Omega A Legacy Reborn Vol II: Revelation


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Chapter 12: The Day Is Finally Here! The Omega Representation Tournament Begins!

The day has arrived. People from the city of Paris has gathered in the Omega Arcade Station to witness which team will represent France in the Omega World Tournament. All teams including Team Alpha, Team Omega and Emuna with her dolls Regalia and Magdalene who was held by her Butler Irogan were all gathered around the stage.

“Welcome everyone to the third annual Omega Representation Tournament Team Edition! As you may know, 16 of the most talented young teams will fight in a one round elimination style tournament to determine who will represent France in the upcoming Omega World Tournament that will be held this year in Japan this fall.” As Leos continue his speech a certain brown-haired boy yawned. Richard wasn’t to keen of speeches, in fact, he can become quite impatient, especially when it comes to Omega.

“Man, When are we going to fight!?”

“Be patient Rick, besides we can’t start the tournament yet. Alice is still not here.” Frederick pointed out.

“Yeah, Where is she? Didn’t we discuss that we would be here early, I mean the tournament can start at any minute now!”

“I am sure they will not start your match until she comes here. Although, it will be good if she gets here in time. You don’t want to forfeit your match because of not having the minimal requirement.” Aeris told him. Is a good thing that her team is formed of 4 members just in this kind of cases. She assumes the white-haired girl has the same option...Then again she has those two dolls. From what she was told the dolls can be put inside the teleporters and then come to life in Omega in human size. She just hopes that she doesn’t fight her early otherwise...

“She is correct Richard Kurosagi, just have patience I can assure you that Miss Hishikawa will come,” Emuna said with confidence. Richard couldn’t tell if she was very serious or just joking because she sure as hell didn’t show any emotion of it! But...Man, where could she be? He hopes she just overslept and nothing happened to her.

It was the worse case scenario for Alice...She had overslept. Why did she have to oversleep at the day of the tournament? Mu! She shouldn’t have played all day on Haruka Wars...But, She was on a roll! And her online friends insisted on her staying a bit late! Who is she to denied that!

“Ah, man I’m so late!” Alice said panicking as she ran as fast as she could. She was so focused on getting to the OAS in time that she didn’t notice that someone appeared until they both bumped into each other. Alice fell before she touched her bottom. “Ow, that hurts.”

“You can say that again.” Came from the person she bumped into. The person that the red-haired girl bumped into was a teen about her age. She seemed a bit shorter than her too by a few inches. She was a very beautiful teen too with long black hair that was a bit spiky and wild. Her eyes were an orange sun. Her figure was very thin with long legs. The girl was dressed in a white shirt with a black skull design on the front and blue jeans. Looking down she wore black with white on the bottom sneakers. Further inspection revealed that on her neck she had a big golden sun that dangled on a silver chain.

“Oh! I am sooo sorry, I was in a hurry and...”

“Is okay, I should have paid attention to the road too. I was in a hurry I mean my teammates are waiting in the OAS.”

“Your teammates? You’re going to OAS too?!” Alice asked.

“Yeah, are you going too?”

“Yes, I am in the Omega Representation Tournament.”

“Really? Huh, then it must be lucky that we crossed paths. Say do you want to go together since we’re going the same way.”

“Yes! Ah, I am sorry I didn’t introduce myself I am Alice Hishikawa.”

“Hishikawa, huh? Well is nice to meet you I’m Darcell Lahaska.”

“Lahaska? Are you from here?”

“Yep, I’m 100% French blood. Thou, it is strange to see someone from Japan here. Do you live here by any chance?”

“Yes, wait what are we doing!? We have to get going!” The red-haired girl tailed it out of there in a poof of smoke.

“Hey! Wait Up!” Lahaska followed suit. She will definitely like to become friends with the red-haired girl. But she was right there are more important things than standing here to chat. There’s a tournament she must win!

As Leos was almost finished with his speech, There were several people observing the brown-haired boy.

“Is that him?” Asked someone with a purple punk mohawk.

“Yes, that’s him.”

“So, what do we do boss?” asked another one with buzzcut hair colored brown to their leader who had a red mohawk. Their uniforms had a red snake with a dart on top. The name of the group was Team Blitz they were known as the biker gang. While normally Omega you’re allowed to use any vehicles in team battles or single tournaments, however, was strictly forbidden.

“We will wait. We will face him, I am sure of it.”

On the other side, there was Harry. He was listening to his father’s speech but he hasn’t lost his sight on his rival. This was his revenge for humiliating him back then in their first team encounter and for the past year. These people are nothing but mere obstacles in order for him to have one goal and that defeat Richard Kurosagi.

“So now that we know the rules, shall we reveal the brackets for today?” Leos said as a big hologram with the brackets appeared on top of him. The 16 groups of competitor’s names were split into two brackets: Group A and Group B. In Group A there were as follow:

Group A:

Team Sparrow vs. Team Experienced

Team Master vs. Team C.J.K.

Team Alpha vs. Team Singularity

Team Zone vs. Team Doll House

Group B:

Team Omega vs. Team Blitz

Team Exo vs. Team Tarot

Team New Gen vs Team Shredders

Team Giga vs Team Lowstone

“Alright! We get to play first in our bracket!” The brown-haired boy was excited. Team Blitz, huh? He never heard of them before but he bets they’re pretty strong which means he will have a fun match!

“That’s good and all but Alice has still...”

“Hey!” Speaking of the devil, the red-haired Japanese girl arrived just in time to see their schedule match. A few more minutes and she will have no idea if they were going first or second.

“There you are, where were you?”

“Sorry but I kind of overslept.” Alice apologized with a gesture. “But I’m here so we can go to the match as soon as they call us.”

“That’s great!” Richard told her.

“Seems we are in the same bracket, huh Alice?”

“Huh?” The two boys look to see a girl they never saw before.

“Oh! Lahaska you made it!”

“Yup! So are they your teammates?”

“Yes! This are Richard and Frederick, Guys this is Darcell Lahaska she is also going to be competing in this tournament.” Alice introduced them to the black haired girl.

“Nice meeting you,” Frederick said.


“That’s awesome, Can’t wait to see what you and your teammates can do!” The boy sure had a lot of charisma Lahaska gives him that.

“Speaking of them, where are they?” Alice asked.

“I’m sure I will find them eventually, besides my match will be third so most likely it will be in the afternoon so I have time to find them before we’re called,” Lahaska reassured them.

“I guess you’re right.” The red-haired said and she will not lie she was a bit disappointed, she was looking forward to meeting the black haired girl’s friends the more people she knows the better. Besides, conversing with Lahaska is a lot more different than talking with the other girls in the class. Don’t get her wrong she loves having conversations with Yuma, Adel doesn’t interact with her much, Genre and Emuna are in their own separate world (One is listening to music on her headphones and the other is having conversations with her dolls.), Aeris is just as popular with the boys as she is with the other girls in class and let’s not talk about the cowgirl! That little...

“Anyway, I need to find them. Well, I guess we will see each other in the finals of the bracket hopefully.” the black-haired girl told the group.

“Okay, good luck Lahaska!” Lahaska nodded before leaving. While the black-haired girl was walking she looks to the left to see Leos. So...he did show up.

(‘Good You better have shown your face, you murder. I will make you pay for what you did!’) Her thoughts of hatred toward the president of Omega Corp. circled her mind. Her sun slightly shined as if it was approving that the president indeed needed to pay. Leos, on the other hand, knew that Lahaska was here. His Hexagon of Fate has foretold that they would meet in this circumstances. If he knows any better she will only be interested in facing Kurosagi from the way she was interacting with him and his friends. It was the main reason why the brackets were meant to be this way, to begin with after all.

“Team Omega, Team Blitz from Group B and Team Sparrow and Team Experienced from Group A, please come to the teleporters. Team Omega, Team Blitz from Group B and Team Sparrow and Team Experienced from Group A, please come to the teleporters.” Was the voiced of the M.C. through the intercom.

“Alright is our turn!” the brown-haired boy said with excitement.

“Hey, Frederick is there any information about our opponents?” Asked the red-haired girl as Frederick takes his PDA out to check.

“Hmm, let me see, Team Blitz...Here they are! According to this, they are very famous riders in the world of Omega. They seem to be some sort of biker gang that steers trouble wherever they are sent to. Thou, we don’t need to worry about them riding vehicles since they are illegal during tournaments or any battles that do not involve free roam mode.” Frederick explained. “Although even if they don’t have the vehicles we have to be careful as they seem to be a very aggressive team that loves to put pressure early game.”

“Hmm, that seems to be quite troublesome.”


“Frederick is right, you be careful you really don’t want to have an early exit,” Aeris stated. She wants to fight them in Omega thou her team will have to win the entire group A bracket in order to face Richard, Alice, and Frederick and even then they must win their group bracket.

“Don’t worry we won’t lose, Hey let’s promise to meet in the finals!”


“Good luck Richard dear!” Heidi told the brown-haired boy. Alice just ignored her rival’s flirting of the brown-haired boy. Right now is not the time to get overwork because of the cowgirl’s antic.

“So we get to fight them first.” The Leader of Team Blitz said.

“What should we do boss?”

“We’ll do what we always do, wreak havoc in Omega.”


“Are all competitors ready!? Okay, the stage that is selected for this first round is...Western Omega requirements only 3 per group 1 must be a core. Let the first round of the Omega Representation Tournament Begin! Entering Omega...NOW!” Team Omega teleporters turn blue while Team Blitz turn red before they are all teleported to the world of Omega.

Team Omega lands near the rails of the train in Western Omega. They sidestep once they hear the sound of the train.

“Whoa!” The train passes them by.

“Talk about a rough start.” Frederick pointed out. So there will be occasions where they will land in a dangerous situation as such, huh? They need to be careful then. They could lose the match without even interacting with their opponents at all.

“Hey, what is that?” The brown-haired boy pointed at 3 incoming things coming at good speed. Frederick with his keen eyes squinted a bit before seeing 3 motorcycles coming their way. Riding them was Team Blitz.


“But I thought you said that it was illegal to get them during tournaments!” Alice reminded the black-haired boy of what he said earlier.

“You can’t.” Was the simple answer of the elf archer. They are cheating and not in a Harry way which was legal in the standards of the rules. They were true ones...Why haven’t they been warned or disqualified already?


Meanwhile, The President and his secretary were observing the match and they have indeed witnessed that Team Blitz...are not following the rules accordingly. In fact, everyone did which resulted in the public plus competitors to boo them.

“Team Blitz have broken rule number 19 of the Omega battle: No vehicles allowed during a match or tournament. It can only be used on free roam mode. Sir, shall we...?”

“Hmm, No let them do this.” That surprise his secretary but then understood clearly.

“This isn’t one of your tests to see what the owners of the legendary pieces are capable off is there?” Inès asked her boss. She has been told of the situation as to why the tournament was created this year. She can’t believe that most of the legendary pieces owners were in this tournament alone. The Diamond Dragonite, The Ragging Sphere, The Rubix Of Knowledge, The Sharp Of Sinfonia, The Coffin Of The Soulless, and...The Pentagon Of Manipulation. She did not forget the Hexagon that her boss has that makes it 7 legendary pieces. When she woke up in the office of Leos the father of Harry Kishima explained that she was brainwashed by the Pentagon of Manipulation the second most dangerous legendary piece. She would call security as the person is here among the innocent bystanders that are here to enjoy watching this tournament but Leos told her that it will not be wise as the owner could just use the piece to manipulate the cops and turn them against them. In order to stop this owner, they must wait until the finals. Leos said he has a plan to stop the owner of said piece from ruining the fun for was his responsibility after all.

“Oh Inès, you know me too well.” For now, she will just listen to her boss after all...he is the owner of a legendary piece.

“Hey boss what do we do with them?” a man with biker durag wrapped on his head asks the Mohawk biker.

“Do what you want Seth, Just leave Kurosagi to me.” Said the leader of Team Blitz.

“We’ll do boss!” Said the other member as they roam around Richard, Frederick, and Alice.

“This is going to be a problem.” Just as he said that the brown-haired boy was wrapped by a chain and dragged away from the group. “Waaaahhhhh!”

“Richard!” Alice had to dodge a lead pipe coming from Luke.

“Haha, Let’s get this show on the road, shall we!?” The two bikers revved up and charged at the two members of Team Omega.

Outside chaos ensued and big boos were drowning the Station. The M.C. Was getting nervous and wanted to stop the fight but...

“M.C. Continue the fight.”

“But...Sir!” She was on the verge of tears. She has never seen such a crowd that was this upset before.

“Do not worry Team Blitz will have its proper punishment once this match is over regardless of the winner,” Leos assured her. With that, she nodded and proceeded to continue the match plus calming the crowd down.

Richard was just being driven and drag what it seems to everywhere in Omega he lost his Kriss Dagger when he was grabbed by the leader of Omega.

“Are we having fun Kurosagi!” Asked The Mohawk biker as he accelerates faster.

(‘Darn it I need to do something?’) The brown-haired tried to struggle but to no avail.

On the other side, Alice and Frederick are having a hard time, they have been taken a lot of damage but they haven’t even given them damage. The bikes have given Team Blitz an advantage as Alice couldn’t grab them without being dragged herself despite being a powerhouse and they were very fast that Frederick’s arrows seemed to slow to hit them.

“This is way too easy hey, Seth let’s just end this so we can go back to Luke!” his partner said to him.

“You got it, Johnny!”

“At this rate will never get them,” Frederick said before he gets an idea. He gets his blue arrow and pointed at the tire of Seth’s bike.

“Come on baby don’t fail me now.” Fredrick shots his freezing arrow and it hit his mark and almost instantly it froze the motorcycle.

“What?!” Seth jumped off but right into Alice Pole hitting him very hard wrapping him and hitting Johnny as hard as she could eliminating him in the process. Seth survived but was now grounded giving Frederick the opportunity to point an arrow this one the explosive one blowing him back to Earth.

“Team Blitz Scouter has been defeated! Team Blitz Wall has been defeated!” that got the crowd cheering. For the people it was justice.

A that was happening outside, inside the game, Richard was still being dragged all over the place.

(‘I got to get out of this situation fast!’) The brown-haired boy thought as he continues to stumble on the dirt. If only he had his Kris Dagger right now...

(‘D...Ne....Use it’)

“Huh?” There is that voice again. What is it telling him to use? “Ugh, darn it I think sand caught in my eyes!” he would rub his eyes but they were tied up right now. Wait, this happened before it was when the voice was clearer! Hmm, maybe if he focuses he can clearly hear it. So he did and then the voice gave him an idea.

“You know I have played with you long enough time to claim my victory after the humiliation that I got from your father! I would have my revenge on him but his son should be enough!” Luke told feeling victorious but then something surprising happened, he was chained. “What!?” He looks at the source to see it was the brown-haired boy but there was something different about him. His eyes. His sclera became black while his pupils had the omega symbol colored orange.

(‘Target acquired: Copied Team Blitz Leader Luke’s weapon: Chain Splicer. It allows the opponent to chain the opponent before releasing a lethal spike from it. Recommended steer away from the weapon if caught proceed to create a copy from it and force the opponent to release you.’) Was the voice response to what was happening.

“What in the world are you!?” Luke was intimidated, to say the least before releasing his grip from the boy who did the same.

“Looks like we’re in a stalemate.” The brown-haired boy said to his opponent.

“Tch, whatever Once I defeat you this game will be over, you lose!”

“Sorry but I ain’t losing here!” Richard dodges the chain.

“How? You lost your dagger way back when we first met! 1 Hit and is all over for you!” Luke gloated. He has a point tho he forgets one thing, he is not fighting alone.



“Catch!” Alice with all her strength threw the Kris Dagger which was caught by the brown-haired boy.

Core Shift: Scouter!” The brown-haired boy said surprising Luke who then tries to get him in the chain. He wonders when did the boy changed his core and to what class! Then it hit him it was back then! A few minutes after being dragged he must have changed his core to Wall in order to sustain all the damage. But he will not lose not when revenge is...! The boy disappeared before he appears behind him.

“...How...” Before he knew it he had two slashes across his body.

“This ends here.” The brown-haired boy had his Kris Dagger charged meaning only one thing...

“DAMN YOU!!!” Luke tries to get him but he was too slow and was taken out by the line that was coming towards him.

White Dragon Strike Fang!”

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Luke disintegrated before fireflies replaced his body.

“Team Blitz Core is defeated, Team Blitz has been eliminated. Final Results: Team Omega Advances to the 2nd round!!” The Bunny M.C. said as people cheers. The groups appeared after the match was over back to the real world.

“Alright, we did it!” Frederick said with delight. It was a difficult match and despite the illegal move from Team Blitz they manage to pull through.

“What do you mean they advanced!” Team Omega pay their attention to the arguing Luke who was in the face of the poor holographic bunny M.C.

“But...You use vehicles in Omega which according to rule 19 is strictly forbidden!” The M.C. Explained.

“Then what about him?! He cheated there was no way that he could’ve gotten a weapon more specifically a copy of mine when his weapon was long lost!”

“Well...that is true...but...he did get it back.” The Bunny M.C. tries to reason and find a way to make it sound legit. “That might also be an ability of his, they’re many that can do this in Omega!” Luke was having none of it.

“Why you little...” He would’ve chew at her more until someone stepped in.

“Is there a problem? Miss M.C., Luke.” The president himself Leos Kishima with his secretary Inès came down in order to congratulate the winners on their hard fought victory.

“Yes! As I told your useless M.C. that guy cheated! There was no way that he could’ve had a chain!”

“Hmm, I see...Is this true Richard Kurosagi?” He asked the brown-haired boy. He didn’t even need an answer as he knows what the Omega Eyes do exactly, but just to be convincing he will let Richard give his own explanation.

“Well...yeah while is true that I did not had a chain in hand, my new ability allowed me to copy a weapon of any kind if I ever lose my Kris Dagger, it is very convenient,” Richard said to the president. Hmm, that’s good enough even if the boy was in his own mind half-lying half-truthful this was convincing enough for him to let it pass as the boy's ability and not a certain someone’s who used a move that is forbidden in the game. But he will keep that little secret to himself and his secretary seems to be thinking the same.

“I see, then, in that case, I do not see anything wrong. Therefore, the decision stands. Congratulations Team Omega you advance to the second round!”


“Ah, yes I almost forgot, security!” Just then a lot of buffed security guards some could be confused as club bouncers appeared and surrounded Team Blitz.

“What the?!”

“You accused them of cheating and yet you cheated by not following Rule #19: No Vehicles on tournaments or battles. Only permitted in free roaming mode.”


“Consider yourself lucky, you will only be banned from hmm, let see all upcoming tournaments for the next 4 years.”


“Now security, could you lead them to the door?” The bouncers took all three bikers and forcefully escorted them.


“Wow is he loud,” Yuma said covering her ears while the other girls agreed. Luckily for Genre, she was listening to a hard rock song while the yelling was happening so she turned the volume almost at max.

“Good riddance that’s what he gets for trying to get Richard Dear disqualified. Hmph, Cheater! Bleh!!” Heidi said before sticking her tongue and putting one of her finger in her right eye. Jack and Craig only sighed at the childish behavior of their core but nevertheless agreed about Team Blitz getting their just desert.

“Hmm, you really are just like them.”

“Huh?” Richard was confused by this and so were his teammates. Who is he talking about?

“Well, I will be looking forward to the next round. Hopefully, I will see more from you kids. Is there anything you want to add before we leave Inès?” Inès adjusted her glasses before shaking her head.

“No, I think you have said most of what I would say. Congratulations Team Omega, You truly are an incredible team.”

“Well then, let us continue with the tournament shall we?” Leos told his secretary before leaving them.

“Wow, he is even nicer than Harry. How are they father and son, again?” Alice asked.

“The world works in mysterious ways I guess,” Frederick told her.

“Well, at least we advance that awesome, right?” They couldn’t agree more now is just a matter of who their next opponent will be.

Meanwhile, some people were talking about the match.

“That team is awesome they are like a reincarnation of the old Omega Team.” one person said.

“Yeah hey do you think Harry and Richard will face each other again?” his friend asked.

“Totally dude, they are the 2 best teams in this tournament.” They weren’t the only ones impressed. Lahaska was quite impressed with the performance of Team Omega. While Alice didn’t show the power of the Ragging Sphere, The brown-haired boy showed her something just as important as the boy’s legendary piece.

(‘Interesting so he has the eyes that can copy any ability. The legendary eyes of the child that held all 12 legendary pieces, the Omega Eyes. Now this tournament just have become more interesting.’) Thought the black haired girl. The Pentagon Of Manipulation glowed.

“Hmm, what is this, Pentagon of Manipulation? You can’t wait to face them?! Well, I am too, after all, they’re needed for my plan to work.” She told her disguised necklace before she walks out of the stands since the name of her team can be called at any moment.

(‘Let’s meet in the finals of this Bracket, Alice...Richard Kurosagi.’) She let out a quiet giggle before proceeding to use her Pentagon Of Manipulation to create her “New” Team.

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Chapter 13: The Master and The Wild Girl

“Team Alpha and Team Singularity from group A and Team New Gen and Team Shredders from Group B, please come to the teleporters. I repeat, Team Alpha and Team Singularity from Group A and Team New Gen and Team Shredders from Group B, please come to the teleporters.”

“Is our turn now,” Adel said.

“Yeah.” The pink-haired girl won’t lie she was a bit nervous. This is going to be the first time her childhood friends are going to see her perform in Omega.

“Good Luck, you too Lahaska!” Alice told the black-haired girl.

“Don’t worry I won’t lose this early, unlike a certain someone.” They look to see a very dejected Heidi.

“Wow, she is taking that loss hard.”

“Well, she was looking forward to this as much as Richard.” Aeris pointed out.

“Yeah, Hey! At least she gave Harry a run for his money.” Richard told everyone and they agreed. Alice was quite impressed by her rival’s battle with the son of the owner of this game. Her wild unorthodox attacks surprised the rival of the brown-haired boy and she almost won too. She remembers how the match went...

Early in the day...

“Man, nothing better to do than to celebrate by eating pizza here!” The brown-haired boy said as he shoves a pizza in his mouth.

“18.” Both his teammates said counting how many pizzas have fell victim to the brown-haired seemingly bottomless black hole.

“I’m proud of you Richard dear!” Heidi hugged the boy which prompted Alice to pry her off but to no avail.

“Aeris are you alright?” Yuma asked as she saw the pink-haired girl clench her fist.

“Huh? Er, yeah I am fine!” Aeris responded quickly. She doesn’t know why but seeing Heidi hug the brown-haired boy gets her mad for some reason.

“Your Rhythm...Is increasing.” Genre said. From the sound coming from her headphones as she took them off for a brief second, it seems that she was hearing a ballad song.

“So this is where you spend time together?” The group looks behind them to see none other than Darcell Lahaska. She was not alone tho. On her right, there was a big and tall muscular man. He seems about 4 to 5 years older than her with black long hair tied in a ponytail and green eyes. He was dressed in a white with a dragon design shirt and blue cargo pants, along with black boots. On her left, there was another male this one thinner and older than her by just a year. His red tuxedo suit made him look like a business man. His hair was short black while his eyes were as blue as the sky above them.

“Lahaska! Huh? Who are they? Are they your teammates?” The red-haired girl asked.

“Yes. Let me introduce them to you. This tall guy is Barry and the one that looks like he’s here for a business meeting instead of a fight is Alan. We had also our replacement Sindel but unfortunately, she couldn’t come since she was booked this week.” Lahaska introduced them and told the reason why their fourth teammate couldn’t come.

“Hmm, that is indeed unfortunate.” Emuna chimed in.


“Hello, young Masters and Mistresses.” Irogan took a bow.

“Oh, Irogan hello.”

“You finish your match already?!” Richard said both surprised and disappointed. Surprised on how fast the white-haired small girl defeated her opponent and disappointed because he couldn’t see the match. His stomach has priorities after all.

“Yes, it was an easy task once Regalia found their core.” The white-haired girl explained.

“Do you...know each other.” Lahaska interrupted.

“Oh! Lahaska this is Emuna Chariot she is the owner of The Chariot Mansion!”

“Chariot, huh? Well is nice meeting you.” The black-haired girl extended her hand. Is as if a big legendary piece reunion was scheduled here. Lahaska has seen what the white-haired girl is capable of, meaning she has to be very careful of her.

“Hmm, likewise...Oh, you want to shake hands with her too? Very well.” After shaking the hand of the black-haired girl Emuna took the tiny hand of Regalia and put it on Lahaska’s before making the doll “shake” the hand of the black-haired girl awkwardly.

“Er...yeah nice meeting you.” The sweat-drop of everyone with the exception of the brown-haired leader of Omega was clear.

“Well, that was a bit, awkward,” Barry said.

“Hey, that’s rude Barry, She is still a very young girl,” Alan whispered.

“Anyway, Richard dear, are you going to watch our match?” Heidi asked with seemingly a pleading voice.

“Of course! I wouldn’t miss it you’re against Harry after all.”

“Yeah, thou be careful his robots are...unique to say the least.” It was true who knows what the black-haired rival of their leader has up his sleeves. After all, he did say last time that he has all the classes for each match-up if needed.

“Don’t worry we won’t go down that easily, right Jack.”

“Yep,” Jack replied to Craig.

“Well good luck,” Aeris told them and just as if the M.C. Was hearing them she chimed in to deliver the message.

“Team Master and Team C.J.K. from Group A and Team Priests and Priestess and Team Tarot from Group B, please come to the teleporters. I repeat, Team Master and Team C.J.K. from Group A and Team Priests and Priestess and Team Tarot from Group B, please come to the teleporters.” The M.C. Informed.

“That’s us.” Craig stood up before Jack followed suit.

“Team C.J.K. What does that stand for?!”

“Craig, Jack and Kitami is easy to roll out of your tongue than our names.” The red-haired girl won’t argue with that.

“Anyway, I’ll see you in the next round Richard, dear!”

“Yeah, Yeah! Just leave already!” Alice pushes the purple haired off of Richard who glared at her in return. This battle would have continued but she got to go get ready.

“You’re lucky this time old priestess.”


“Is everyone ready?” Everyone nodded as they stepped into their circles and they turn into two colors, Team C.J.K Was purple while Harry’s was Black. “Alright, Just like every battle in round one the stage will be Western Omega. Get ready! Entering Omega...NOW!”

Team C.J.K. Landed at the town near the sheriff’s house.

“We’ll have to be very careful, remember what Frederick said Harry Kishima must already have a counter team against us.” Craig reminded the group.

“I know, He isn’t a 3 times Omega Singles Champion for nothing,” Heidi said. She knows how powerful the black-haired boy is even alone she cannot imagine himself with a group of A.I. backing him up.

“Well, we don’t have to find out.” Jack pointed in front of them. There he was with his robots Harry Kishima. It seems that he has settled with his powerhouse Robot the one with the ax and a new one. This one had a huge shield in hand that covered its entire body. It was obvious that it was a wall.

“Well, Well, Well. Talk about convenience, that’s good because I really didn’t want to waste time looking for you losers.”

“Oh yeah! We’ll see who will be the loser after I kick your butt!” Heidi told the brown-haired boy who scoffed in return.

“I like to see you try.”

“Then watch me!” The purple-haired girl went as fast as she could to try and catch Harry off guard. This, of course, didn’t work reason being that battling his rival and other scouters have given him the experience to fight on par with them without the need to Core Shift himself into one to match their speed.

“Gasping? Do you think it will be easy just because I am a powerhouse and you’re a Scouter? Sadly for you, I am already used to your silly speed!” Harry power out backing Heidi very far.

“Heidi!” Craig had to block the ax of the robot but despite it took significant damage due to the raw power of the powerhouse class. Jack threw his cards only to them be easily deflected by the big shield of the new unit.

“You’re in the way of Master.” The new unit told them.

“Therefore, you must be eliminated.” Unit 00 swung his ax this time Craig sidestep out of the way of the mighty swing.

“This is going to be tougher than I thought.”

Outside Team Omega, Team New Gen, Team Alpha, and Team Doll House were watching this match intensively.

“So Harry went Powerhouse, Wall, Powerhouse. That seems a bit imbalanced.” Adel pointed out.

“That’s Harry for you, he really wants to show that he doesn’t need the other classes as he is the core.” Richard pointed out.

“That’s a little bit arrogant, don’t you think?” Aeris said.

“No surprise here. He is always been like this since last year, heck even before then.” Alice told the pink-haired girl.


“What is it, Rick?”

“Look at the distance he has between him and Heidi.” Frederick looks closer and sees what the boy is looking at.

“His distance is similar to how he approaches you!”

“Yeah, Even he knows that one mistake against a scouter could be fatal. In other words, despite being the arrogant jerk that he is, he is giving Heidi respect as a scouter.” Richard has to admit he was quite surprised by this. He has heard that Harry looks down on scouters for being weak and annoying bugs. However, right here he seems to see that Heidi is the biggest threat to his team and as a 4-year veteran he is hiding it very well.

“Giving respect...That’s seems so weird when it comes to him.” Alice told the brown-haired boy who agreed but nevertheless was very observant of the match. Maybe this match won’t be a landslide as the black-haired rival of his thought it would be.

Craig and Jack were struggling against their counter parts.

“Hey, Craig maybe we should switch partners.” Panting Craig has to admit to this.

“I agreed, but we need to separate them their symmetry with each other is remarkable.”

“Makes you wonder if This is not Harry’s first year as a team in Omega, does it?” Craig nodded at Jack’s comment. The both get ready to execute their plan.

“Won’t matter...” Unit 00 told them.

“You will not defeat us even if you switch places.”

“We’ll see about that. Underestimating your opponent is a mistake that you shouldn’t be doing.” Craig stated as he attacks the new unit. His fist and the big shield collide and make a loud sound. It had a neutral effect, didn’t hurt Craig didn’t break the unit’s shield. The wall of C.J.K. rolled out of the way before karate chopping the new unit who blocked again but this time the wall of Craig used more pressure by engulfing his hand in chi.

On the other side, Jack was having an easier time against Unit 00 since he could get passed his defenses.

“Where’s that big talk of not being able to defeat you, huh?” Jack taunted as he threw more of his deadly cards. Unit 00 simply cut through them. The powerhouse robot proceeded to slash the ground creating a wave of sand. “Whoa that’s new.” he dodged the slash that was disguised to thru the sand. It nicked him a bit in the arm before holding it for few seconds.

“You should keep that tongue to yourself.” The unit simply said. Jack look to see blood before his wound regenerated.

“I guess you still have a trick up your sleeves. Well then allow me to do one of mine!” The sniper of C.J.K. Created more cards but this time started to shuffle them at a fast pace. Confuse by this behavior Unit 00 went to attack but Jack released the cards he was shuffling. The cards created a tornado that formed more cards.

“W-What?!” The unit surprise was caught off guard and blown away by said cards. The cards flew in the air before piercing through the metal for a couple of minutes.

“Do you like that I call it “Shuffling Tornado”.” The Sniper said before Unit 00 landed in the ground twitching with lots of cut on him. He was also leaking oil while the scene looked like someone mutilated an animal and left it there for people to see. Unable to respond for ten seconds the Unit was automatically eliminated from the contest.

“Team Master’s Powerhouse has been defeated.” Much to the surprise of many was the response of the M.C. stating that.

“Huh? Maybe the purple-haired one has a chance after all.” Lahaska said quite surprised. Then again this was a battle between non-legendary piece users so...

“Come on you stupid cowgirl, kick his butt,” Alice said surprising herself. Never, ever in a million years, she will cheer Heidi but...this is the only exception as she hates Harry more than her.

Meanwhile, Heidi was having difficulties bypassing Harry’s defenses despite him being a powerhouse.

“Ready to give up already? This is getting dull you know.” Harry mocked the purple-haired girl.

“Not a chance!” Harry dodged every single one of her whips attacks much to her annoyance. Right now Harry was toying with her. This was a very high message to those fools who will try to get in his way of interfering on his route to revenge on the group that handed him his first and only loss.

“This is so pathetic, I have a better fight vs that annoying tomato than against an eggplant as yourself.” That got on the nerves of Heidi.

“Egg...Plant?! I’ll show you eggplant!Core Shift: Powerhouse!” Heidi giving up some of her speed gained a new weapon. This one was a golden tin sword just as big as Alice’s pole.

“A golden sword? Now, what are you going to do now that you’re a snail, Eggplant?” Much to the surprise of the black-haired boy his mocking almost cost him the match as he dodges in time the point of the sword that seemed to have extended. The only thing that he got was a scar on his right cheek with a trickle of blood going down his cheek.

“How’s that?!” Harry’s surprise was replaced by a grin.

“Well, Well, Well! It seems you have this hidden in you. Well, it doesn’t matter because that still will not make a difference!” Harry swung his sword and using her new found strength Heidi blocked it and matches the black-haired boy’s strength.

“Team Master’s Powerhouse has been defeated.” Tch, It seems he will have to wrap this match quickly since that piece of metal junk has failed him again!

“You don’t seem happy. Did you think this match was going to be easy?!’ The purple-haired girl uses her new found power to back off the black-haired boy.

“Don’t get cocky you eggplant,” Harry responded while swinging his sword. Both swords make a heavy clank sound. The power struggle didn’t last that long before Harry overtook Heidi. Heidi knowing she will lose back off before extending her sword. Harry learning from last time sidestep out of the way. Seeing this Heidi responded with kicking the black-haired boy’s gut. This mad woman! He could’ve just easily counter that kick and taken her out right here and there! This woman is wild, but he will not lose to this wild eggplant. No, he will get what he wants and that is a match vs. Team Omega!

“This is for keep calling me eggplant you arrogant bastard!” Using her sword as a trampoline, Heidi leaps into the air and proceeded to attack from above with her extended sword. Harry not knowing what this wild eggplant will do decided that enough was enough. He didn’t want to use this against these weak losers but he has no choice in the matter. There is no way that he will be humiliated again!

Core Shift: Scouter!” Losing his powers but gaining speed the black-haired boy easily dodges every single one of the attacks that Heidi delivered. Landing on her feet and thinking fast Heidi knowing that she will be at a huge disadvantage now, shifted back to her default scouter to at least match his speed thus losing her sword but gaining her rope whip. They block and dodge for several minutes giving the fans outside a match they could enjoy.

“Come on you Cowgirl!” Alice said cheering her rival on. Then she heard words that might become the outcome of the battle.

“Team C.J.K. Wall has been defeated. Team C.J.K. Sniper has been defeated.” The new unit to the surprise of everyone has single handily defeated both of the purple-haired partners.

“That...can’t be good.”

Meanwhile, Leos has been observing this match and was quite impressed by the purple-haired girl.

“Wow, she is really good! And she isn’t even an owner of a legendary piece. Then again my son isn’t too but still...” The owner of Omega said praising the girl in the process.

“Sir, I have been wondering...It has been a few days since the black hat hacker hasn’t attacked. Is it safe that we are having this matches without security?” She was talking about the white hackers that helped out in the last incident.

“Oh, don’t worry I made a few calls earlier in the week after our little black hat hacker friend invaded our game,” Leos reassured her.

“Some calls?”

“Yes. You may know them, they were participants in our first team world tournament.”

“Sir there were many participants in the first ever world tournament.”

“Ah! You’re right! Well, I guess that’s going to be a surprise after all.” The bespectacled secretary just sighed but nevertheless was more at ease at hearing the news before continuing to watch this incredible match.

“Team C.J.K. Wall has been defeated, Team C.J.K. Sniper has been defeated.” So his new unit wasn’t a piece of junk. He will make sure that he gets a better upgrade later as a reward for doing something right.

“Hmm?” So Omega decided to up the stakes. A giant sandstorm came toward them clouding their vision. Despite this, they did their best to be on the look out for each other attacks.

“Ha!” Heidi uses her whip to try and snag the black-haired boy but this one dodged. Using his speed Harry did a barrage of fast stabs but Heidi dodges them all gracefully. Dodging the last one Heidi ran fast and circled the black-haired boy. Harry decided to concentrate on the whereabouts of the purple-haired girl and begin to charge up his sword to end this charade once and for all.

“You’re finished! Master Slash!” Harry unleash his powerful X attack. Heidi surprised by this couldn’t dodge in time and took the blow completely.


“Humph, good riddance.” However, to the surprise of everyone that thought was over including Harry and Alice themselves, this was not the real Heidi but an illusion clone. “What?!” Harry said as he was snagged by the rope whip of the purple-haired girl.

“I told you to not underestimate me!” Heidi slammed Harry to the ground as hard as she could sending the boy packing back to Earth.

“She did it!!” Alice said happily that her rival won.

“I...I did it.” Heidi said. However, to her surprise and to anyone else the match wasn’t over because...

“Team Master’s Sniper has been defeated.”

“What?” Those were the last words from the purple haired girl as a sword ran thru her body.

“I will give you credit, you almost had me there. However, thanks to my unit that you destroyed I was able to use this new class.” Harry said as he has now a black mage cape along with an even thinner version of his Buster Sword. This was Harry’s magical class. “Too bad, oh well it was fun while it lasted.”

(‘Darn It.’) were the last words that Heidi thought before she was released from the sword and she dropped to the ground. Unable, to get up she was deemed unable to continue.

“Due to the opponent being incapable of moving after 10 seconds...Team C.J.K. Core has been defeated, Team C.J.K. Has been eliminated. Final Results: Team Master advances to the second round.” And that’s how the match between the master and the wild girl occurred.

Back to the present, the brown-haired boy try to cheer her up.

“Hey don’t feel down Heidi. At least you showed Harry to never underestimate you again. I am sure next time you will beat him.” Heidi looks at the boy before tears start streaming like a waterfall.

“Oh Richard, Dear! Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!” She took this an opportunity to lash at him. Alice twitched because she knew that her rival was just doing this to take advantage of the boy’s naiveness. She will let it slide this time because she gave them a match to remember. Speaking of matches she wonders what Aeris and her team can do? Well, only one way to find out.

“Are you all ready!?” Both teams nodded. “Okay let the first final matches of the first round in the Omega Representation Tournament begin! Entering Omega...NOW!” Well, all she can do is wish the pink-haired girl luck on her battle and hope they can meet in the finals.

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Chapter 14: When An Angel Fly

Entering and landing on the sandy stage of Western Omega Aeris along with Yuma and Adel land. They decided to go with this in order to keep Genre as their wild card.

“Let’s keep our guards up we do not know what our opponent’s class nor abilities are,” Adel stated. The brown-haired girl had a Dangae dou (Dō) Gusoku armor similar to the one in Uesugi shrine. Despite being German she has a great fascination with samurai armors. Her weapon a silver with a red line in the middle katana.

“Right.” The pink haired girl was dress in a white dress with pink veils surrounding her body. Her hairstyle unlike in the real world who was let loose was tied in a ponytail so it wouldn’t get in her face.

“I’ll scout the area, I’ll inform you if I see our enemies nearby.” The black-haired Japanese teen told her teammates. Yuma was clad in a black ninja jumpsuit that allowed her to move more freely. Her weapons were two small kunai shaped blades along with ninja shurikens. Her face of course was hidden.

“Wait, Yuma!” Aeris start chanting a spell on her. “There I up your speed in case you need to escape quicker.”

“Thanks, Aeris. Well, I’m off.” Yuma said with her boost and disappeared.

“It makes you wonder how our group can now cooperate with each other, Doesn’t it?” Adel addressed. At first, the four girls weren’t very social with each other. Perhaps, it was because each girl had a different goal in mind. Genre wants to become a DJ and a music producer, while Adel herself wants to be a Historian. Yuma’s case...well she didn’t have anything in mind and she seemed a bit distant. Both the brown-haired girl and the black-haired Japanese teen didn’t co-exist in the very least as Yuma found the dream of Adel very dull and boring. Genre only cared about listening to her music...well she still does but not more than before. Then there’s Aeris she was in a sense the glue that stuck the pieces together. She will give the pink-haired girl credit she was very persistent in creating this group. At first, Adel and Yuma questioned why they would coexist with each other while Genre had no interest in joining a group at all. It was one incident involving a black hat hacker that got them to work together. With Genre’s ability to find the Rhythm of people, Aeris Rubix Of Knowledge to see the whereabouts of said Hacker and Adel and Yuma finally working together they manage to bust this black hat hacker and decided to form a group. This group ended up being a team that was famous in four countries: Japan, Germany, U.S.A., and Russia. The Team name was Team Alpha.

“Yeah. But...I’m glad that it worked out. Who knew that a conflict between a black hat hacker and the school we were in got us together.”

“Guys, You have incoming enemies.” Was the response of the Ninja teen who has discovered their opponent’s getting closer to them.

“Got it.” Adel prepares expecting who it is. Soon enough she sees someone coming their way. One of them seems to be a scouter considering that it was coming at an incredible speed. She will have difficulties with him but she can manage, it is not the first time that she has faced a scouter and she is pretty sure it will not be the last.

“So we finally found you girls.” A boy with red hair said. He had a Cutlass as his weapon and he was dressed with a brown open jacket and navy blue pants. His partner was a boy with black hair with a Sickle as his weapon. He was dressed in a purple long sleeve shirt and short red pants.

“Hey stop flirting with them, we need to defeat the core in order to advance remember.”

“I heard you. Sorry but my partner is right so let’s get this over with.” Thinking that it will be easy to take down the armored brown-haired girl the one with the one with the cutlass went after her to his surprise Adel blocked his swift attack. “What?”

“If you think that your battle against me will be easy just because I am a powerhouse...then you’re sadly mistaken.” The brown-haired teen backed the boy off.

“I see...not only are you beautiful on that armor but you’re talented too. Well, then I guess I shouldn’t be fooling around anymore.” The boy ups his speed. “What’s a matter can’t keep up with me?” This boy...he talks too much, something that Adel hates the most out of people. This guy reminds her of someone back when they were in middle school...Glad that they are here now and not back in Russia otherwise, she might just need Aeris to prevent her from banging the head of that annoying girl to the wall.

On the other side, Aeris and the boy with the sickle hadn’t moved an inch.

“Sorry about my friend he’s how should I say...A Casanova?”

“Oh! Um, don’t worry about it...But..” She shook her head. She shouldn’t be interacting with the opponent she has to win this match who knows if this is the core or not! “Sorry, but we must win this match I made a promise to a friend!”

“Fair enough, I am Sylvany. So remember the name that defeated you here!” He attacks and Aeris dodged the attack easily. Using her veils as a shield she blocked the onslaught that followed by the black-haired teen. She could’ve used her weapon but she doesn’t know what kind of attacks he has and what class is the boy. Right now she has her default class so using her weapon against anyone except sniper, magical and others of the same class can beat her in close combat. For now, she will have to block and keep her distance from her opponent.

In another side of Western Omega, Yuma was having a battle with what seems to be Team Singularity’s sniper. His weapons were two pitch black Glocks. His appearance was that of a Troll. Thou even if he was a troll he seemed even thinner than how the original trolls are portraited in the files of the game. She will have to save her Capacité D’alimentation just in case this sniper has some ability of its own. She threw shurikens his way but he shot them all out in a few rounds before hiding in some rocks that were scattered.

“You seem to be a very versatile Scouter. I have never seen someone have both a weapon for close combat and one for long distance battles. Usually, the scouter will be more versatile on the former and snipers will specialize on the later.” Her opponent informed her.

“What can I say, Being a ninja one must know the many ways of attacking your enemies.” The black-haired Japanese teen responded.

“I guess I can agree.” He got out of his cover and unleash a few shots at her. The teenage girl dodged every single one of them with her speed before shooting shurikens in retaliation. The boy duck so they can bounce off the rock that he was covered before getting once again out of the covers to shot her but Yuma was nowhere to be found.

(‘Where did she go?’) Was the thought of the boy. He then reacted quickly and barely dodged the black-haired girl’s kunai sword. He held his arm as it was bleeding temporally before the wound regenerated. He starts to block her next couple of attack thou her speed was proving to be difficult for him to dodge each and every one of them. (‘She is way too fast!’) The boy hasn’t fought someone with such high speed before. He has his share of scouter fights before but this girl...she must have trained solely on speed by playing in the story or free roaming mode of the game.

Yuma, on the other hand, was just thinking about her pink-haired partner. She was their Supporter and because of that, her speed was like this. However, this was just limited and she was feeling that her boost could be fading anytime soon. She has to end this quickly before it does otherwise the match could end in either player’s victory.

Meanwhile, Aeris and Adel were fighting their own separate ways. The brown-haired teen would be kind of concern of their leader but the pink-haired girl was no normal supporter/core. The pink-haired teen was, in fact, one of the most powerful supporters in Omega right now. Dodging the Scouter’s attacks Adel swings her katana which her opponent dodges. The opponent tries to retaliate with a swing of his own, however, Adel blocked and parry the next attack before kicking him away.

“Damn, I thought this match would be a bit of a cakewalk but it seems that I will have to not hold back anymore.” said the red-haired teen.

“Come.” was the response of Adel. Hmm, by this time Yuma’s boost from Aeris should be on its last wings. While it will be very important to have their leader up close in order for the two teens to get a boost, they already have plans if a situation like this will happen. It is a good thing that she has saved a lot of her Capacité D’alimentation otherwise, she will not be able to use any of the abilities that she will demonstrate right about now.

“Alright let me show you why we are ranked high in the world’s leaderboard!” The red-haired boy starts creating a fog by using his speed. This fog becomes denser and starts forming into a tornado.

“Trapped.” Adel knew what the boy was trying to do. He was using the fog to disorient her vision and use said fog at his advantage. She assumes this is the boy’s special ability as a scouter. It is a very smart and great ability she has to admit and it would work on other adversaries even with someone like Yuma. Unfortunately for the red-haired boy, Adel’s ability will 100% counter this ability. The brown-haired teen closes her eyes and concentrate. The world goes in a slow manner to her. While having her eyes closed she cannot see anything she has gained an ability to this kind of situations. In a previous match prior to coming here to Paris, Adel gained a new ability. This one is called Neutral Zone. This ability allows her to know the whereabouts of an enemy as if she was a scouter herself. In addition, she is able to create a swing that creates a static line. This line upon contact can give the opponent an extra shock damage and if she gets a critical hit on her opponent(s) there is a 25% chance that she will stagger her opponent giving her enough time to finish them off.

“How do you like this? Can you see me? I bet you can’t.” Geez, does this guy ever shut up? His bragging and flirtatious manners are getting on her nerves. She stops herself, she needs to focus her Neutral Zone requires her to have a very clear mind. Now is only a matter of time before the red-haired boy attacks her. He will get the biggest surprise when he finds out that she right about now, knows his whereabouts. The red-haired boy decided that it was the right time to strike as he needs to defeat this girl so he can help his core leader against what he presumes is their core. Still...why does he feels like he has seen this face before? They look so familiar...Hmm...Well, whatever time to...To the surprise of the boy, Adel blocks his attack with little to no effort. “What?” The girl had her eyes closed and she blocked his attack? Inside of a very hard dense fog?! Impossible!

“I do not have time for this,” Adel told the boy. “I am apologizing in advance for what I am about to do next.” Adel with her strength parry the sword of the boy and with a swing created a big static line that hits the target. The red-haired boy felt a current run thru his body before he landed about 8 steps away from each other. The hard dense fog started to dissipate.

“I...can’t...Move!” The boy said failing to stand up. His body didn’t respond to his physical and mental commands.

“It was a good fight. However, the moment you let your arrogance was the moment your defeat was created.” Adel starts walking before her sword was on the boy's neck. “...Goodbye...” The brown-haired girl then slashed the body of the boy. Blood splattered on her sword before the boy was replaced by the fireflies.

“Team Singularity’s Scouter has been defeated.” Adel flicks her sword to clean the blood from it. Although she defeated her opponent there was no time to waste. Her leader/friend Aeris was still in battle and anything could happen. She might have won this battle but if their leader falls then it will be meaningless. The difficult part about this is that they separated so without Yuma their scouter she will not know the exact whereabouts of Aeris. So the only thing left to do is hope that Yuma is still active in the game so they can go and help their leader.

“She’s really good.” Lahaska said mostly to herself. A very calm and strong powerhouse, she is indeed a big threat to her plans. should she approach this...She will have to make sure that she wins her match until the finals of her bracket. That’s where she will face Team Omega and see how strong they’re in person. They might have stopped her virus once but this time...

“Yeah...IS AWESOME!” The brown-haired boy said. Lahaska looked at the boy. For being the owner of a powerful piece he sure was very charismatic, unlike the previous owner. This legendary pieces...If she ever wants revenge she has to make sure that they don’t fully least them hers...she already is planning to find a way to wake it up in order for her plan to take place. For now, she will have to wait patiently until the time is right.

Yuma as quick as a ninja can be has wounded her opponent. If his calculations are correct he wouldn’t be able to take another hit. However, he seems to acknowledge one thing: The girl’s movements were starting to slow down. He doesn’t know how that makes sense as she was a scouter known to exceed the speed of any class. He will not complain thou as that has given him a little window of opportunity. Using this window he decided to use his ability. He shoots a couple of bullets at her. Yuma dodges these bullets before she realizes that said bullets came back.

(‘Heat seekers?’) Questioned the black-haired teen when the bullets came back and then arc into two separated rotations. Yuma used her speed to dodge said bullets again but decided that standing there wouldn’t help. It must be the boy’s ability was the thoughts of the black-haired kunoichi. If that’s the case then she will have to not hold back anymore.

“No matter what she does, she cannot escape it.” Said the boy. He reloads his weapon before shooting more bullets at her. Yuma notices this and dodged the bullets who ricochet when they hit the others. However, even as they ricocheted the bullets didn’t stop their quest of taking down the black-haired kunoichi. Yuma thinking fast used one of her many arts of Ninjutsu...Intonjutsu. Intonjutsu is the art of escaping and concealment, Using this technique in Omega is a little bit different as it allows the user (most likely a ninja) to shroud itself in a mist that will conceal said user and making sure that no weapon whereas it can heat seek can’t find the opponent at all. This However comes with a large amount of price and by that, it means that the user will not be able to hold it depending on their capacity level. Luckily Yuma hasn’t used any so this will be enough to keep her concealed until she defeats her foe. “What?!” Surprise the teen couldn’t see the girl and the bullets just went straight not knowing where their target went despite being heat seekers. Being cautious the boy tries looking around where that ninja went until it was too late. Yuma has beaten him to it and has already thrown three shurikens his way.

“Sorry, but it was a good fight.” Those were the words of Yuma who sounded apologetic. She usually doesn’t use this unless as a last resort to escape a situation like this. It is a bit cheap but this is one of the many ninjutsu skills that she can use in this world.

“Team Singularity’s Sniper has been defeated.” Now that she took care of her opponent...Hmm, she can feel Adel’s presence in the east so, she can assume that the brown-haired girl has defeated her opponent and most likely is waiting for her in order to find Aeris and help her win the match. So, wasting no time the black-haired girl went there using her speed.

While this was happening their leader Aeris has had to escape Team Singularity’s core. Sylvany has used his Core Shift to turn into a powerhouse. While she is not a wall by default she as a supporter can’t do much offense against a powerhouse but stall.

“Can’t hide from me forever Miss Russo.” She wasn’t intending to...She just needed time to think what class she would be able to use to end this fight. Hmm...She will have to use that class...And her ability...She really doesn’t want to. She wanted to keep this form as a surprise for when they reached the finals and fought Richard, Alice, and Frederick. But...

Core Shift...Magical” Her veils disappeared.

“Come out wherever you are.” Sylvany then sensed a movement from one of the taverns. “There!” He swung his sword in that direction. The force of his sword ended up slicing the tavern in two. After the tavern fell something came out of the dust that was created from the destruction. The boy then had to deflect a spear of light that was coming his way. Sylvany had to look up to see that the pink-haired girl was flying with white angel wings. Was this her race?!

Odolzhite mne svoi sily, Angely Nebes!” Chanted the pink-haired girl as a sword of light appeared in her hand. Sylvany getting ready quickly changed his class to a wall. His weapon changed from a sword to an armored gauntlet. Both weapons clash and sparkles surrounded both teens. There was no doubt that she has shifted to a magical so his move of using his last core shift into a Wall has paid off. Unknown to him is that Aeris is not only magical but her ability is in place. Heaven’s Gift is an ability that only The Angelo race can use. It allows them to once per fight buff all their stats to 1.4 as long as the user is in the Magical or Supporter Class. If the user is in other classes other than the two aforementioned the buff stats are only increased by 1.2. Aeris taking advantage of the buffs disappeared at a speed that was just as fast as a scouter. Usually, even with Heaven’s Gift, this is not possible However, Aeris being a Supporter by default can buff her speed and then using Heaven’s Gift giving her a very big increase in speed to be precise her speed right now is double the normal speed that she will have without the buffs. Using her speed the Pink-haired girl dominated the fight. The only thing that Sylvany could do was block all her hits but even so, he felt that she was still doing damage to him. He hates to admit this but...The pink-haired teen has outsmarted him. With no core shifts left he has no choice but to admit defeat. However, He will not give up if there’s a silver line of hope that he can defeat her he will use it. With one last stance, the boy got ready to unleash a final attack. If he gets lucky he might be able to win.

“TAKE THIS!” The boy unleashed a powerful punch that even as a wall he would knock out anyone. Unfortunately for him, luck was on the pink-haired side. Knowing this Aeris simply sidestepped and then chanted another spell. This one created a huge pink ball.

“Ochistka.” Her Purification engulfed the boy until there was nothing left. Sylvany was satisfied as even in defeat he was defeated by none other than an Angelo.

“Team Singularity’s core has been defeated, Team Singularity has been eliminated. Final Result: Team Alpha advances!”

“Whoa...That was...”

“Beautiful.” The black-haired boy and Red-haired girl were impressed by Aeris. So Alice childhood friend is an angel in Omega. And the way they fight...they are just way too powerful. Adel is a powerhouse that could match or even surpass her strength, then there’s Yuma who defeated their sniper with ease. And finally there’s Genre...they really don’t know what class the blonde girl has. A group of four girls and they’re all very talented.

“It seems that the owner of the Rubix Of Knowledge will be a very challenging foe. Do you not agree, Regalia?” The white-haired girl asked her doll. That’s right! Emuna will be facing them in the next round!

“Man, I can’t wait to see your fight!” Of course, the brown-haired boy will say that. But he does have a point this battle between an angel and a puppet master will be a very intrigued match to watch. Now there’s only one match left and that is...

“Team Shredders Core has been defeated, Team Shredders has been eliminated. Final Result: Team New Gen advances.”


“Whoa, that was really fast. I forgot that this match was on too.” Frederick said surprised. The match lasted even less than Team Alpha’s! Just what happened in the last minutes between Lahaska and Team Shredder’s Core?!

10 minutes after the match between Team Alpha and Team Singularity started. Team New Gen and Team Shredders were sent to the World of Omega.

Lahaska and her Team were in Ice Omega. To say the least, Lahaska wasn’t worried in the least. The black-haired girl had a dark thin sword in her right hand while a black glove on her left. She was dressed in a black-hood jacket with blue jeans. She also had her “sun” ornament in her neck. Barry was an orc with a Plasma Rifle. His muscular green body was covered by a sleeveless white shirt and short black pants. Alan is practically dressed in a black tops, jeans, and sneakers. He carries a Scythe as his weapon and is wearing a dark blue wrist band on his left shoulder.

“Let’s finish this up, quick guys!”


“Let’s show them why we’re called Team Shredders.” The leader of the group said. Their weapons were instruments in a band. The leader had a lead guitar shaped like an x-ploder colored red. One of the groups had a blue bass, Finally, the other has a black acoustic guitar.

Lahaska and The leader found each other quickly.

“Prepare to be shred to pieces.” Lahaska smirk. This guy has no idea who he is facing. She might be a black hat hacker but she knows how to play this game and it is all thanks to her older sister who showed her the ropes...The more she thinks about her sister the more anger on the president of this game is built. But right now she must win this match.

“It is you who will be shred into pieces baldy.” She taunted.

“I will make you regret those words you little brat!”

Meanwhile, Barry and Alan found the other two.

“Well, they’re dressed like they’re going to perform at a rock concert that’s for sure.” Alan pointed out.

“Hmm, it reminds me of those 90’s rock bands I mean look at the one with the bass. That mullet is way too long.” Barry said.

“Yeah and the one with the acoustic guitar seems like that guy who was a good alternative rock vocalist.”

“Oh I know who you mean He was in a band right, I believe the name was N...” Before Barry could mention the name of that famous band they had to dodge sound waves coming from their opponent’s instruments.

“Hey, how much time do you think they’ll last if they keep this up,” Alan asked.

“Only one way to find out, right?” Alan knew where this was going and he likes it. They’ll never see it coming!

“Formation New Flash?”

“Yep, Formation New Flash.” Barry and Alan get in position.

“What are they doing?” The bass one asked.

“Who cares. They just become easy targets.” The Acoustic guitarist responded and they unleash a powerful sound wave. The next thing that happens was unbelievable not only did Alan and Barry alone blocked the wave but they redirected the wave. However, the wave was twice as fast and twice as big as it normally was.



“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Both of team Shredders bassist and acoustic guitarist were consumed by their own attack before there was nothing left but fireflies.

“Team Shredder’s Powerhouse has been defeated, Team Shredder’s Sniper has been defeated.” Said the Bunny M.C. surprising the people outside.

“Whoa...That was really fast.” Frederick stated. A Formation that can re-direct the attacks of the enemy and double the damage of said attacks. They will have to be very careful of them if they ever face them in the finals.

“Lahaska’s Team is really powerful.” Said the red-haired girl. She wonders what class they are? One of them has to be a wall, there was no way that the both of them were walls. Maybe supporter? That could be it! Wall and Supporter the wall blocked while the supporter buffed the attack and then the wall proceeds to re-direct the attack. Together these two are dangerous so they must fight them one-on-one. Thou this brings the question...What class is Lahaska?

Speaking of the Black-haired girl, Lahaska was just toying with the man. She really was out of the league of this guy. She has assumed that he is a powerhouse considering how slow his movements were. This will not last long. Heck, she wouldn’t even use her Core Shift for this!

“Come on hold still so I can blast you, you little bitch!” Shouted the man. Lahaska just complied.

“Well?! What are you waiting for? An invitation? Shoot already!” He shoots the shock wave. Lahaska simply blocked it, but not with her sword but with her black glove.

“How?! That’s impossible!”

“Really? Because it was pretty simple to me.” The black-haired girl yawned. “This is getting really boring, how about we end this before you put me to sleep with your awful performance. If I was in a concert I would have already asked for a refund.”

“You little...!” Out of anger the man maxes the volume of the guitar and send a huge sound wave the black-haired girl’s way. Lahaska waited a few seconds before she simply disappeared. (‘She vanished’) The man said surprised. Even if she was a scouter all this time he would’ve noticed how fast she could have been. Before he could core shift, however, Lahaska has already stabbed him in the chest.

“You’re done...Oh and thanks for the new move.” Lahaska told the man before her glove vibrated and the sword sends a sound-wave ending the leader of Team Shredders and the match.

“Team Shredders’ Core has been defeated, Team Shredders has been eliminated. Final Result: Team New Gen advances.” At this rate, her battles will be a piece of cake.

Meanwhile, the crowd was impressed by Team New Gen. As soon as all competitors were out they cheered and shouted their name.

“New Gen! New Gen!” Those were the chants of the crowd.

“Looks like they have their favorite,” Adel said. She doesn’t know what happened since their matches ended at the same time seems that this team might be more powerful than any other team they will face. But that is yet to be seen as they are in the same bracket as Aeris’ childhood friends’ team.

Meanwhile, Leos and Inès were hearing the chants of Team New Gen. The unknown team has become popular as soon as this match ended in a very dominant and fast rate. If this keeps up they will become the favorites to win not only this tournament but perhaps the World Tournament itself.

“Sir...This Darcell Lahaska. Did she use Copycat?” Copycat is an ability that allows the user to copy the attacks of an opponent. Unlike the Omega Eyes who sends information and adjust the attack so it can become more powerful, Copycat does an exact replica with equal speed and power. Is a unique ability and not too many have been able to obtain it or even master it. In fact, only 4 has been able to do so, one of them works with them.

“Yes. Darcell Lahaska is a very unique girl you see. From what I have gathered she is from as you know a very high-power royal family. Tasked to be the best in every way she was taught early age about this game by her family.”

“Lahaska...she has the same last name as...”

“Ah yes, Well let’s continue watching the tournament, after all, we need to get ready when our little black hat hacker friend shows up,” Leos told his secretary. Inès was a bit suspicious about her boss behavior but just simply ignore it as not wanting to talk about her. It is for the good, she was a hero and it will be better to leave her be. She is in a better place now. But the president is right, they must get ready. As their battle against the black hat hackers is not over fact, it has just only begun.

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Chapter 15: The Real Leader Of Team Omega

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Chapter 16: Angel Meets Doll Master: Aeris vs Emuna

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Chapter 17: A Battle Of Speed: Team Omega vs Team New Gen

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Chapter 18: Finals Of Bracket A: The Proud Warrior and The Angel Of Omega

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Chapter 19: The Grand Finals: The Horror Of The Pentagon Of Manipulation

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Chapter 20: The Grand Finals: Here We Go! Here Comes Team Omega!

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Epilogue: On To A New Future

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