the forest as your backyard is that you hear wildlife louder than your TV at volume twenty-five. Sitting on my couch just watching some good old Criminal Minds as the sun goes down outside. I live with my roommate Tennsa, our dog Fell and cat Nina. She typically works late nights at the five star restaurant in the city and comes home at eight and sometimes even midnight, it all just depends on the day and time. Sitting on our leather couch cuddled in a blanket watching a movie with Fell when all of a sudden loud sirens start to ring outside in the distance. They sounded close but I just assumed that they are here for the neighbors or looking for someone close by.

Louder and louder the sirens got, its as if they are coming up my driveway closer and closer. Getting up off the couch, I quickly went to my front door and opened it harshly. Full force came with opening the door. A gust of wind rushed over me and into my house. I stepped outside and watched as but not one but four cop cars came up my driveway stopping right outside my house. They all came in on an angle,stopping in a rush.

Thoughts came pounding through my head. I was freaking out. What did I do? Did I break the law that needed four cop cars? Was I drunk and driving and hit someone which killed them?

"Miss Quinlan?" A deep voice spoke interrupting my thoughts.

"This is she, may I ask what I did wrong that needs four cop cars at eight o'clock at night?"

"We need you to come with us to the station, don't worry you are not under arrest we just need to talk with you." The man replied

"So you needed four freaking cop cars to ask me to come to the station?" I snapped.

The officer's face went blank.It seemed as if I had shocked him, surprised him even. Today is just going strange, with everything I do or say. Either something slips from my mouth or the person is just shocked and doesn't know what to say. While the guy just stands there speechless I inhale the cold December air.

"Listen here, its fucking confusing and I don't have the patience and or time to explain it all, ask Liam." The officer snapped back.

With that he turned on his heel and walked back his car and got. I did as I was told, sorta. Turning on my heel which wasn't the best idea concerning I was barefoot on wood. Once I got inside i decided to put Fell in my room, Nina in Tennsa's room and wrote a quick note in which I placed on our coffee table letting her know where I would be incase she came back before me. I switched every light off but a few, grabbed my phone, shoes, coat, and car keys. After that I headed out the door to be greeted with a different police officer. He looked around my age if not older. Tall maybe 6'3? He had light to medium red hair and light grey eyes. His face screamed happy, but the rest of his body told a different story.

"Where do you think your going with those key's?" He asked questionly.

"My car? Where else would I be going?"

"Not gonna happen. You're coming with me."

After saying "me" he swiped my car keys out of my hand and started at a dead sprint over to a cop car where he opened the door and gets inside. Once he is inside everyone else turns on their engine on, leaving me no choice but to follow and get inside. A cop truck pulled out in front of us, then it was our turn and then the rest followed behind. Its a long line of vehicles, almost like they were escorting someone, which I guess in a way they were and the lovely victim getting escorted happened to be me

"Since I am far away from my car, can I please have my keys back?" My voice rang out lazily

"If you mean eight minutes away from your car is far."

"Can I just have my keys back? Its not like I am gonna jump out and run all the way back to my car just to come all the way back this way."

"Fine, but there is really still no way to tell. I mean for all I know you could control me just like you did the murders." He spoke as if I knew everything or understood it all.

"Wait..what are you talking about? What murders?"

"Come on Avery you of all people should know what is going on."

"What am I supposed to know and how do you know my first name and that other creepy dude knows my last name yet I have no clue in the world who both you guys are?"

Everything is turning now. Random cops show up at my door and ask me to come with them to add on to the random cops they decided that four of them should come and escort me back to the station. Then to add to the situation the so called freaky cops know both my first and last name and I dont even know there's. Then along the road to add to the station I found out that some how I am controlling murders.

"I'm guessing your confused, just with your mother..she knew already so I just assumed you did too."

"Well I don’t know. Me and my mother were never close, she just..pushed me away."

"Avery at that time your mother didn't want to give you the curse, so she thought by staying as far away from you as possible it would help but clearly it didn’t." His words just floated in the air. Its as if it was painful to even speak about it but i saw in no way of how it could be hard.

"If anything will you please just tell me what is going on and what this curse is?"

"As much as i want to tell you, I can't, i am not assigned to tell you about it but don't worry as soon as were safe and away from such a public place more will come revealed to you. Oh and my name is Liam."

When he spoke his name it was as if i had know him before. Liam spoke in a sarcastic voice like i was asking a dumb question. Well i guess in his view he already knew everything about me which is pretty creepy. Getting lost in my thought is a common thing for me. Even when i do not try to i do. Every person on this earth is born with something, some have disabilities, getting easily lost in thought or anything really. There is no way to stop anything in this world...

"And were here. Not to bad of a drive right?" Liam joked

"Does this mean I get to find everything out now? Meaning what this major secret curse is or something." I half way joked

"As I said before, I am not the person to tell you anything as much as I want to.. But there is someone who can. There are only a few people that are assigned to tell you everything. Things about your past, your future, and more importantly what you need to do to stop everything from happening." Liam spoke soothingly

"Stop from happening? You mean the murders"

Liam didn't respond. His eyes drifted off into the dark night which engulfed us all around. It was almost as soon as I asked a question about the murder or the curse, his whole body just shut down and got all depressed. A silence fell upon us. The silence fell quickly after I asked the question. Shifting my weight from foot to foot feeling sorta uncomfortable.

"Avery Qinlin what an honor to finally meet you in person. You know I have heard alot about you from Liam. It was pretty interesting to learn about you, its surprising of how much he know's about you Avery." A random cop dude said stepping up behind me putting a strong grip on my shoulder.

He was around 5'11, with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. He looked to be in his late twenties early thirties maybe. If he was any younger I needed to know what he does to make his hair look like he was a teen or very early twenties. He wore a simple pair of light blue jeans, converses, and a baby blue button down. His whole appearance looked like he was acting younger than who he really is.

I looked over at Liam who seemed like he wanted to crawl inside a hole and stay there until all of this was over. A brush of red was on his cheeks, his eyes were filled with embarrassment but his jaw was clenched tight with anger.

"Ethan knock it off. We both know why the only reason you got the role you did. Avery isn't gonna learn anything with you, so why do you even try? She is smarter than to fall for your player tricks. You better do as your told or Ethel is going to be on your ass faster than anyone else here." Liam spoke in a threatening way.

"Well then, come on Avery lets go chat and fill you in on everything." Ethan spoke angrily through his teeth.

Ethan reached out his right arm and forcefully grabbed my upper arm. His legs started off before the rest of his body did. Everything moved quickly after his legs. Once he was a good three feet in front of me, Ethan's tight grip on my arm started to tighten even more. Me being me, I refused to follow. My feet were standing strong on the ground not moving what so ever. They didn't even move when I tried to make them, it was pretty much the same as going paralyzed and can't move.

"Lets go Avery ." Ethan spoke even more angry than before.

"First off, you don't tell me where to go and second off I am twenty-three, I'm a hundred percent sure that I can walk myself now let go of me!"

The last four word came out more abrupt than I planned to but as soon as they came out Ethan removed his hand. Fast. His arm jetted back quickly. Everyone who was surrounding us near by turned their heads and looked over at me. Liam's face had a giant smirk, just like he was pleased with what had just happened. But that's the question, what did just happen? I could feel the heat rushing into my cheeks when everyone kept staring and pretty much expressionless. Nothing like this has ever happened before, not even when my mother left...

"Come on Avery let me tell you the stuff cause it looks like you can't deal with Ethan either." Liam said with a glare in his eyes as he turned his head to look at Ethan

Liam looked back at me as if approval for me to follow him. I slowly shook my head back forth still trying to cool off from what had just happened. My feet slowly started moving, one after the other.

"Liam Cook, me and you both know that your job isn't to help Avery with her things. Its only to protect and guide her in the right path."

"Ethel, Avery is the only one who can talk to me without freaking out and burning limbs. For all we know she could hold more dangerous power's." Liam snapped at who I am assuming is Ethel

"She hasn't hurt you because you're the only one she knows other than Ethan. Why don't we give her a chance to meet everyone else. For all we know she doesn't even have a clue of who I am. What if she trusts me more? Hmm then what are you going to do? Ethel snapped harshly at Liam

I didn't give anyone a chance to speak. Now it was my turn. Everyone is speaking about me, things are happening that I don't even know how or what they are. And apparently everyone know's who my family is and even who I am, they know more than I have in my whole life. I couldn't stop myself anymore. Everything is all too much for one night, especially that no one is telling me what the heck is going on.

"ENOUGH!!" I blurted out

Its all too much for me to handle. My hands were out in front s me. Even before I knew it. Raised about my hip level, stretched out as if to protect myself from an item flying at me. A white wave came out faster than a gust wing,engulfing me from head to toe. Knocking everyone back a couple of feet. They landed with a big thump. Everything was still, some were laying on the ground barely moving only with their breathing, other's meaning three people, Ethel, Liam, and of course Ethan were barely starting to stand. All four of us were standing there awkwardly, not knowing what to do or even speak. A burning feeling came to me as I realized that tears had formed in my eyes.Quickly snapping my head around just as the first tear fell. Crying isn't my thing, never has, never will. Everything was happening all too quickly it was impossible to handle.

"Avery." Liam whispered in a low voice while putting a hand on my shoulder.

"This is all too much for one night, come I'm taking you home."

Liam was speaking the truth, this is all too much for one night. Even if I did just get here. First the fire then wind. What's next I blow something up or cause something with water? Do I somehow control the elements but no one could tell me? I felt Liam's hand come on my shoulder. It was funny, everyone here is afraid of me and what I can do but not him.After he spoke it was like a spell. Everything started to go blurry, my eyes kept threatening to shut, it was hard to stay stable on my own two feet. The next thing I know is that something cold is touching me. But there is one thing that isn't cold but warm. It was like being trapped, sorta like someone is hugging me and with every sigh out the arms got tighter. Only then did my eyes wander up to meet soft gentle gray-blue eyes and light red hair. A classic smirķ was plastered across his face, his face read happiness like he knew what was happening to me.

"Go to sleep, you're tired and sore." He whispered.

"Only if you promise not to leave me..."

Leave me. Just two simple words can mean so much. So much power,strength and meaning. Hard to say, hard to do but easy to follow. Those words are hardly ever spoken by me. Even my roommate and dogs have never even heard me say them. Liam didn't respond or if he did, I was asleep. To say to a random person "promise not to leave you",there gonna think you're crazy and strange but saying it to a person you met less than an hour ago, just makes it that much stranger. It felt weird, being on the ground engulfed in a hug. Its like being trapped in a tight cell cage.

I laid there still half awake, still half asleep. My body was stuck in the middle. You know in all those movies where you're stuck between two worlds and don't know what to do, ya thats me right now. Attempting to move didn't work well not only did my legs hardly move but Liam would only tighten his grip and whisper in my ear to just sleep and relax. Doing that is just impossible for me. Sleeping while still being partly awake is impossible. Eventually what feels like year later, Liam loosened his grip on me. It was then and only then did I start to doze off.

"Kelly Carson, promise me you'll come back, please."

"Liam, even if I do come back I won't remember you. It will hurt to much." I whispered trying to fight back tears

"Stop implying that you won't come back. You will. You always will. You are going to catch the killer before he catches you. You will be back for me. For us." Liam whispered

It was hard, I couldn't let go of him, I am the fighter fighting the enemy and will win. Liam's hand was cupped to my l cheek, not to light nor too hard.Just, perfect. His gray-blue eyes looked straight into mine and our nooses were touching he whispered..

“Promise me not to leave me, I.."

My eyes snapped open. Quickly surrounding the area I was confused. Was I dreaming, this whole time..? Who is Liam and why did my eyes start to water? Briskly blinking away leftover tears I sat up more. Similar blue bedroom, I have lived in for the past three years. Letting my slowly get out of bed and just hang there felt normal. I remember it all, every little unique detail Writing the note for my roommate, going to the station, the fire, wind all the confused faces. Liam's soft soothing voice that felt more like he put a spell on me, the way his heart filled eyes stared at me. Mosty when he was encaging me in a giant bear hug. How I was on the chilled floor surrounded by many other cops but we just stayed here.. It was the first time I felt happiness in a long time.

"Hey Avery rise and shine! Time to go to work. Hey maybe you'll see that one guy, damn what was his name? Liam? Nathan? Ethan?" Tennsa spoke

"Liam? How do you know him?" I spoke in confusion

"Two ways. One he dropped you off last night and second his is a high chief in our town duh. Now come down and eat."

"Thanks but I think I am gonna skip, not feeling so great." I lied through my teeth

Tennsa didn't respond instead she stuck her tongue out at me just like a two year old would. Whipping her hair around in a full circle and walked away. It was true, everything was true. Just one part doesn't make sense, who is Kelly Carson? Everything with Liam hugging me, me falling asleep in his arms it was all legitimately real. Swiftly I got out of bed and did my typical morning routine that I always do. After selecting my outfit which consisted of dark jegging, a light weight cream colored scarf and a pair of black knee high boots. I was ready to go out. Walking downstairs I quickly surveyed the surrounding area and everything started to go blurry. There was only one thing clear. The phone. I slowly started making my way over there. When my fingers finally wrapped around the phone I let them drift over the keys. Rapidly typing in the numbers to the police station it rang and rang until someone finally answered.

"Hello Chief Key speaking how may I be a assistance to you."

"H..H..Hi, is L..I..A..M.. available?

"I'm sorry miss, who?" Chief Key spoke confused.

"Liam Cook? Is he available to speak?"

"He is busy on the phone but if you want to come down to the station and speak in person, you are more than welcome to." Chief Key spoke

"Okay thank you. Just tell him Ms. Qinlin is coming to see him."

"Will do. Goodbye." He spoke fast as if trying to get rid of me

With that the line clicked dead. Slowly everything started to clear up. My vision came back and I raced out to my car and got in. The drive was long considering it was lunch time which meant every working person wanted to get lunch on the day I needed to go some place. Eventually I made it to the station that took ten minutes instead of five. Everything inside started to shut down, my soul was going to sleep but the outside was awake. Calmly my fingers grazed over the lock of the door, inhaling deeply and sighing out I thrusted the door open and raced to the door. The blurriness came back as I stepped in, the ground started to come closer closer..

"Liam!" I shouted

"Avery? Look who came back for more then? I knew you couldn't resist this."

I sat up groggy. What had just happened? Where am I? Looking around the room a few familiar faces were watching and whispering to each other, as for the others they didn't even seem to notice. My eyes kept wandering and wandering until my eyes set on the only other pair in this room. The familiar gray-blue eyes stared directly at me lost and confused. Liam kwas in his usual uniform which consisted of his ankle boots,typical dark wash jeans, plain gray v-neck t-shirt and a military style jacket. His ginger red hair was combed back and trimmed shorter than I remember it last to be.

"Liam, I knew I would find you. It took time but I am back." I spoke quietly while staring at his face

He was taken by surprise as if he had no clue who I was or even what language I was speaking in. We were only a few inches apart so I took those last few inches by a kiss. If talking surprised him, man the kiss must have murdered him. He jerked back after a few seconds. The look in his eye was killing.


"Who is Avery? Liam, its me Kelly."

He was taken by surprise. Hi face turned whiter than a ghost. Not only was Liam taken by surprise but everyone else turned their heads and gave me the same look. The only face that wasn't taken by surprise was Ethel. Her face never changed. Always straight and expressionless. Well I guess considering her past, I wouldn't show emotion either.

"Kelly? I thought you left, you know like all the others." Ethel snapped

She stood there at the entrance to the hall with all the private offices and holding cells. From her combat boots to her faded jean jacket all read plain and boring. Ethel did not look happy one bit to see me.

"Well Either. I promised Liam I would come back, and thus I did."

"You're not Kelly. Your Avery Qinlin, if you think this is some kind of joke I am not laughing." Liam spoke turning his head to avoid eye contact.

I reached out across and grabbed his hand lightly. He forcefully pulled back without saying anything. Just a cold stare was upon his face. Everyone else in the room was starring in even more helpless confusion. Instead of responding I slowly got up and walked away back out to my car. Confusion started to strike along with blurry vision and a pounding headache I made it back to my car and basically passed out on my car hood...

I woke on the cold cement sidewalk. It startled me at first until I realized what was going on. All I could remember was driving from my to the police station,now look where I am. ON the floor outside for who knows how long. I slowly got up off the floor, my vision was blurry and it was hard to focus one one spot. Stumbling as if I was drunk, I slowly made my way to the front door. I don't understand how going inside the police station would help but most likely if I tried driving home I would end up back here but locked away in the cold empty cell. It was dark inside except for a few desk lamps on. Slowly I raised my hand and grabbed the cool metal handle. A shocking wave of coldness tinkled throughout my body causing me to shiver. Goose bumps were left along my arms and neck waking me up more. I yanked full force on the door but it wouldn't budge. A few more attempts later I gave up and decided that knocking might be better. More failed attempts nothing happened. Grunting I threw my fit against the glass door. In frustration I spun around and dropped to sit on the floor. In no way can I drive with how uneasy I feel. I decided to sit here until my memory came back and vision was cleared.

"Avery? Or is it Kelly?" A voice smirked behind me.

I snapped open my eyes, did I really fall asleep? I scouted up and turned my head to see Liam poking his head and half his torso out the door. His body language said one thing but his eyes said a different thing. They were narrowed and glaring straight at me as if I did something wrong. I gave him a puzzled look before starting to sway

"Who..are.. who is Ke..l..l..y..?" I spat out before falling over my side

"AVERY!!" was the last thing I heard before coming in contact with the cold ground. My body slowly was being lifted was the next thing I knew. I dont know who but someone warm, soft and gentle lifted me in the air. I was stuck in the middle. Between falling asleep and being awake. I tried opening my eyes not success. Finally I allowed sleep to overcome me and fall asleep wherever I was.

I woke up inside on the couch in an office. No one was in here except me. I glanced out the window to see the sun had fully set. I was a Little groggy from the dizzy spell earlier but other than that I felt better. Slowly I got up off the couch and attempted walking. Once again I felt gravity come closer to my face, instead of meeting with the cold grey cement my hands came in tact with the desk. Instead of moving I just stood there resting against the caramel colored desk. There wasn't much on the desk except a lamp, laptop,a few papers, a picture and a name plate. I scanned over everything quickly but took my time examming the name plate and the picture.In gold metalic letters it read "Liam Cook." The picture frame was also decorated in gold but instead of a name it had two people, Liam and bruntent that looked oddly like me in a way. The two were cuddled in the middle of the woods with a creek in the background.

"You're up.." Liam spoke while coming inside

He looked at me then quickly down to see me holding the picture frame in my hand.

"Its not what you think, I was only looking.. I swear!" I blurted out

Chuckling he replied "It's okay, you're probably confused of who that is anyways. Well you might have a clue but i dont know."

"Isn't it Kelly?" I asked questionly

"Damn. Okay maybe you do know who that is. That photo was taken before she left.." Liam spoke awkwardly

It was awkward talking about but if this chick is really taking over my body, I would like to know who she is and what her and Liam's connection was.

"Where did she go?"

Sighing Liam responded "I am not sure, I wish I knew though.."

"Anyways, why are you here? Why were you banging on the door?"Liam asked changing the subject quickly

"I was hoping you could tell me what is going on. I woke up in front of my car on the ground and felt super dizzy so in instinct, I went to the door to see if anyone was here." I responded. It felt weird saying that, it was like I have been practicing that over and over..

"You don't remember anything before that?" Liam questioned

"I remember waking up this morning, calling the station to see if you were here then I had this major dizzy spell but it passed so after I felt better I drove here and that's all I remember. What happened in a whole afternoon?"

"Do you know who Kelly Carson is?" Liam asked

"Noo, why?"

"Just asking.."

Liam walked into the office space and sat down on the couch and patted the seat next to him. I walked as best I could over to where he was a plopped down just like a drunk person would attempt to sit down. Liam inhaled a deep breath, his chest slowly rose up and slowly back down. He looked sad but tried to hide it which didn't work very well. Turning his body to face me, taking one of my hand and cupping in between his. A shiver of goosebumps went down the bridge of my neck and through my spine.

"Kelly is the girl in the picture, my ex-girlfriend and a person that can somehow take over your body and random times.. You Avery, can tell when she is taking over by these dizzy spells. You don’t know how to fight them and when you don't know how to fight them properly it makes her stronger and more likely to control you. Like she did this afternoon."

Every little word Liam said brushed over me like it was nothing. I couldn't incorporate that another woman was trying to take over my body. What did she do this afternoon? Was the only question that floated in my brain as Liam continued to speak.

"Avery we need you to learn to fight her. In some cases Kelly can take over your body like for good.."

"What did she do?" I blurted out.

"What?" Liam asked confused

"What did kelly do when she took over my body today?"

"Avery you really don't want to know. Kelly can take over you and do things you would never on you on."

I stared at him confused. These things were not sticking to mind

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