Sex Trafficking: An Anthology


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The Trafficked

By: Anonymous

Our children are being snatched from our grasp with every single second.  I won't stop mourning until I am comforted and I refuse to find comfort in anything except the sight of the innocent ones alive again.  If you were not so deaf, you would hear the endless weeping, that pain provoked groan, and every now and again a silence so solemn and horrific you'd find yourself frozen in shock.   

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Child Sex Trafficking Perspective Poem

By: Anonymous


Have seen in these years of mine

More horrors than many in a hundred see.

I have seen grief, and bitterness, and pain.

You have given that to me.

That has been your gift.


My heart

Beats at ten thousand times its normal pace

For fear when I see you walk into the room

I know what’s coming next. Onto-  


My body

Will not pay your bills.

Not after you left me with a child.

I wear loose clothes to hide her- it’s a girl, I think.

And I won’t let you take her away.


My skin,

Littered with bruises you left,

Is a canvas for the horrifying picture

You wish to paint me into-

One where you are the puppet master

And I your marionette.

But I am only a child,

Not a vehicle for your twisted pleasure.

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