Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Digital Marketing Campaign


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Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing is an essential component of promoting brands and products in the modern marketplace. Some companies spend millions of dollars on this crucial aspect of doing business. But not all companies have vast resources to run digital marketing campaigns. If your business is on a budget, here are several ways to save money on the digital marketing campaign without compromising its effectiveness:

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Use Data to Isolate Social Media Channels with the Highest ROI

The most common way companies waste money on digital marketing is via social media marketing. Social media is considered absolutely essential for creating brand awareness and staying ahead of the competition. Therefore, companies tend to mindlessly throw money at platforms like Facebook and Twitter hoping it would result in conversions. But does it really? Don’t spend money on a platform just because it’s generally popular. For example, Facebook is the largest and most popular social network in the world. So it may make sense, in general, to spend money on Facebook advertising. But does your target customer base rely on Facebook to interact with brands?

If not, all that money you spend on Facebook would have gone to waste. Therefore, gather data on customer behaviour to find out which social networks your brand’s core demographic is most likely to use. Find out which channels generate the best ROI and then focus advertising to these channels. This is the most cost-effective strategy for small businesses, in particular, to advertise on social media. Avoid experimentation if you don’t want to lose money.

Outsource Website and App Design

Hiring in-house site developers and designers are expensive and rather unnecessary. There are plenty of local services for cheap website design Melbourne or your local area that can get the job done just as well. Hiring contractors make fiscal sense if the task at hand is not repetitive or requires a particular set of skills. An outside firm would have a team of designers working on your site or app. Hiring all this talent in-house is just stifling expensive and financially irresponsible in the long term.

Use Freelancers for Non-Core Business Tasks

Does your company need to design a banner ad or take a photograph? Then hire freelancers who will do the job one time for cheap. It’s better than signing up contractors or hiring in-house. Hire contractors if the tasks require short-term commitment. That that can be done in a very brief span of time are better off with freelancers.

Research Influencers before Paying for Them

Social influencers are becoming more and more of a necessity to reach younger buyers. However, does your business know how to distinguish effective influencers from ones that are not? Don’t pay just any influencer that emails your business. Research the influencer first. How much of a reach does she or he have? More importantly, does this influencer have followers from your target audience? If not, there’s little sense in making a payment. Find influencers that can directly speak to your target audience to get the best ROI. 

As a rule of thumb, constantly analyse the effectiveness of the campaign to make sure your company is spending money on digital marketing in a sensible manner.


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