Fantastic Fantasies: A Maiden's Voyage


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Pleasure me, now!

This late night chill from the ocean air is no match for how desperately hot I feel underneath these clothes. My deep red corset grows tighter and tighter around my large breasts, slippery from the light rain that seems to come and go, with each deep breath I take.. Deep from desire, the desire to be pleased by someone other than myself.. A desire that becomes increasingly stronger with each passing night. I can feel my nipples harden, at the mere thought of being endlessly fucked in the exact spot I was standing, how desperate that thought made me feel… not even being in a bed, but resting on a lonely barrel at the other end of the deck. Being the captain’s daughter, there be not a single hand on this ship willing to tightly squeeze my breasts, not a single tongue willing to lick me to ecstasy. A ship full of men, hard working men. Dirty, muscular, dreadfully masculine men. 

Naturally my breasts are very large, and my waist is small.. Giving the impression of even larger breasts, and I never let this go unnoticed. I wear a tiny red corset, tied tightly up my abdomen to my chest, pushing my tits up and out so that with every breath.. Large or small, my breasts move with my breathing. In addition to spending time making my breasts more noticeable than normal, the dark brown dress I wear underneath is always tied up my right thigh, showing just enough leg to let the men’s imagination soar, and their hot, hard cocks even higher. I always let my long ebony hair hang loosely down my back, which also gives me the chance to graze my fingers across my chest whenever strands are led astray. Any opportunity to touch my tits in front of the pirates on my father’s ship, I want them to want me.. Because God damn it, I want them.. I want them so, so badly. I hate the wenches these men get to fuck whenever we dock, those lucky wenches. Their lonely wet pussies being stretched with every thrust, they get to feel how long and thick, how hard these men are for them. The worst part is that some of these women don’t even try to seduce! They simply walk in the opposite direction and my father’s crew will trip over themselves, they make eye contact and their dicks shoot up in their trousers. They’re desperate, these pirates. Rightfully so, being at sea for so long at a time. But I’m on that same ship! I should be able to relieve them of their desperation, of my desperation! Sigh. Though I can’t say that I’m oblivious as to why they must turn their gaze when I approach near, my father being a captain famous for having no mercy, for enjoying the look of fear, of dread.. Indulging in the most sinful and diabolical of activities. Not a soul for miles who hasn’t heard of my father, not a single one. Captain Axl, and his untouchable treasure Avery - myself. 

Aye, I enjoy the life of a pirate aside from my pussy becoming lonelier with each passing night. Aboard my father’s ship known as “The Red Moon” due to all the blood we’ve shed after the setting of the sun, we have parties nearly every sunset. We begin when the sun is about to graze the sea, and end when everyone is passed out and drunk. I can beat any of these landlubbers at a contest of drinking rum, or an arm wrestling match, often even a sword fight. We have the best ship on the sea, and the most successful. So aye, yes, I do love being a pirate on the Red Moon. I just wish I could enjoy every aspect just as the crew. 

“Avery, what on Earth are you doing out here in the cold?” I was woken from the depth of my thoughts by the voice of one of my father’s pirates, named Rockwell. He often woke in the middle of the night and drank a blackjack of rum before heading back to rest. I wish he could see how terribly hard my nipples were, and how slippery my pussy was becoming, because then maybe he would pity me and be more willing to... assist me. “Just thinking,” I replied, crossing my legs as I sat high upon the barrel, allowing my arms to drape across the railing behind me. “Wishing.” “Ah,” he said as he approached my side, looking out to the ocean. “Your lips be as red as they were earlier in the day, you haven’t even attempted to sleep have you?” He took a swig of his rum. “If you hadn’t even changed from your corset, or wiped the lipstick from your face.” I glanced in his direction. “Does it bother you, Rockwell?” I said innocently, running my tongue over my teeth. He avoided looking me in the eye. “Not at all, Miss Avery. Not at all.” He took another drink of his rum, I’m assuming to avoid further conversation. “Do you enjoy looking at my lips?” I asked, sounding as suggestive as possible in hopes of planting a seed of desire in him so deep that it couldn't possibly be ignored. He had no response, but let out a quick shiver as he exhaled.. “Why Rockwell, you’re catching a chill.” I swung my legs over to the side of the barrel closest to him and began to run my finger up his arm. “I’m not cold at all.” I said. He looked over towards me briefly than back at the ocean, trying hard not to notice my large breasts so close to him. “You’re not? Impossible.” He chuckled nervously. “Oh no, it’s very possible.” I began to let my finger wander slowly towards his chest. His heart was beating so fast, I knew he wanted me, I wanted him to do something about it so badly. I knew he wouldn’t, but I would try my damndest to get him to that point. “You see, I’m so hot I’m actually sweating.” I drew my hand away from his chest and ran my fingers across my slippery chest, growing increasingly wet as my heart beats faster with lust. “I wish you could do something about it.” I began to run my hands down my thighs, not breaking my hopeful gaze in his direction. Hopeful, desperate. I reached under my dress and lifted it higher and higher until it exposed my black undergarments, made from the finest silk my father could find. “Avery, my God put down your dress! If the captain-” I interrupted Rockwell before I became angry. I was sick and tired of all these men not being able to lay so much as a finger on me, or in me, because of their fear of my father. “The captain, is in his quarters. The captain, is passed out drunk.” I said forcefully as i slipped my hand under my panties and pulled them just far enough to expose my pink, wet pussy..glistening in the moonlight. I saw Rockwell take a peak, then immediately look back out at sea and drink his rum. His hands began to tremble, and his cheeks became flushed. “Rockwell, look at me, look at me dead in my eyes.” I said. He slowly allowed himself to look over towards me, trying desperately to keep his eyes locked in mine, and not let them wander to my breasts or my hand slowly rubbing my hot, wet, pink pussy. “I need you to take your hand, and pleasure me. Now.” I said, quite seriously. I could see a drop of sweat forming at the top of his forehead. I smirked, then looked down at Rockwell’s trousers which seemed to look uncomfortably tight all of the sudden. I took my free hand and grabbed his cock, hard behind his clothes. He gasped with pleasure and surprise, and pressed his lips together tightly. He shut his eyes as I stroked his hard, hot cock through his trousers. It was so long, all I could imagine was it slowly entering my pussy, stretching it, going deeper and deeper. I could tell he was getting more and more nervous. I rubbed my pussy faster now, allowing my fingers to press lightly against my clit as my excitement began to rapidly increase. I accidentally allowed an exhalation of pleasure to escape my core as I pressed harder on my clit. Rockwell dropped his rum, and grabbed onto the railing to keep his balance. Finally, he breathed out hard and fast and pushed his way closer to me, forcing my hands away from his body and my own. I grabbed on to the barrel as he nearly knocked me off. He was in between my legs in no time with his large, manly hands, feeling up the inside of my thigh and then slowly around every fold of my pussy, my heart was beating out of my chest at this point. Finally, finally! One of my father’s crew members could no longer contain their lust for their captain’s daughter, for the only woman onboard. I could feel his hot breath against my neck as he began to kiss it intensely, allowing his free hand to grab tightly and excitedly onto my left breast. He began to rub my clit, quickly and carefully. It was such a rush of intense pleasure that I had to grab onto his long hair, tied into a ponytail and his strong shoulder to keep myself in place, it was a kind of pleasure I had never experienced before. It was one thing pleasuring myself, but having a man do it for the first time, it absolutely blew me away. 

It took every ounce of energy I had not to yell out in ecstasy, quick gasps began to sneak out of me as my pussy began to feel more and more excited. Hotter, wetter, more sensitive, it was heavenly. God damnit, I needed this, I waited for so long. His hand was rubbing my clit so quickly, with just the right amount of pressure, I was about to explode. Then he stopped, and began to rub it slowly. He moved from kissing my neck to my lips, he licked both my top of bottom lip before entering my mouth. Hot and heavy, he began to kiss me with all of his energy it seemed. His tongue slipping down my throat as he lifted his hand from my breast and grabbed the back of my head, pulling me closer to his face, forcing his tongue deeper and deeper in my mouth. He began to moan silently, and I allowed my hand that was holding on to his hair venture down to his waist, and into his pants. Feeling his rock hard dick with my bare hand was invigorating. He let out a stronger moan as I began to stroke his cock back and forth, slowly, gripping tightly, playing with the tip every time my hand approached it. His cock flexed involuntarily in my hand, and I felt his body heat increase. He started to rub my clit a little bit faster, putting a little bit more pressure. The intensity that I felt in the beginning was now even larger, even more exciting, since he let my clit calm down for a moment when he started rubbing it slowly. Jesus, what I have been missing out on! I began to rub his cock faster and faster, and as I did so his kissing became harder and his moans more intense. His grip on the back of my head was so hard, so strong.  Ah, I almost couldn’t handle it, my blood was boiling.. My heart was racing, my titties were so sensitive, my body was shaking.. My clit was more sensitive than it ever had been before, my pussy so hot, so wet..I was, I was about to.. Oh my God, “Ah!” I exhaled sharply, moaning, grinding against his hand. “Ah, ah, Oh my God..oh my God..” I whispered heavily as I came harder than I ever have before. 

I could feel my pulse in my hot, flushed cheeks. I came so hard that I began to rub Rockwell’s cock even faster, my grip became even tighter. He took his face away from mine and looked into my eyes, sweaty..flushed, lustful. “My God, Avery. You came quicker than I thought!” He forced out these words through broken up breaths. I pulled his face closer to mine and through gritted teeth I desperately told him not to stop. He smirked. “Aye, aye Captain.” He began to rub my clit again, slowly, but this time he let his fingers go lower.. And lower, and he started to rub around my vagina, but not yet entering it. This drove me absolutely wild. ‘Just put your fucking fingers in my wet pussy’ I thought to myself. He was driving me absolutely mad! Having never felt the sexual touch of a man before, I could only imagine what his hand felt like inside of me… or his cock. Finally he slipped two of his long fingers into my vagina, I gasped hard and grasped onto his shoulder tightly, causing him to moan even louder. He pressed his face into mine again and began to play with my tongue, sucking on it and rubbing it with his own. His hot breath got me more and more excited every time I focused on it. He entered my tight, slippery vagina slowly, pushing his fingers as deep as they could go. He drew them out just as slowly, and began to finger me at a speed that made my heart beat so hard I thought I would faint. He was going so slow, but it felt so good, so full of thought, it was as if he had this magic touch.. With every thrust of his hand a shock of pleasure was sent throughout my entire body. My grip on his cock and on his shoulder kept fluctuating between being tight and gentle, because he kept me excited on every level I was trying to return the favor. It was captivating to say the least bit, it was so extremely dream-like. I couldn’t wait to feel his large, unbelievably rock hard dick inside of my tight pussy. His breath became heavier and faster, and so did his fingers in my pussy, which kept clenching against his fingers..I felt an orgasm coming on already. He suddenly stuck in a third finger, and was shoving them extremely deep into my pussy, hard and fast, my body heat was out of this corset felt tighter than it ever had before, my titties larger and my nipples more sensitive than any time in the past. I couldn’t hold back.. I pulled my head away from Rockwell’s and yelled out with intense pleasure. My high pitched moan echoed throughout the entire deck. He quickly drew his hand from behind my head and covered my mouth, now fingering me even faster and harder than before. My grip on his cock became tighter as well, and I was rubbing it faster and faster, whimpering with pleasure. His moans started to grow louder and louder as well, a sliver of fear sparked in the pit of my stomach, and I hoped that my father couldn’t hear us.. But I doubt it, we were no longer trying to be discreet, the pleasure and the excitement was far too intense. 

I felt my pussy grow more and more sensitive once again, knowing that I was about to have an orgasm so explosive I could wake the entire crew. My face grew hot, hotter than the last time I pussy was clenching tighter and tighter against Rockwell’s long fingers thrusting in my vagina. And then I came, hard, this orgasm was the most intense orgasm I had ever, ever experienced. It sent sent chills up my spine, every inch of my body was trembling, my cheeks were nearly as red as my corset, I could no longer hold back the volume of my pleasure. “Ah! AH!” I screamed, loud enough to wake even the sleeping creatures of the sea. “Oh my God!” My scream echoed throughout the entire ship, then all of the sudden Rockwell grabbed me and began to moan louder and louder. “I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come all over your hand.. God damnit!” He yelled loudly as he came hard and fast all over my hand and even up my arm. 

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The Official Warning

That’s when it happened. The doors of the captain’s quarters swung open, hitting the walls on both sides of the doorway.. Knocking over a lamp that was resting atop a barrel nearby. Rockwell quickly jumped away from me, knocking me right off of the barrel, my arm still covered in his cum, red lipstick smudged all around my mouth. His breathing was still heavy, though now it was due to fear.. His eyes grew wide, his body began to shake. I looked up at him and saw how scared he was, then looked over to my father.. Whose eyes were locked dead on Rockwell, not even a blink to break the glare. I saw fire in my father’s eyes, I saw lust… bloodlust. There was no hiding what we had just done, not at all. Members of the crew started to wake up and come from their quarters to see what was going on, others coming from different parts of the ship where they had passed out drunk. Nobody spoke, the silence was thicker than an early morning fog. My father began to walk towards Rockwell, slowly. The only sound you could hear throughout the entirety of the ship was the sound of my father’s boots hitting the wooden panels of the ship.. Heavily, with meaning… with a purpose. 

As my father slowly approached Rockwell, Rockwell lifted his hand and wiped his mouth, realizing he probably had my red lipstick smudged all over his face. Finally they stood face to face, mere inches away from one another. “You wanna kiss me, Rockwell?” Rockwell looked confused, scared to answer. “N-no, no Captain.” He choked out. My father drew closer to Rockwell’s face. “Why not? I’ve got the same flesh and blood as my girl, that’s gotta be what this is about.” My father stepped backwards and gave Rockwell enough space to straighten his back. “You must want to be sleeping in my bed with me, or something even more rotten. Because I know.. I know!” My father began to yell, he drew out his sword and got close to Rockwell once more, forcing him to jump backwards and have to lean on the railing, nowhere to run. “That you wouldn’t dare break the most important unspoken rule, not only on our very ship.. But across this entire sea. I know, that you know, not a hand is to be laid on my treasure, my most precious..Irreplaceable treasure. You’re smart… so you couldn’t have possibly wanted to fuck my little girl.. You must have had some other, more secret.. More rotten, darker desire in mind.” My father stepped backwards, and just watched Rockwell. Watched him for any sort of reaction, anything at all. I was still sitting on the floor where I fell off the barrel, not moving a muscle. Just watching, waiting, for what I knew was to come. Rockwell was speechless, petrified...confused. He didn’t know how to react, what to say, what to do.. And he couldn’t believe what he had just done. Then, without a second to lose, my father rushes forward, draws his sword up to Rockwell’s neck and cuts deep, slit his entire throat with no mercy, no remorse, no hesitation. Rockwell fell backwards off the ship and into the ocean. I looked up at my father, who had nothing to say to me. He turned towards the crew, and began to walk towards the center of the deck. “Let this be an official warning to every single one of you,” he placed his sword back into his leather scabbard. “A warning that should have never been necessary.” He stopped walking and looked around to all the faces, washed over with shock and disbelief that Rockwell would have done such a dreaded thing. “I took a chance. I took a chance allowing my daughter to live on this ship, to contribute in any way she desires. I took this chance knowing that it is bad luck having a woman aboard a ship, something I keep in mind every day. So far we have beaten many odds, accomplished many sinful goals. Don’t let that luck begin to change. I have no mercy, but there are beings that have far less mercy than I.” With that, my father began to walk back towards his quarters. Suddenly one of the crew members spoke up, “Captain! Look!” 

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The Attack of the Devil's Rage

 “All hands on deck! All hands on deck!” All of the sudden everyone was running around the ship, preparing the canons, finding their weapons, looking for anything to protect us from an attack. There was a ship not too far away coming straight towards us.. Not just any ship, however.. Our rival, “The Devil’s Rage”. The unexpectedness of this attack goes far deeper than the mere fact that it is late at night and we are all unprepared; Captain Sanders is dead, and this ship drawing near had belonged to him, that was his crew. My father had killed him months prior, none of us knew what to expect. Father was shouting order to the crewmen “Gather the powder, raise the sails, move you mangy dogs!” The Red Moon was gaining speed but The Devil’s Rage was closing in, fast! In the months since we raided her last, she has gotten more agile. The Devil’s Rage was gliding on the water, gaining distance on us. The feeling inside me knew that we were going to be boarded. We were caught unaware and unprepared for this pursuit. I collected myself as best I could, thinking of what will happen in the coming minutes. I have been in many battles, this is the first time I have been in the situation of us being hunted. This is a new feeling me, genuine fear, I can’t imagine the feeling in the crew and those unfortunate souls we delivered to Davey Jones’ locker on our hunts. The sounds of the cannons, shooting our desperate hope of scaring The Devil’s Rage away. The cannons behind our ship soon silence, it was an unsettling feeling in me.

The ship drew closer, and with not a second to lose Sanders’ pirates were invading the Red Moon. I jumped up and began to run abaft, where I knew my sword would be waiting for me. I was holding my dress high to help me run quicker and more efficiently through the crowds of men fighting and killing. Suddenly Teddy, our eldest and most valued crew member, fell directly in front of me.. Causing me to stop in my tracks and let out a quick scream. I covered my mouth in disbelief. Teddy helped raise me alongside my father after the death of my mother when I was just a wee girl. He used to teach me games and humor my ridiculous stories, he would tell me about the stars and which ones were the captains of great ships from the past. I was in shock, my heart was shattered, and I was overflowing with fear, I backed away slowly, not realizing where I was going..I ended up tripping over the dead body of a Sanders pirate. I fell fast and hard, hitting my head against a barrel that had been carelessly knocked over..causing me to black out completely. All of the sudden I realized just how bad your luck can get when you’re the only woman aboard a pirate ship.

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Aboard the Devil's Rage

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To Be Continued

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