Don't Compare The Unknown


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Chapter 1: Run Away

   "Jet!" The sound of my Mother's voice jolts me awake. "Get down here!" I slowly get out of my bed groggily. "Now!" That causes me to jump and hit my head on the dresser. I wince in pain and run down the hall, still in my clothes from yesterday.

Right as I enter the front room, my Dad hits me with his beer bottle in the head. I fall to the floor and cut my left hand on the broken glass shards. The door is right next to me and it's open, so I bolt out. I hate the beatings and I think that today I snapped.

After I ran a few blocks, I collapse in the side of the road. I'm too tired to continue and this place looks safe enough. The thing is though, only a few minutes later a bright red mustang pulls up next to me.

"Hey greaser. How's it going?" I hear an over friendly voice ask from behind me.

"Awe, how sweet, the soc cares." I reply sarcastically.

"Hey guys, I think this greaser here's new. Why don't we teach him a little lesson." The soc says as he jumps out of the car with his friends. In an instant, I'm pinned down.

"Let's start with a hair cut and go from there." The same guy says slowly. I hear the click of a knife and I scream for help. I know nobody will come, but it's all I can do.

They slug me until I shut up, which is a good ten times, but I lost count. After a while, I feel them get off of me and open my eyes to see them run to their car for some reason. They barely cut my hair. I think it was all the squirming I did, but I can't be sure. To my luck though, they slugged me a ton and I got cut up pretty badly.

I see a group of guys chase them into their car behind them. Once the socs drive away, the other guys -who are obviously greasers- turn around and look at me.

I  get up quickly and start walking in the opposite direction of them, not exactly knowing where I'm going. I can't stand most people and I hate meeting new ones.

"Hey kid!" I hear one of them shout at me.

I ignore him and keep on walking. The next thing I hear is feet on pavement behind me. I don't speed up or anything, just keep walking the same pace. Within a few seconds though, I'm tackled to the ground. I gasp out in pain as pebbles hit the fresh cuts on my face.

"What the hell kid." The guy on top of me says. "You new round here or something?" He asks.

"The hell's it to you?" Is my answer.

"Listen kid, we just saved your ass, so you'd better answer him before we regret it." A guy -who I can't see in my current position- says sharply.

I stay quiet. Normally I would have a comeback, but I already almost got two beatings today and I wasn't in the mood for full one.

"Listen kid, I'll let you up if you don't run. Deal?" The guy on top of me says.

"I don't make deals." I say clearly.

"Whatever. I'm getting bored of this position. If you run though, I'll make sure you can't next time." He tells me as he starts to get off.

I stand up stiffly and think about running. I decide not to, I wouldn't get very far anyways. Instead, I turn around and face them as if I'm not in a lot of pain.

I count three of them standing there. Two of them look pretty mean. I wouldn't show them that I thought it anytime soon though. I scoul at them and cross my arms.

"So?" I ask them immediately.

"What?" The with muscles asks.

"Why'd you guys help me? Ya didn't need to. It was just another greaser getting jumped by a soc wasn't it?"

"We were bored and you were there. Nothing much else to do." The guy with muscles replies.

"Yeah well thanks, I guess. I didn't need it though." I grumble.

"You look familiar. Have we seen you before?" The kid who seems to be the youngest asks.

"Never seen you before in my life." I answer. "I have to get going." I say as I turn around.

"Nuh uh. You're coming back with us until we figure out what to do with you." The guy who was on top of me says.

"I really have to be somewhere. I mean-"

"Don't care." Muscles replies.

"Alright. But I ain't staying the night if that's what you want." I give in as I follow them back to their house.


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