"The Fall" of 1963

Several precocious teenagers meet and form friendships in the autumn of 1963. On their first day of school in the ninth grade, three guys who stand up for a new kid against bullies on their school's 'could have been a winning football team' nearly get in trouble deep.

Goodnight, God

Goodnight, God is a short story collection by Catherine M. Harris. Covering a variety of fiction styles including horror, fantasy, general fiction, some of them have been previously published in publications such as The Toronto Star, and Storyteller Magazine.

Late Night Cleaners Club

Started for Nanowrimo 2014, Nanowrimo 2015 continued beginning at Chapter 19. Now for 2016 we start at Chapter 32 - will we finish it this November? Hmmm..... Doug is a middle aged man who visits his mom in Fredericton for Thanksgiving. When he gets there, he realizes that something is wrong, his mom is not herself and what’s...