Broken Poetry


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It has been brought to my attention that I do not write on here. How rude of me, however, to not begin this book without a proper introduction of the author themselves. Hello, once again, my name is Jillisa Murray as you have seen. I wonder if any of you that have used Wattpad know of me as the user: PessimismAndDeath. Despite the unappealing name, I am a very kind as well as polite person. As a young aspiring poet, journalist, and may be one day author; I love to write as much as I can in hopes that my works are one day seen in textbooks in all grade levels. A big, all most unrealistic dream, huh? Well, I suppose my imaginations is a tad larger than life. Anyways, my primary type of writing is poetry. I need to write as much as possible and aspire to hit 20,000 thousand words in one chapter in a novel I am writing. How my style is, can all most be compared to James Patterson in the Daniel X series. I fairly enjoyed that one, actually. Let us get the point, I write short chapters but there will be at least one hundred chapters or so. 


    I suppose that is it for now, you will learn more about me the more I write. As they say, authors leave a piece of themselves in everything they write. Now enjoy. 

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Poem 1

The only thing I could ever love 
Always been there for me 
No matter how sinfully sweet you are 
You can never let me free. 

I hold my heart 
I hide my scars with these sweater sleeves 
I collapse to the floor with bloody palms 
Torn skin feeling weak in the knees. 

I stand outside as it begins to pour 
I silently cry in the rain 
"Why was it me the unfortunate one 
To be born with all this pain?"

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